The Pelican G40, Personal Utility Go Case, is the ideal solution for any outdoorsman. It has all the features you need in a compact, portable package.

Pelican is a company that’s established a reputation for itself by producing extraordinarily robust and protected cases of all sizes, as we said in our Pelican Memory Card Case (0915 and 0945) review.

It’s no different with the Pelican G40 Personal Utility Go Case. It’s a lot to say, but it provides considerable protection for your little daily needs, particularly when you’re out in more rugged terrain.

Aesthetics & Materials

The G40 Personal Utility Go Case has a boxy, techy appearance, but it also appears robust enough for the outdoors. We’ve been using the Surf Blue/Gray colorway for the last two weeks. We love how bright it is on the outside, making it easy to identify.

Many brighter colors, such as White/Aqua and Lime/Gray, are easy to see when dropped in the bush or water—or you can go with Anthracite/Gray, which is much more muted if that’s what you want.

Pelican G40 Personal Utility Go Case Material and LogoThe Pelican wordmark is debossed into the side. Although it doesn’t attract much notice, it nevertheless establishes itself as a brand that means business regarding safeguarding your belongings. It’s simple, yet it gets the job done.

This case is made of a tough ABS plastic shell with rubber bumpers on the exterior to protect it from drops. It has an IP67 rating for protection against all types of debris, including snow, dust, and grime, and can even be immersed in water for 30 minutes at a depth of one meter.

We had to put this thing to the test, so we’ve been bringing it on all of our outdoor adventures—hiking the trail, kayaking, you name it—to put it to the test. We’ve dropped this device on the ground and in the water, and none of our stuff has been damaged. It’s a tough cookie—or case, as it may be.

Usage & Features

Pelican G40 Personal Utility Go Case Handle and Latch You may carry the case by the handle at the top or attach a carabiner to it if you wish to hang it outside your pack. This has been a helpful integration since this case is substantial and cumbersome, making it impossible to store in our luggage for later use—it just takes up too much space for the quantity it can carry.

The oversized clasp on the side is the only method to open this case. We haven’t had any problems with stuff falling out or debris getting inside during testing, as long as we’re cautious with how we pack it, which we’ll go into soon.

Pelican G40 Personal Utility Go Case Phone SlotWhen you open it, you’ll see a detachable tray where you may place your phone if it’s an iPhone 11 Pro Max, Samsung Note 9, or more minor. It also depends on whether you have phone accessories, such as cases or pop sockets. For example, shutting the latch may be difficult if your case is excessively thick. Even if you can close it, it is a tight fit that may strain your phone and whatever else you have beneath it.

There are several holes on the rear of this detachable tray where you may put your ID and other cards in case you need them during your trip, as well as an elastic band that Pelican promotes as a place to store headphones.

Pelican G40 Personal Utility Go Case OrganizationWe stored a pair back here and found that it did a decent job of keeping them together and in place, but since they’re thicker, it may limit what you can fit in the empty area under the tray. If you want to utilize this integration as a minimal wallet and have greater freedom while carrying other things, keeping anything flat as cash might also work.

You’ll then have some space at the bottom to put any personal care products or basic needs, such as chapstick, keys, and a charger. Because this case isn’t profound, everything you store inside will have to be relatively small—we attempted to squeeze a pair of Apple AirPods in here, but they didn’t fit because of the case.

Pelican G40 Personal Utility Go Case Main AreaWe’ve also discovered that securing a pair of corded headphones with the nylon strap effectively reduces the remainder of the space in this case, limiting what we can carry even more. Furthermore, we must ensure that the objects are placed on opposite sides of the case, so they do not collide. If you don’t, the tray will move upward, making it impossible to close.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pelican go Case G40 float?

A: Sure, they are all different shapes and sizes.

Does Pelican go cases float?

A: Yes, Pelican cases are designed to float when submerged.

Are Pelican cases secure?

A: Pelican cases are generally not seen as secure for storing items. They are designed to protect the thing while it is being transported, but they offer no protection when stored or at rest.

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