SteelSeries continues to raise the bar with its latest headset, a step up from previous models. The Arctis 7 Wireless offers excellent sound quality and compatibility for PC, consoles, and mobile devices. It’s not just another wireless gaming headset, though; it also comes with Bluetooth connectivity to listen to some tunes on your way home or complete voice chat sessions during games.

SteelSeries has long been a strong force in gaming peripherals, with some of the best mouse and keyboards on the market. They’ve also experimented with headsets throughout this period, creating several masterpieces, with the Arctis line receiving a lot of traction.

SteelSeries’ Arctis 7 headsets are an outstanding mid-range alternative, offering Good Performance and comfort for less than half the price of SteelSeries’ premium headset, the Arctis Pro Wireless.

Comfort and sound quality are essential factors to consider whether you choose a wired or wireless headset. The Arctis 7 combines comfort and Performance in spades, and it is much more adaptable than many of their competitors, allowing you to utilize them on your everyday commute with ease.


The box and wrapping were unremarkable, and everything arrived in perfect condition. It was also relatively straightforward to set up; you just put the receiver in and wait for Windows to do its thing. Next, you hold the on button on the headset while pressing and holding the pair button on the receiver. This took a bit longer than I anticipated, but they will ultimately sync, and you will be able to play those games.

The following is what we find inside the box:

  • Arctis 7 Wireless Gaming Headset by SteelSeries
  • Transmitter (wireless)
  • 3.5mm 4-Pole Cable
  • Charging Cable for Micro-USB
  • Product Information
Frequency Response of Headphones 20 – 20000 Hz is a frequency range between 20 and 20000 Hz.
Frequency Response of the Microphone 100–10,000 hertz
Wireless Wireless
Life of the Batteries 25 Hours
Pattern for Picking Up Bidirectional
Weight 354g
Length of the Cable N/A


SteelSeries Arctis are easily identifiable from a mile away. They have a traditional oval form with slim yolks and a ski-goggle strap. We can see the plush earcups and a retractable, but not detachable, Microphone. I can use them at home while gaming or on the train to work since the design strikes that perfect blend of delicacy and utility.

These don’t feature any RGB like the Arctis Pros, preserving Life of the Batteries, but the ski-goggle band features and is removable. You can purchase differently styled straps from SteelSeries to personalize your headset, which is a lovely touch. I prefer the all-black look but these are also available in a crisp white, which even though it looks superb will only get dirty!

The headset is one of the most stylish I’ve seen, plus it’s not as big as other gaming headsets. SteelSeries is well-known for its unique designs on a variety of items.

Create a high-quality product


Taking a look at Create a high-quality product, the Arctis 7’s feel as robust and as sturdy as you’d expect. Even though the slender yolks are plastic, there is enough Looking to ensure they shouldn’t break too easily over time. However, I wouldst this as the headset’s weak point, so be careful. Nevertheless, these feel much more durable than the entry-level Arctis 1’s. Also, while most plastic, the metal headband is extra rigid, although much less flexible than the plastic from the Astro A50 or Sennheiser GSP line.

The ear cushions are readily detachable, allowing you to replace them if they get damaged, although they aren’t as easy to return as the magnetic ones on the Astro A50s. The fabric weave is of exceptional quality, making it ideal for hotter weather and sweaty heads in general. The cushions kept my ear away from the inner wall well enough, but some have complained about the depth, so it’s worth testing before you purchase.

A flexible pliable cable retracts the SteelSeries ClearCast mic into the left earcup. It would have been lovely to have this nearly wholly vanish or be removable, since the headset looks fantastic and could be used for music outside. For me, the protruding mic isn’t something I’d like to wear out and about, but others may not mind.

All of the hardware controls are in good places, are straightforward to use, and are well labeled. A power button is located on the right earcup, and it flashes green to indicate that it is turned on. I found it inconvenient to press this button down to turn the headset on, but I assume it prevents the battery from being unintentionally discharged while it’s in your bag or something. The ChatMix dial is located above the power button, and it allows you to exactly balance your Discord server and in-game audio without having to leave the game or fiddle with the settings. In addition, the ChatMix dial features a little tactile bump that indicates when you’re in the center, making it simple to return to default.

The majority of the controls are located on the left earcup. The mute mic button is situated halfway down the earcup, where your thumb would be when pulling these off. This button is a bit tiny for my taste, but it was very straightforward to operate after I got acclimated to the headset. It’s fantastic to see SteelSeries keeping the slight orange accent with the mute, since it reminds me of my old SteelSeries Siberias. The volume control scroll wheel is located behind the mute button; it’s pretty simple, and I like the volume control on the Corsair Void, but it works. Following that is a proprietary slot for your phone and the provided connection, but you can also use a jack-to-jack cable in the port right underneath it. Finally, we can see the charging micro-USB connector as well as the retractable Microphone.

A tiny receiver is included with the Arctis 7 wireless gaming headset. The receiver connects to your computer by USB and contains a pair button on the side to sync your headset, as well as an LED that shows if your headset is connected (solid light) or sleeping/disconnected (blinking). The receiver also has line in/out connections so that you can and speakers from the rear without fiddling with Windows settings.

The receiver has a round rubber base, but since it is so light, the wires cause it to lean backward and appear unsightly on the desk. It would be wonderful if this had more weight and maybe even some nature.



Overall, I found the Arctis 7’s to be comfortable since it is so lightle, with enough padding in the earcups and a ski mask band that worked great for me. Furthermore, I felt the clamping force to be nicely balanced, and the lightweight build of this headset made it one of the most comfortable headsets I’ve ever used.

The earcups were among the most comfortable I’ve ever worn, thanks in part to the soft-feel fabric. Although the fabric is not as soft as the Astro A50s, it is still really comfortable. My ears never touched the inner wall material, which is somewhat scratchier than the Aireweave breathable fabric. The oval earcups’ shape is ideal for my ears, cushioning them effectively while also providing an excellent natural seal. As previously said, the clamping force is near-perfect, and there were no irritations throughout testing.

The ski-goggle type headband had me a bit suspicious at first; with no padding, I wasn’t sure how comfortable this headset might be. However, it does an excellent job of supporting and distributing weight evenly and keeping objects from becoming scratchy on top after lengthy use. Unfortunately, bald players may want to search elsewhere since the cloth isn’t the smoothie and headband design and clamping force; you get a headset that fits your ears and puts less strain on your head, making even extended gaming sessions pleasant, regardless of head shape or size.

The ski-mask headband, of course, eliminates the need for adjustment sliders seen on conventional headsets, although there is some flexibility in the earcups. The earcups are slightly angled, more oversized, or different-shaped skulls rotate 90 degrees. Unfortunately, when worn on your shoulders, they don’t sit as comfortably as the HyperX Cloud Flight S headset and tend to clamp too firmly around your neck.

These are 354 grams in weight, which isn’t the lightest but certainly isn’t the heaviest. This is an ideal weight for me, and when paired with the design, you have the makings of a comfortable product.


For both leisure and gaming, the Arctis 7 gaming headset was a delight to use. They generally featured a well-balanced sound profile, although the mid-range might sound high-bass continuing. For some, the bass was for both leisure and gaming, a little usually too boomy, but the extended bass wc for low-end grumbles, particularly in games.

SteelSeridueoftware and graphical EQ are eThe I suggest utilizing them to, for some, get the most out of the Arctis 7s. These performed similarly to the HyperX Cloud Flight S, and although they aren’t quite as excellent as the Arctis Pros, unless you want the additional capabilities, these are the better value alternative.


I’ve had better audio experiences right out of the box, but at a more considerable expense. The sound quality was good, and with a good seal, they were somewhat immersive. However, they were a little loud in several games, so I had to mess with the settings and the ChatMix to get them to where I wanted them.

The bass performance was excellent, especially in music and games like Squad. The squad has fantastic clarity, which is crucial since the military sim aims to grab you in and immerse you in the action. The gunshots, explosions, and basic surrounding sounds were all apparent.

Getting started with CS: GO, I noted that the imaging was superb; everything seemed precise, and I could readily locate targets or gather helpful information for the team. The volume was a tiny problem that was quickly resolved during setup, but I’d be glad to use them on a regular basis for music and competitive gaming.

The soundstage was ample for closed-back headphones, and on par with the more costly premium versions. The visit regularly is to be expected from a gaming headset with cloth cushioning. You may still use them when out and about; they block out mid-range noise, but you may hear the occasional bus or vehicle passing past. Only the upper end of the spectrum pierced through now and again. Thus, the leakage performance was reasonably decent.


The Arctis 7’s wireless headset is one of SteelSeries’ mid-tier choices, and it comes with a good number of features for the price. The adjustable ski-goggle strap is one of my favorite features of the headset. You may replace it with one that has a little more style, which I prefer to RGB lighting. Despite their low price, they offer a lot of appealing qualities, so let’s take a closer look.



The Arctis 7 is a wireless gaming headset that uses a lossless 2.4GHz connection for low latency gaming. There are no interference crackles or pops, and the relationship stays strong. It connects to your PC through a USB receiver, which you can also use to connect your speakers, allowing you to utilize both devices at the same time. When docked, the USB receiver also works with the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The headset had a range of roughly 40 feet, which looked to be accurate when sprinting about Theo drops, even through walls.

The headset may also be used when docked with a cable connection, allowing you to connect to your Switch on the move or mobile device (if you still have an audio jack). The Arctis 7s are charged using the provided micro-USB cable and may be used while charging. The headset offered me a respectable 25 hours of continuous use after around three hours of charging, with the auto-off timer conserving power as required.


The SteelSeries Engine 3 is one of the best utility engines on the market, and although the Arctis 7s have the same choices as the Pros, they do it via software rather than the DAC. The software allows you to use 7.1 surround sound, which I turned off while gaming since I prefer stereo sound, but it’s lovely to have the choice. YIn addition, you can modify the dynamic range, manually tweak the output at various frequencies, and experiment with the microphone’s sidetone and loudness.

If feasible, I like to use a headset straight out of the box, with slight EQ modifications in emergency situations, but the SteelSeries Engine was really straightforward to use, and I used the EQ settings a couple times with fantastic results.


  • Excellent audio quality and one of the finest Microphones available in this price range.
  • This headset is compatible with PC, Mac, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.
  • Comfort — The cushioning is quite soft and, accommodating, lightweight. It also tilts and rotates.


  • Mice – Doesn’t come apart
  • Tight around the neck — The clamping force is excellent on the head, but it is too close around the neck.


The SteelSeries Arctis 7s provide reliable performance and excellent comfort at a reasonable price. The bundled cables and receiver are convenient “easy of use” features, and although the headset isn’t very spectacular, I believe it has one of the most admirable designs.

There are few shoes that can match the comfort of the Arctis 7’s for the price, and the ski-goggle headband works wonderfully. Furthermore, the soft and airy replaceable earcups keep my ears cooler for longer than comparable versions. When wearing them, the clamp is excellent, and the yolks are sturdy enough. However, I couldn’t make them rest pleasantly on my shoulders.

For me, the Arctis 7s outperform the HyperX Cloud Flights, with the Arctis 7s feeling more premium and lasting a little longer. These are one of the most incredible microphones at this price range, however I wouldn’t use it for streaming just yet.

From the entry-level Arctis 1s to the feature-rich Arctis Pro Wireless, the SteelSeries Arctis series has something for everyone. Of course, the Arctis Pros are the way to go if you want Bluetooth and lovely little frills, but the Arctis 7’s are among the most acceptable alternatives for people searching for superb audio and mic performance in a rush.

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