These slippers have been designed with stretchable and breathable fabric, ensuring that your feet are comfortable. The faux fur lining is also great for keeping them warm in winter.

Teva’s adventure started in 1984, intending to create footwear that not only lets people travel comfortably in designs that fit them but is also better for the environment; their Ember Moc slipper epitomizes this concept well.

The adaptability of the Ember Moc sets it apart from other slippers. It seamlessly adapts from indoor to outdoor usage without losing comfort and performs well in both environments. These items will keep your feet toasty whether you’re working remotely or taking a break from your outdoor adventures (although we have a few things to note when wearing them out and about).

Before we go any further, it’s important to note that we’ve only tested the Men’s version of this slipper, which will be the center of our review. At this review, there was also a Women’s, Infant (for any newborns who landed across this site by mistake), Little Kid, and Big Kid edition available.

We put these slippers to the test during our testing process in proper Pack Hacker form, which you can read about in the review below. Take a look!

Features, Fit, and Fabric

This shoe is simple in design, with just a yellowish-orange Teva logo on a little black tag sewed to the side. It’s not showy, but it does offer some brightness, especially when combined with the similarly colored bottom tread (which we’ll discuss later).

Teva Ember Moc Slippers Material and LogoOn the surface, the Teva Ember Moc is made of a ripstop polyester material that seems soft and fuzzy but is somewhat hard in hand. It also has a water-resistant covering to keep your feet dry in light rain, although we wouldn’t advocate stomping through puddles in these bad boys. Bonus: during our testing, we discovered that coffee stains were easy to wash away.

Leather embellishments around the toe offer a refined touch to otherwise outdoorsy footwear while also helping to build a structure at the front of the slipper—plus, it all comes from Leather Working Group-certified tanneries, ensuring that it is sustainable and eco-friendly. This innovation offers a more durable, ecologically friendly barrier between your feet and the outside world.

Teva Ember Moc Slippers Leather AccentDuring our month of testing, the material has performed well. The only note we have is a tiny rip on the outside of one of the slippers—just it’s on the surface in the sense that the tear hasn’t formed a hole in the interior, so it’s simply cosmetic damage. Regardless, we’ll keep a watch on it and the rest of the shoe, and we’ll update the Usage Timeline below if anything changes.

If you want to keep your feet extra warm, there’s even a version of the Ember Moc with wool fabric on the exterior. Not to add, depending on your taste, this shoe comes in various designs, ranging from patterns to historic hues to brighter tones.

Moving backward, the heel of this shoe is collapsible, making getting your foot in and out a breeze. On both shorter and longer trips, it’s also done a fantastic job of keeping the foot secure. However, we did come across some muck on our treks through the New River Gorge in West Virginia, and both slippers became caught, causing the matching heel to drop out. For these (and other) reasons, we wouldn’t consider this shoe ideal for the trail, but they’ve performed well elsewhere.

Teva Ember Moc Slippers InsoleFor a moment, let’s speak about the interior of this gadget, where your foot goes. It features a PU insole lined with microfiber, much like the rest of the inside, and feels lovely and comfortable when worn without socks. This insole may also be removed if you wish to wash the slipper’s inside.

Teva also claims to apply an Aegis® antimicrobial treatment to help prevent odor, which is great when your feet become sweaty in shoes without air vents like these. Overall, these slippers did an outstanding job of keeping our feet warm and comfy in colder weather.

The EVA foam midsole provides the majority of the cushioning for this slipper. This midsole isn’t as thick as most sports shoes’ midsoles, but it’s substantial enough to keep your feet supported with each stride. In addition, we haven’t detected any signs of wear and tear as we have with other shoes in the past, which is also a positive indicator.

Teva Ember Moc Slippers HeelTo top it off, the slipper has a rubber tread on the bottom to assist you in gripping the many surfaces you’ll come across—grass, gravel, mud, and even your carpet or wood flooring. We’ve been trying these slippers both inside and out, and the tread is plenty for short walks but not excessive when you’re simply lazing about the house, as we said before.

Now that we’ve gone over the separate components, it’s time to talk about the overall fit of this slipper. Unfortunately, the Ember Moc is only available in full sizes at this review, so if you’re in between sizes, you’ll have to size up or down, depending on your average comfort level. For comparison, some of our team members typically wear a 9.5 but felt a size 9 in this slipper to be a little too small, so we tested a size 10. We decided that a bit looser was preferable to a little too tight since it is a slipper (or a moccasin, thus the “Moc” in its name).

Teva Ember Moc Slippers IndoorsOverall, we’ve had a terrific time putting these slippers to the test both at home and during our outside activities. Unfortunately, they aren’t entirely collapsible, so you won’t be able to stow them in your travel bag and utilize them when you get to your location. As a result, they may take up more space than you’d want, but you could find that the additional space and weight are worth it for the comfort and general durability—your mileage may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wear Teva ember MOC?

A: To wear Teva ember MOC, you need first to put it on your foot. Once the shoe is in place, you can tie them up and secure them with the laces provided with each pair of shoes.

Are Teva Ember Mocs waterproof?

A: Teva Ember Mocs are not waterproof. They will withstand some moisture, but they should be taken off before going into the water or getting dirty because the Goretex membrane on these shoes is fragile and can tear easily if you get them too wet.

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