Cotopaxi is a company that designs its backpacks to be lightweight, durable and water-resistant. They are one of the highest quality brands available on Amazon with great reviews all around. This backpack has 16 liters of space for your gear, two front pockets for easy access while you’re hiking or scrambling down mountainside trails and padded shoulder straps so it will feel comfortable no matter how long you carry it.

The Cotopaxi Day Pack is a popular camping backpack that offers an ergonomic design and features like a padded shoulder strap, hydration sleeve, large main compartment with top lid pocket for easy access to small items. Reviewers say the pack is comfy and roomy without being too bulky when folded up.

The “cotopaxi batac 16l backpack – del día” is a daypack that has been made by Cotopaxi. It is a popular backpack for many people and has received great reviews from consumers.

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The Cotopaxi Batac is a vibrant, one-of-a-kind daypack that is sure to stand out in a crowd. This backpack is part of Cotopaxi’s Del Da collection, which includes backpacks, totes, duffels, and other bags that are custom-made by Cotopaxi workers. Every design is unique, combining the talent and imagination of each individual employee. Yes, a Cotopaxi employee in the Philippines is solely responsible for the color and general appearance of your pack.

Cotopaxi Batac in DetroitDetroit’s Cotopaxi Batac

These bags also help Cotopaxi decrease waste by using spare fabric, so this bundle looks to be a win-win at first glance. Let’s go into the entire analysis now that we’ve just had a few of gripes.

Aesthetics & Materials

Each Batac is produced from hand-picked waste fabric by Cotopaxi artisans in the Philippines, resulting in a one-of-a-kind color pattern that will arrive at your home as a total surprise. If you’ve ever glanced at Cotopaxi’s goods, you’ve definitely noticed their colorful color schemes—with this pack, you can anticipate something with a burst of color.

Cotopaxi Batac Pop of ColorsPop of Colors Cotopaxi Batac

So, if you like more neutral packs, this one may not be for you. However, if you want to branch out from your regular neutral pack and aren’t content with the Batac’s splash of color, Cotopaxi offers a reasonable refund policy that accepts returns on items shipping inside the United States within 90 days of purchase (just note that your pack must be unworn, unwashed, and undamaged). If you’re wanting to swap the pack, a Cotopaxi representative verified that they’re open to hearing what consumers have to say about color preferences.

Cotopaxi Batac Branding On SideOn the side, there is a Cotopaxi Batac logo.

Aside from each pack’s distinct color scheme, Cotopaxi’s discreet branding on the front and side of the pack—including the Cotopaxi llama emblem and pack name—remains similar. It’s nothing major, but it’s worth noticing.

Components from Outside

The Batac is made up of numerous mesh chambers and reused ripstop nylon parts.

Cotopaxi Batac Shoulder StrapShoulder Strap for Cotopaxi Batac

The shoulder straps are composed of a lightweight mesh material that varies somewhat from pack to pack, keeping with the scrap fabric theme. One of our Batac’s shoulder straps, for example, is significantly more elastic than the other. While the straps are comfy because to the lightweight fabric, we’ve discovered that if you put the pack on fast, they may twist—which is bothersome but not a big concern in the grand scheme of things. We also observed that the straps perform well in hot weather due to the breathable fabric.

Cotopaxi Batac Sternum StrapSternum Strap Cotopaxi Batac

An adjustable sternum strap with Duraflex hardware is attached to the shoulder straps. This item isn’t officially tied to the pack, but it’s a lot more secure than what we’ve seen on other packs, so we don’t think it’ll be a problem.

Cotopaxi Batac Webbing Strip With Teva Sandal's AttachedTeva Sandals Attached to Cotopaxi Batac Webbing Strip

The bag has a small handle at the top for gripping or hanging, as well as an extra loop on either side where a carabiner may be clipped if desired. If they don’t suffice, there’s a strip of nylon webbing on the side of the pack where you may connect wet shoes or other goods for quick access. After a trek by the river, we strapped our Teva Sandals on this to dry off in the sun.

Both the left and right sides of the pack include two of the three mesh sections. So far, the pockets have been our main annoyance. It’s a tight fit when using a little bigger water bottle, such as a Hydroflask or Nalgene. This isn’t ideal. You should also be cautious with these side pockets since even leaning over might make your water bottle to fly out. If you’re carrying a glass water bottle, this isn’t cool. However, for fast access to minor goods such as vehicle keys, spare socks, or snacks, they may still be useful.

Cotopaxi Batac YKK Zippers & Unique Zipper PullsYKK Zippers & Zipper Pulls by Cotopaxi Batac

YKK 8RC zippers secure the main and front compartments, each with a different colored zipper pull. It’s also worth noting that this pack lacks some of the extras seen in bigger travel bags, such as load-lifter straps, a hip belt, and compression straps.

But, at the end of the day, we believe it’s fine since it does everything you’d expect from a daypack. All of the additional bells and whistles are unnecessary.

Inside the Bundle

When you peek inside the pack, you’ll see that everything is quite straightforward. On the rear of the main compartment is an internal hydration sleeve, with a mesh pocket at the top.

Cotopaxi Batac Water Bladder Holder / Daring Laptop CompartmentDaring Laptop Compartment / Cotopaxi Batac Water Bladder Holder

The spacious hydration sleeve is ideal for carrying a water bladder and can even accommodate a 15-inch MacBook Pro without a cover (it is, however, a very tight fit). For the brave digital nomads out there, this is a win!

Cotopaxi Batac Small Interior PocketSmall Interior Pocket Cotopaxi Batac

We did observe that the little mesh pocket at the top of the pack partially conceals the sleeve opening, which is awkward and makes accessing it difficult. Smaller goods should be stored in that mesh pocket if at all feasible.

Cotopaxi Batac Front Compartment Small Square PocketSmall Square Pocket in Cotopaxi Batac Front Compartment

The front compartment can hold a good number of stuff, but there isn’t much organization. There’s also a little mesh pocket in the center of the front compartment, which is a strange location… However, you can quickly access inside the front compartment by swinging the pack over one shoulder, which is convenient while you’re on the run!

Testing & Durability

So far, we’ve had a positive experience with the Batac. We’ve taken it on many weekend excursions, as well as over the border into Canada, and have been using it regularly for a little over two months at the time of this review. Despite its non-compacting qualities, we still like this bag as much as we do packable daypacks.

Cotopaxi Batac At Lavender FieldsAt Lavender Fields, Cotopaxi Batac

While we have reservations about the mesh side pockets’ capacity to securely keep water bottles, the bag’s usefulness and personality readily distinguish it from the competition. In addition, we feel great about helping Cotopaxi and the individual who manufactured our bag. We like it a lot.

Cotopaxi is a company that specializes in outdoor gear. Their products are designed to be both functional and comfortable. The Cotopaxi TASRA 16L Backpack is their most popular product, and it is perfect for day hikes, camping trips, or even everyday use. Reference: cotopaxi tasra 16l backpack review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cotopaxi Batac waterproof?

A: Cotopaxi is a brand of waterproof outdoor clothing for men and women, but they do not make any specific products that are waterproof. The companys website states, in big letters near the bottom, that their gear is NOT waterproof.

What does 16L mean in backpacks?

A: 16L is the measurement of width in centimeters for a backpack.

Is Cotopaxi backpack waterproof?

A: Cotopaxi backpack is not waterproof.

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