The Hondo is a new backpack from Chrome Industries. It is made of ripstop nylon and has a large main compartment with an additional front pocket, a padded laptop sleeve, and a hydration system compatible pockets. The chrome Naito backpack review is a backpack that has been designed with the outdoors in mind. It is made of waterproof fabric and has lots of storage space.

Chrome Industries is sticking to its core business of creating urban packs and goods that help you move about town in style.

The Chrome Industries Hondo Backpack is a super-sleek daypack that not only holds your daily necessities but also protects them from the elements, rain or shine. It has an almost too clean appearance, as we’ll explain later.

Aesthetics & Materials

We appreciate the bag’s sleek, clean design, which looks at home in urban settings like many of the brand’s other packs. You could even wear it to work because of its sober, subdued style, which wouldn’t raise any eyes in the workplace. According to the results of our Instagram survey, just approximately 48% of you like the way it looks. We weren’t anticipating anything crazy high since it’s a more extended, thinner, and boxier bundle, which you would not usually choose.

The Niko F-Stop Camera Backpack by Chrome Industries has a similar design and interior material. They’re both more medium-sized bags with a thin design that can yet hold a lot of stuff. As a result, they’re excellent for everyday usage, but they’re a bit restricted when used as a travel pack.

At the time of this review, the Hondo is available in four distinct colorways: Ranger/Black, Navy Blue, and All Black. The body fabric in these three colors is 1050D nylon, whereas the Black Tarp colorway we’ve been testing is composed of tarpaulin. It’s a deep black hue that keeps it low-key if you want to blend in.

Chrome Industries Hondo Backpack Material and LogoChrome Industries’ iconic griffin-like monster was imprinted on the front of the bag, which we weren’t expecting to see. However, we like how it’s black-on-black and fits in with the bag’s surface while exuding a high-end feel.

Returning to the material, Chrome Industries used a 1000D tarpaulin shell on the exterior and a tarpaulin liner on the interior of this pack. On the one hand, it’s lovely and smooth, but it’s also very rigid. This is beneficial because it provides shape to the bag, even when empty. However, since you have to struggle against the material while sliding bigger things inside, this rigidity may make it tough to pack out. On the plus side, this material makes the bag very water-resistant. Water will bead off this bag if you get caught in the rain on your commute.

Chrome Industries Hondo Backpack ZippersOn the Hondo, you’ll find some rugged YKK zippers that have performed well throughout our tests. We would have loved to see an AquaGuard zipper or two to mimic the material’s water-resistant qualities, particularly given the Tarpaulin’s limitation in filling out the bag. We’d like not to have to worry about water coming in through the zipper if Chrome Industries is going to use a protective-but-inconvenient material.

Nonetheless, they’ve been working well and haven’t allowed any moisture inside near our stuff so far. Water-resistant zippers have also been caught in the past, particularly at corners. While these zippers don’t provide the same degree of protection, they have been effortlessly sliding open and closed since we began testing.

The bag’s Duraflex hardware is the last item on the materials list. The sternum strap is secured with a basic plastic clasp that hasn’t let us down and some metal strap adjusters for a more quality appearance and feel. Everything has been running well for us, which is exactly what we anticipate from a company like this.

Components from Outside

Left: Riley, Height, 5’4” (162 cm), Torso: 16.5” (42 cm) | Right: Mark, Height, 5’10” (178 cm), Torso: 19” (48 cm)Regarding the shoulder straps, they feature thick padding that enables them to rest gently against the body, as well as a mesh lining to keep you cool. They’re connected to the bag using nylon material, which allows them to bend to the shoulder and makes them simple to put on and take off. The only item lacking is some elastic keepers to prevent the straps from hanging at our sides when we’re out and about.

The sternum strap on the Hondo is very typical. When you need to change its position, it slides up and down the nylon attachment points firmly attached to the shoulder straps. The buckle is significant, but it hasn’t been unpleasant on the chest throughout testing and has remained secure. We’re also not getting much hanging from the extra strap, which is a plus—no complaints here.

Chrome Industries Hondo Backpack Harness SystemThe rear portion of the bag features even more thick cushioning in a honeycomb-like shape that keeps you comfy while allowing air to flow, so you don’t become too hot. As previously said, the bag’s material helps to maintain it well-structured, resulting in a pleasant and supported carry.

At the top of the bag is a traditional backpack handle that may be used to pick up, grasp, or hang the bag when needed. It’s nothing special—just some folded nylon material—but we’ve found it to be enough for carrying the bag about.

Chrome Industries Hondo Backpack Back PanelTo round off this part, we’d like to draw attention to the water bottle pockets on both sides of the bag. A Hydro Flask Standard-Mouth Water Bottle with Flex Cap 21 oz can fit inside, but it’s a tight fit. We have to battle against this cloth to get anything bigger within, since it is neither elasticated nor particularly flexible, as we said before.

The Inside of the Pack

We’d like to speak about this secret pocket on the front of the bag before we go into the main section. The zipper is hidden behind a thick nylon strap that has a great clean appearance but obstructs our access. To get to the zipper, we have to slide our hands in above or below the strap, which may be inconvenient, particularly if we’re in a hurry and need to pull anything out fast.

Chrome Industries Hondo Backpack Front PocketThe pocket itself is very large, spanning approximately three-quarters of the bag’s length. However, when it comes to packing it out, the material doesn’t give you much freedom. As a result, the ideal things to wear here are those that are smaller and flattering. We’ve had good luck using it to store food in case we become hungry, but you can also use it to store more regularly used things like your wallet or keys. Because of the depth, you may want to include a bag to make it easier to grasp your smaller items, since most of them will sink to the bottom. Who has time to dig through a little pocket for items? Not us, and most likely not you.

Finally, we arrived at the main compartment. It opens up in a horseshoe pattern most of the way down the bag, providing much-needed visibility and accessibility. There’s also some gusseted fabric, which enables the bag to stretch a little while you’re loading it, but the rigidity of the material won’t offer you much flexibility.

You do have an admin panel against the rear wall for organizing. A tiny nylon sleeve is perfect for a power bank, and there are two pen sleeves to prevent any pens, pencils, markers, or even a stylus from drifting about. Then there’s a bigger sleeve behind them that we’ve been using to store a set of thinner over-the-ear headphones. We tried putting some thicker cables in this sleeve but discovered that they made it difficult for our laptops to slide in and out, which is something to keep in mind.

Chrome Industries Hondo Backpack Main CompartmentIf you need to keep a laptop, there’s another sleeve near the rear that fits up to a 16-inch laptop. This sleeve features a good amount of cushioning and is suspended to keep your electronics safe whether you’re putting the bag down or moving it around.

The remainder of this container is free space—in fact, it’s 21L of open space. We’ve kept daily things like an additional sweater, tech pouch, and everything we stated before in the admin panel since this is more of an everyday bag. Because there aren’t any additional pockets or sleeves to help you compartmentalize your stuff, we suggest utilizing pouches or packing cubes. But if you’re ok with your belongings flying about in here, that’s great as well.

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