Swiss+Tech Utili is a platform for reviews of technology products. It was founded by André Schmitz, the CEO of Swiss+Tech AG, in 2022. Swiss+Tech Utili is a Swiss-based company that sells crucial 8 in 1. They offer a wide variety of products, and the prices are affordable.

The Swiss + Tech Utili-Key is a small multi-tool that resembles a key (camouflage at its finest). It’s also tiny and light, weighing just 0.5 ounces and including six tools in one: a straight knife blade, serrated blade, flat head screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, micro-sized screwdriver, and bottle opener.

Because we’re a travel site, we should mention that the Swiss + Tech Utili-Key is not TSA-compliant at the time of this review. However, if you’re going by car, rail, boat, foot, bicycle, or unicycle, you get the idea—anything except a commercial airline—it’s a valuable item.

The Utili-Key, unlike some other multi-tools, has a carabiner or specific lanyard hole; instead, you attach it to your keys by closing the tool around the keychain, which is both good and terrible. It fits on your keychain flat, but you must remove it to utilize any tools. It’s not a huge issue, but since unlocking the Utili-Key requires two hands, you may lose your keys.

This is especially true when you first get your hands on this multi-tool. It takes Herculean effort and patience to open it, and although it never gets easier to open—which is a good thing since it would fall off your keychain otherwise—it does smooth out with time.

Swiss Tech Utili-Key Open In HandIt also has a clever locking mechanism that enables you to hold the tool at 90 or 180 degrees while in use.

Usage & Features

Let’s begin with the most helpful instrument of all: the razor-sharp straight knife blade. Because most multi-tools of this size lack a specialized knife, we’ve gotten a lot of use out of it. We’ve been using it mostly to open boxes (we receive a lot of them here at Pack Hacker HQ), but it’s also helpful in cutting loose threads on clothes.

Swiss Tech Utili-Key KnifeWe’ve done comparable things with the serrated edge, but not as often. This blade is handy for cutting through complex plastic wrapping on various goods you’ll purchase on the road.

Swiss Tech Utili-Key SawThen there’s the micro-sized flathead screwdriver, which is only suitable for teeny-tiny screws. However, it isn’t tiny enough to work on glasses or sunglasses (at least not for us; some have reported success with their mirrors). To be honest, we haven’t figured out how to use this screwdriver.

The standard flat head screwdriver, which is still very tiny, sits next to the micro screwdriver. It can accommodate larger screws than the official micro-sized driver, but they must be small.

Swiss Tech Utili-Key Micro ScrewdriversA Phillips head screwdriver is the last tool. And, surprise, surprise, it’s also tiny! (For comparison, the screw on a vehicle key is the same size.) We like the presence of a dedicated Phillips head since many multi-tools only contain a flathead screwdriver that can be used as a Phillips head in an emergency, which seldom works out well.

Swiss Tech Utili-Key Phillips HeadIt’s worth noting that while using any of the screwdrivers, particularly the Phillips head, your flesh will be close to the knife’s sharp edge. We once planned a piece of meat off while using the Phillips’s head. And, yes, it was as horrifying as the picture you’re seeing right now.

You can move the tool such that your fingers aren’t near the blade, but getting leverage from those positions is difficult. So regardless of the risk, we typically end ourselves holding the knife (because danger is our middle name).

With that important PSA out of the way, let’s move on to the last tool: the bottle opener. Is a multi-tool that doesn’t include a bottle opener a multi-tool? We’re beginning to believe the answer is no to that question. So far, every multi-tool we’ve tried has had one.

Swiss Tech Utili-Key Bottle OpenerIn any case, this bottle opener works nicely, but it suffers from the same issue as screwdrivers. You’ll want to pull against the knife’s blade to generate leverage. And we’re not sure whether a drink is worth a flesh wound (but we’re not convinced it isn’t).

Testing & Durability

We’ve been using the Swiss + Tech Utili-Key for almost a month now, and we’re not pleased. However, you won’t be screaming to the world that you have a multi-tool on your keychain since it’s tiny, lightweight, and looks like a key. It also costs less than 10 dollars.

However, we aren’t lovers of the risky game you must play when usingmoste tools. And the screwdrivers are only good for the tiniest of screws. But, again, if they aren’t dealbreakers for you, you may appreciate this cost-effective tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Swiss tech utility key?

A Swiss tech utility key is a key that has been designed to work with a specific type of lock. It can be used on any door or padlock, but it will only open the door or lock if it is compatible.

What is a Utili key?

A Utili key is a tool to open a door lock.

What is the Swiss Tech used for?

The Swiss Tech is a type of steel used to construct many different tools and weapons.

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