The Fnatic Dash mouse pad is a complicated and soft surface gaming mousepad made by Team Red. This product has generally received positive reviews upon release, but some users complained about the quality. The company’s products have been described as having high-end features at very affordable prices, making them popular among gamers on a budget.

Fnatic is a professional esports company best known for its very successful Counter-Strike: Worldwide Offensive squad, which has been in the top 10 global CS: GO rankings for almost five years. Fnatic thought it was time to introduce a set of gaming accessories oriented at individuals wishing to take their competitive gaming to the next level, thanks to their worldwide success across various competitive esports games.

The company chose to create a whole range of gaming peripherals, all thoroughly examined by our staff, including the Fnatic Dash, a high-Performance gaming mouse pad. Today, we’ll put the Dash Mouse Pad by Fnatic to the test to see how it compares to some of the market’s top competitors.



  • Performance – combining the advantages of both hard and cloth mousepads.
  • Aesthetics – This one looks and feels as high-end as its pricing indicates in terms of mousepads.
  • Roll this mouse pad up and use the box as a carry case for easy transport.
  • Materials used in construction – High-end materials were employed throughout the design.


  • Size-Only comes in large and extra-large
  • Speed – This is going to be a little quick for some users


The key features of the Dash Mouse Pad by Fnatic are mentioned below.

Fnatic Dash Specifications
Surface Textured Hybrid Cloth
Dimensions Dimensions: 487 x 372mm
Thickness 3mm
Edge Stitched
Underside Rubber from nature

The following is what we find inside the Dash Mouse Pad by Fnatic box:

  • Dash Mouse Pad by Fnatic
  • Dash Box by Fnatic (Which Doubles As Carry-Case)


The design has to be the most talked-about feature when it comes to mousepads. In terms of worldwide sales, creating a mouse pad may make or break the product. Therefore makers must get it right. Some mouse pads have a soft surface for slow, precise movements, while others have a firmer texture for rapid reflexes.


That said, let’s take a closer look at this mouse pad’s design to see what it offers.


Let’s get this party started by diving right into the ground. On the Dash, Fnatic has created a hybrid textured surface known as the F15 – I know, it’s aircraft-like. The F15 is a “best of both worlds” texture that combines the speed of a firm pad with the precision of a peaceful place, giving the gaming table a contentious feel. While Fnatic isn’t the first firm to attempt to combine the two mouse pad layouts, they are clearly among the finest.

The surface seems to be relatively high-end and may even be mistaken for a microfiber cloth from afar. The large version (which we are evaluating) measures 490 x 370mm, which provides enough room for players with lesser sensitivity to manipulate the mouse. However, an XL desk-filler version of this pad is available, measuring 950 by 500mm and big enough to accommodate your keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

You won’t be shocked to learn that this pad was built for elite esports players; hence there isn’t a smaller version available. The majority of today’s top elites utilize very low mouse sensitivity. This enables them to be much more precise when making small/micro-adjustments while yet allowing them to roam about and play freely.

This pad has a little metallic Fnatic emblem in the bottom right-hand corner that adds a lovely touch. Unfortunately, the logo is a little glittery, but that shouldn’t discourage anybody from buying this pad.

The Edge

Next up, we have the edge. The edge is possibly the second most crucial aspect of a gaming mouse pad, mainly because if not done correctly, it can cause a lot of abrasion and friction between itself and the cable. With that in mind, the Dash Mouse Pad by Fnatic uses only the most delicate micro-knit stitching for the edge to ensure longevity and gaming Performance is not impacted.


The tight-knit micro-knit stitch is one of the nicest, particularly considering the rubber foundation. The stitching creates little to no friction on your mouse cord, practically no pain on your wrist/forearm, and improves the aesthetics of this mouse pad.

Along with its quality feel and appearance, it also has an anti-fray construction that outperforms other mouse pads in terms of longevity.

The Underbelly

The Underbelly of a mouse pad is an area that is somewhat overlooked by most gamers today, but it shouldn’t be.

The Dash Mouse Pad by Fnatic offers a grippy, textured underside made from Rubber from nature, meaning you won’t need to readjust this thing every 5 minutes (which is annoying to do). Fnatic has used their proprietary heat-adhesive application when designing this mouse pad, allowing the surface to adhere to the Rubber from nature. Plus, it will enable users to roll this pad up without physically damaging the fabric or integrity of its design.

Fnatic has characterized the high-density rubber bottom as “very stable,” and it’s difficult to disagree.


The first thing I’ll mention regarding performance is that this mouse pad will not work for everyone. Other mouse pads on the market, such as the Steelseries QCK and the ASUS Rog Sheath, are much slower. However, since this isn’t marketed as a control pad, it’s not a significant concern.

I opted to test it out in a few FPS shooters since, apart from third-person battle royales, tracking, aim, and control don’t feel important in any other game. I began by launching CS: GO, my go-to game for peripheral testing. I quickly felt the difference in speed. Although it wasn’t as forceful as a complete hard-style pad, it was much faster than my QCK.


For a stricter pad, the Dash had surprisingly decent stopping speed, enabling me to manage sprays and micro-adjust as required. It’s a strange sensation since you first believe your target will be bananas. That is not the case, though. It nearly gives you the impression of having two sensitivities simultaneously – but not in a destructive manner. You can fast turn 180 degrees while still being able to monitor bends and angles slowly and accurately. I was blown away.

While I generally use a mouse bungee, I went against it for this mouse pad’s testing. Thankfully, the cable (braided construction) running down the edge of the place causes little to no visible abrasion or friction. On occasion, my forearm came into touch with the mouse pad, but I didn’t feel any pain or irritation. This item felt extremely rock solid in terms of stability – no exaggeration. I have a glass desk, and the Dash sat there, crouched down and exhibiting no movement during my tests. I tried both regular and erratic motions to see if I could get it to move, but I couldn’t get it to move.

Overall, I was thrilled with the performance of this mouse pad. Nonetheless, it will not meet everyone’s exact needs. It felt pretty darn fantastic to me. Please keep in mind that I’ve only been using this for a few days. So far, I haven’t been able to determine whether or not this surface is beneficial to my game. But thus far, everything has gone well.


Let’s take a closer look at the primary characteristics this mouse pad has to offer:

  • Hybrid Textured Surface: It has a hybrid textured surface that gives you the “best of both worlds” sensation. This mouse pad combines the speed of a hard place with the control of a cloth pad to get the best of both worlds.
  • Micro-knit stitching: A mouse pad’s edge is one of its most significant features. Fortunately, Fnatic has included a tough, high-performance stitched trim on the dash that is neither harsh nor invites friction.
  • Anti-slip grip: The Rubber from nature’s underside provides an excellent grasp on almost every surface. It’ll ensure your aim stays solid while giving you the confidence to be more aggressive with flick shots and large maneuvers.


So, there you have it, guys, our comprehensive guide to the Dash Mouse Pad by Fnatic. I’ll be honest before I tried out this mouse pad, I didn’t think I’d enjoy it very much at all, as I’m the sort of person that plays a lot of FPS games where your aim can decide whether or not you win or lose. Plus, I’m very picky for peripherals, especially the mouse and mouse pad.

However, I believe this mouse pad rapidly won me over, and if you’re considering joining the professional gaming circuit (or want to better your at-home performance) on FPS games, this may be the mouse pad for you.


You might excuse a company like Fnatic for making a simple cotton pad and slapping their branding. That is not, however, what they have chosen to do. They’ve invested a lot of time and effort into developing a mouse pad that will influence the competitive gaming scene. It’s no simple task to bring the benefits of both a hard and a cloth pad to the table. However, I believe they’ve done a fantastic job.

This isn’t the ideal mouse pad. It is, nevertheless, one of the finest in its class, providing excellent speed and control to your gaming experience. So here’s where you can get your own Dash Mouse Pad.

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