The Patera Parka is a versatile winter parka that offers two-layered protection and insulation. It is designed with the Arc’teryx Alpha SL membrane, which provides waterproof protection without sacrificing breathability or warmth.

The arc’teryx patera parka sale is a very popular winter coat that is made of the most durable materials. It has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

The Arc’teryx Patera Parka is a casual jacket intended to keep you warm in changing temperatures while also protecting you from stinging wind and rain. It’s flexible enough to get you through errands or lengthy city walks, but it’s not the best choice for difficult treks or sports. It has a clean, simple appearance that’s rare to come across in a parka, and it’s thick enough to keep you warm through Michigan’s long winters.

Although it’s true that a decent jacket is an investment, the Patera’s high price had us on the fence. Arc’teryx isn’t renowned for being cheap, but they make up for it with product quality and innovation. Is this jacket capable of making you forget about the price tag in favor of many more pleasant winters to come? We’ve had some ideas.

Arc'teryx Patera Parka | In Canada

Aesthetics & Materials

The appearance of this jacket was the first thing that caught our attention. It’s not spectacular; it’s simply a simple jacket with basic characteristics that can be found nearly everywhere, yet that’s what makes it so appealing. It’s astonishing how difficult it is to find a jacket without exterior hardware that isn’t a puffer. There’s also no prominent branding, with the exception of a little embroidered emblem on the left wrist.

Arc'teryx Patera Parka | Logo

The jacket’s zippers are all concealed, giving it additional clean lines without sacrificing storage. There’s also an inside secret pocket, which is a huge victory for women’s apparel since it’s frequently forgotten about.

The shape isn’t very thick, so we were surprised to see that there’s plenty of space to accommodate thighs with a bit more oomph without compromising the jacket’s natural knee-length form. It cinches in slightly at the waist to give you some form without cinching or belting, which may over-exaggerate your figure and make layering unpleasant. The straight cut extends far enough to allow for comfortable sitting or crouching.

Arc'teryx Patera Parka | Patera Parka From The Side

In the wind, rain, snow, or on a very cold day, a combination of 750 fill power European Goose down (in the arms and torso) and synthetic insulation (in other susceptible places like the neck gasket and hood) is more than enough to keep you warm. All you have to do to keep warm is layer appropriately, with lighter garments on warmer days and a few heavier layers on cooler days.

The combination of materials inside and out is what we like about this jacket. The matte-like polyester shell is fitted with GORE-TEX waterproofing and feels robust to the touch, while the poly mix inner is smooth and soft without being chilly. We’re not concerned that if we wait on public transportation for too long, the structure would crumple beyond recognition, but we also wouldn’t expect it to come out unharmed. However, we got ourselves into a sticky position on a winter walk and had to go back down a snowy slope butt-first, and the jacket came out unscathed, so we’re quite sure it can take a pounding if required.

This jacket is available in a few basic colors to suit a neutral palette, but there are currently no exciting choices available. When compared to other black clothes, the black seems to be very dark online, but it is much more grey in person. It’s like a pair of black pants that fade a little after washing; they’re still black, but when you get a new pair, you look at the old ones and think, “I need to dye these or retire them.” We don’t have any personal experience with this.

Usage & Features

The Patera strives to strike a balance between form and function from top to bottom. Two spacious zippered hand pockets can carry more than a few items and are simple to close even with thick gloves on. We were able to fit a phone, wallet, chapstick, and keys into one pocket, but we ran out of hand space and had to make some modifications. Credit cards, a picture ID, and a mobile phone may all be stored in the inside pocket. The iPhone 11 Pro Max fits snugly in the pocket with a few millimeters between the case and the seam to spare for size reference.

Arc'teryx Patera Parka | Inside Zipper

A placket that may be snap buttoned from the neck gasket to approximately 5.5” from the bottom seam of the jacket covers the front two-way WaterTightTM Vislon zipper. Because the zipper stops nearly a full 10 inches from the seam and allows a lot of space for wind to blow in, that bottom button has come in useful more than once. This makes the jacket seem shorter than it really is, so if you’re looking for a jacket to keep your thighs toasty warm on your winter treks, go elsewhere.

Because buttons aren’t as secure as a complete zipper (obviously), you risk popping the placket open in the middle of a stroll and having to shuffle to snap it back in place. It doesn’t happen very frequently, but when it does, it may be very inconvenient. If the zipper wasn’t precisely aligned, we had trouble getting it to comply. Two-way zippers are excellent for improving movement, but the jacket is short enough that we didn’t use it very much, thus the problem was an unneeded annoyance.

Arc'teryx Patera Parka | Putting On Hood

In terms of protection, the hood is light and has a modest bill that maintains its form. It won’t fall into your face and obstruct your vision, but if you’re concerned, cinch cords on the inside of the jacket and the rear of the hood allow you to tighten it to keep it in place on very windy or chilly days. However, since the hood is small when coupled with the completely zippered neck gasket, we found that there was a little of catch on knit hats or beanies. When the jacket is completely zipped, it’s also difficult to get the hood up.

The neck gasket, in particular, has a love-hate relationship with us. While it’s useful for blocking wind in a situation, we found that we didn’t use it very often since it’s stiff and at an uncomfortable height. It brushed up against our chins all the time, making it difficult to continue on a conversation (or mouth-breathe).

Arc'teryx Patera Parka | Fully Zipped With Hood Up

On the positive side, the sleeves are very comfortable. The wrist gaskets are soft and mold to your wrist size, while the curved cuffs provide additional protection for your hands. We were able to put on thick gloves without having to struggle to tuck them under the cuff. We didn’t feel any chilly air on our wrists at any point.

While this jacket isn’t especially packable, it’s light and thin enough to carry on vacations without resenting the additional weight, and sturdy enough to feel comfortable crumpling it up a bit if necessary.

This jacket has seen us through some fairly mild and quite nasty weather in its two months of usage. We’ve discovered that it’s quite breathable and effectively controls our body temperatures in temperatures ranging from 40 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit (4 to -9 degrees Celsius), whether we’re simply taking the dog for a stroll or rushing to get to the bakery down the street before it closes.

With its classic, elegant appearance that’s hard to come by, flexibility in months of changing weather patterns, and basic functions that go a long way without pushing too hard, the Patera stands up to its high price tag. However, if you’re an ultralight traveler who prioritizes packability above all else, there are alternative warm coats that will suffice.

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