The Pelican Memory Card Case 0915/0945 is a great option for people who are looking to protect their memory cards. This case has a foam-padded interior, so it can be used with different size cards. It comes in three colors and is made of impact resistant polycarbonate material.

The pelican graded card case is a memory card case that is designed to protect your cards from damage. It has a water-resistant design and a zipper closure.

Pelican is a well-known brand for its tough and waterproof cases all around the globe. They create cases for a variety of uses. You name it: luggage, camera bags, laptop cases, smartphone and tablet cases. If you have an item that needs to be protected from the elements, chances are they’ve already developed a case for it. Memory cards are included in this. Pelican offers two memory card cases: the 0915, which is intended for SD, micro, and macro SD cards, and the 0945, which is built for CompactFlash cards. There is currently no choice for cases that can hold both SD and CF cards, which is a problem if you’re a Canon shooter with dual card slots, which can hold both SD and CF cards. Fortunately, the cases aren’t very large, so transporting two of these bad boys won’t take up much room.

Pelican Memory Card Cases - 6 in a rowMemory Card Cases from Pelican – 6 in a row

Pelican memory card cases are reasonably priced for the piece of mind they provide. The 0915 SD card case costs about $21 USD, while the 0945 CF card case costs approximately $25 USD. You can easily find these on Amazon.

Pelican 0915 (left) and 0945 (right) Memory Card Case Interior ComparisonComparing the interiors of Pelican 0915 (left) and 0945 (right) Memory Card Cases

Inside and out, the 0915 and the 0945 are constructed of the same material. Polycarbonate, a thermoplastic used in engineering, is utilized on the exterior. It’s essentially the Superman of plastics. It’s very durable, yet with its glasses on, it may mix in with other plastics. It also matures in the same way as Superman does. It may go through fight after battle as you stare at it, wondering to yourself, “How the hell are you not damaged by that!” BLOWN MIND!


Overview of the Pelican Memory Card Case 0915

The inner foam is made of elastomer, which is a pliable polymer (they really got inventive with the name). The interior maintains its form because to the use of elastomer (a fancy term for rubber) rather than traditional foam. The elasticity enables it to bounce back if it’s pressed against anything or if you’re rough with it while attempting to pull a card out quickly. It’s also a good option since the material absorbs stress, which is useful if you have butter fingers.

Pelican 0915 Memory Card Case Empty InteriorInterior of Pelican 0915 Memory Card Case is empty.

The dimensions of the cases are 5.55″ x 3.27″ x 0.85″. As a result, it’s somewhat smaller than your smartphone but significantly deeper. The SD card case will hold 12 SD cards, 6 mini SD cards, and 6 micro SD cards. Six compact flash cards will be stored in the CF container. All of the cards fit into a hole in the foam, making it easy to remove them from the case. When you initially buy the foam, it’s usually very stiff. It may be difficult to get your cards into the slots at first, but with practice, it will get easier. Please be advised that if you’re in a rush and attempt to remove your SD cards from a fresh new case, there’s a possibility they’ll shatter. While that occurs, you may not even know you have superhuman power, so be patient when pulling out a fresh card while the foam is still firm.

When you’re working with many memory cards, having everything in one location and organized is a huge help. You may even use a simple method to tell which memory card is full and which is formatted and ready to use: just turn the memory card upside down if it’s full and right side up if it’s empty. Voila! You’re an absolute genius.

Pelican 0945 Memory Card Case InteriorInterior of Pelican 0945 Memory Card Case

On the top of the casing, there is a tiny plastic rectangular loop that may easily accommodate a key ring. This makes it very easy to connect it to a carabiner for safekeeping or to the clip on the inner pocket of your bag.

Pelican 0915 Memory Card Case TopTop of Pelican 0915 Memory Card Case

This is the second version of the case that is presently accessible. The lock latch on the exterior is the most noticeable change between the new and old. The earlier model is more difficult to open and shut, as well as having a more delicate and discrete edge. It may not seem to be a huge issue, and it isn’t in most cases, but the new latch is a bit simpler to inadvertently open. It may catch and pop open on its own at times. The new cases’ foam was initially firmer than the previous ones, but it has softened more than the old ones. The cards may become loose within the case as a result of this. When these two problems are coupled, they may be very troublesome. It’s not often, but it has sprung up on a few of times and a card has slid out, which isn’t great.

Pelican New 0915 vs Old 0945 Memory Card CasesPelican Memory Card Cases: New 0915 vs. Old 0945

The inner edge of the case includes a rubber ring that provides a watertight seal. This removes the risk of being trapped in the weather or losing your cards if your boat overturns. Although your camera may not survive, your memory cards should. The case floats, which is convenient. So if you capsize, your memory cards won’t go to the bottom of the lake; instead, they’ll float with you. You may also clip that keychain to anything safe that you connected to the rectangular plastic loop. Just make sure the case is completely dry before opening it to avoid inadvertently introducing water from the outside inside the case. It’s usually a good idea to test your waterproof cases with a piece of paper inside before relying on them to keep your valuables safe.


Waterproof Testing of the Pelican Memory Card Case

The pelican card paper is a high-quality product that offers many benefits. It has a good price and it provides a great deal of protection.

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