The ICON Lite Triple Black Backpack is a lightweight backpack designed for the modern traveler. It has a sleek design, comfortable padding, and multiple pockets to keep you organized on your travels.

The incase icon lite backpack is a backpack that Incase released in 2017. It has a sleek design and comes in three colors: black, navy, and red.


Although the name of the Incase ICON Lite Triple Black Backpack is long, it is easy to remember. But, more significantly, this item functions as a basic, reliable daypack for your daily necessities.

Incase ICON Lite Triple Black Backpack in DetroitLook no further if you’re looking for an ICON Lite Triple Black Backpack in Detroit.

We’ve already reviewed many Incase items, including the ICON Backpack. LIKE IT, the ICON Lite Triple Black Backpack has some redeeming qualities in an EDC backpack, such as sturdy materials and a streamlined appearance.

How has it been performed throughout testing? The solution may be found in the following review!

Aesthetics & Materials

This backpack is a smaller, more basic version of the original ICON Backpack. It has the same muted, mechanical appearance as the last bag, but without the bulk, which may explain why this bag received 11 percent more approval in our Instagram survey, with 69 percent acceptance.

This bag is only available in the Triple Black hue at the time of this review, as you may have guessed from the name. However, we like how low-key this coloring keeps the pack, so it doesn’t attract unwelcome attention in a crowd. We’re sorry to disappoint you if you were expecting something more colorful. Please keep an eye out in the future in case additional colors become available.

Incase ICON Lite Triple Black Backpack Material and LogoMaterial and Logo of the Incase ICON Lite Triple Black Backpack

Incase’s logo appears on the zipper pulls, shoulder straps, and directly on the front of the bag, among other locations. Unfortunately, they’re all black-on-black (except the one on the shoulder strap), so they’re quite understated.

The content of this pack resembles a lot of what we’ve seen on Aer’s Work Collection. It’s constructed of 840D ballistic nylon, which is firm to the touch and has a weather-resistant coating on the front that helps water flow off and away from your belongings. After two weeks of testing, it’s still in excellent shape—we haven’t noticed any dents, scuffs, or rips yet.

The one exception is that this fabric collects trash more readily than others we’ve tried, so a quick glance over the bag before heading out may spare you from any sneers. But, of course, we experienced the same problem with the ICON Backpack, which is made of comparable material, so this isn’t surprising.

Incase ICON Lite Triple Black Backpack Zippers

As noted in our ICON Backpack review, the zippers on this backpack are unbranded, which is always a worry for us. However, during testing, most of the zippers on this pack glided up and closed smoothly, and we like the easy-to-grasp zipper pulls. We have one issue with the front pocket zipper, but we’ll get to it later in the review.

The hardware, on the other hand, is branded. It comes from Duraflex, which we don’t mind since we’ve had nothing but good experiences with them in the past. The bag’s strap adjusters and buckles have worked well throughout our testing, and we have no complaints.

Components from Outside

Left: Riley, Height, 5’4” (162 cm), Torso: 16.5” (42 cm) | Right: Mark, Height, 5’10” (178 cm), Torso: 19” (48 cm)

Given the bag’s size and capacity, the shoulder straps provide a significant quantity of cushioning. As a result, you’ve got all the backing you’ll need for the lineup you’ll be bringing. Not to add, the smooth mesh inside improves breathability so that you won’t be sweating much on hotter days or for longer periods. We would have liked some elastic keepers to eliminate the hanging strap; however, you may easily augment with something like the Tom Bihn Strap Keepers.

Incase ICON Lite Triple Black Backpack Shoulder Straps and Sternum Strap

The sternum strap is elasticated, so it bends nicely on your chest and is simple to adjust to the most supportive position. Because this bag is on the smaller side, you may not feel the need for one, but a little additional stability never hurts. We wish it had an elastic keeper, much like the shoulder straps, to prevent the extra strap from flopping about while we walk.

The back panel is well-made as well, with enough firm cushioning. It also features air passages and a nice mesh lining to keep your back cool (something the ICON Backpack lacks). Overall, the harness system is a bit excessive for this smaller daypack, but we enjoy the additional comfort (particularly when we’re carrying it for longer periods).

We didn’t have the same “hover back” problem with the ICON Backpack, which felt like it was pushing away from our back toward the bottom (more so on our taller team members). Additionally, since it’s not nearly as bulky, we don’t feel like we’re lugging around a big brick with the ICON Lite Triple Black Backpack.

Incase ICON Lite Triple Black Backpack Handle

Even the top of the bag’s handle is well-cushioned, with its own mesh lining that keeps your hands from sweating. It has enough structure and space between itself and the bag to make it simple to grasp when we’re moving the pack or need to get anything out.

There are no water bottle pockets on the exterior of this item; therefore, you won’t be able to keep one outside. However, if you’re always taking it with you, the main compartment can accommodate a bigger one; just keep in mind that it’ll be quite near to your laptop (possibly too close for comfort).

Components on the Inside

The ICON Lite Triple Black Backpack is more comfortable to carry than the ICON Backpack, but it lacks the degree of compartmentalization that the ICON Backpack has. Depending on what you value most in a pack—comfort or organization, and what you’re prepared to compromise for both—this may be a plus or disadvantage for you.

Incase ICON Lite Triple Black Backpack Top Pocket

The tiny compartment at the very top of the bag is the first to be accessed. Because of its convenient position, it’s a great place to store quick-access things like your wallet, keys, and even your phone—especially because the soft lining inside protects electronics from scratches.

On the front, you’ll find a zipped compartment that runs the length of the pack. Fabric welts cover the zipper, further protecting it from dampness and giving it a cleaner appearance. Unfortunately, it also makes it more difficult to access this pocket since it makes the zipper difficult to locate and may cause it to stick.

Incase ICON Lite Triple Black Backpack Front Pocket

Once it’s open, you’ll have ample space to hold a bigger notepad, paper, and other flatter things. We’ve discovered that the contour of anything you put within this pocket can be seen from the outside, so don’t keep anything too heavy or overpack since this will make the bag appear lumpy.

UNLIKE THE ICON BACKPACK, the ICON Lite Triple Black features just one compartment—the main compartment. The bag has 20L of storage, so you’ll have enough space for the essentials you’ll need every day, but the organization isn’t great.

Two tiny inner pockets against the front flap may hold wires, a mouse, and another tech/general items you don’t want strewn about. We’ve been carrying a smaller notepad in one and the Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0 in the other, and they’ve worked out well.

Incase ICON Lite Triple Black Backpack Main Compartment

On the other side is a specialized sleeve that can carry up to a 16-inch laptop, but we’ve been testing with a 13-inch MacBook Pro. Because the padding on the sleeve and the padding from the rear panel sandwich your laptop, it provides a better degree of cushioning if and when it gets jostled about on your commute.

We haven’t felt the need to use our own protective sleeve because of the cushioning and sleeve suspension. However, we’ve been testing the Incase Compact Sleeve with BIONIC if you’d want to add one for further security.

The remainder of the compartment is empty, ready for you to stuff with your heavier belongings. For example, you could store a packable jacket for when the wind kicks up, an umbrella for sprinkling rains, or a water bottle (because there isn’t a place for it outdoors). Incorporating pouches and packing cubes can go a long way if you have an excess of smaller things and need additional compartmentalization.

This bag is very well-structured and can stand up by itself. When we’re working, this structure comes in handy since we can unzip the compartment and reach in and out as needed without picking up the bag or finding anything to rest it against.

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