The Cerium LT is an all-around winter running jacket that can handle everything from long days in cold weather to shorter runs. It combines Arc’teryx’s incredible light and wind-resistant fabrics with a cozy warmth while still offering a range of motion for fast activities.

The Arc’teryx Cerium LT Hoody is a warm, lightweight, and good choice to consider if you’re searching for your next winter coat.

Durable, streamlined materials on Arc’teryx daypacks, which also extend to their coats, are only one of the many things the company is recognized for. Not only is the Cerium LT Hoody tough, but it’s also well-insulated to keep you warm and packable to make storing it a breeze.

Our findings from the past month of testing have been included in the review below. Take a look!

Aesthetics & Materials

When we say the Cerium LT Hoody is a puffy jacket, we mean it; it’s one of the puffiest we’ve tested for this size and weight class. That’s not to say we feel like we’re wearing a giant bubble when wearing it—simply, it’s a touch more significant than other packable coats we’ve tried.

This jacket is labeled as a Trim Fit by Arc’teryx, which means it’s meant to be thinner on the body and has a lower profile. It corresponds with most regular jackets of its sort; we believe it is closer to their Regular Fit requirements.

The business also provides two more jacket styles: the Next To Skin Fit, which, as the name implies, is extra tight to trap heat and resist perspiration effectively. Then there’s the Relaxed Fit, which is on the other end of the scale, with looser fitting for a more casual look.

Arc'teryx Cerium LT Hoody Material and LogoWe’ve been testing the Shimizu colorway, which means “clean water” in Japanese and is well named given its vivid blue tone. At the time of this review, this hoody was also available in a variety of different colors, including the colorful Utopia (green) and Dynasty (orange), as well as the more subdued Labyrinth (dark teal) and Rhapsody (blue) (deep red).

The skeletal-figure emblem is sewn on the front of this hoody in white thread, much as it is on many Arc’teryx packs, which pops out a bit more on the hue we’ve been testing. However, we don’t mind since it highlights that this is a long-lasting, high-quality jacket.

When it comes to apparel, material matters, and jackets are no exception. There’s an AratoTM ten nylon shell on the exterior, and on the inside, there’s an 850 down. Furthermore, since synthetic insulation performs better when wet than down, you’ll find it in high-moisture places, such as the jacket’s neck, which you’ll likely breathe on during the day.

Arc'teryx Cerium LT Hoody ZipperElastic is used extensively throughout this jacket, including on the cuffs, across the waist, and even over the hood’s rim. This feature helps to keep you warm by bringing the hoody closer to your body and closing off openings where heat may escape. You don’t have to move the bottom of the jacket about to balance it out since the elastic around the waist is adjustable from two sides rather than just one, so you can tighten and go.

We love seeing YKK zippers on backpacks, so you can imagine our delight when we saw them on this jacket. We enjoy how smoothly they open the jacket and how secure they make the pockets, so we don’t have to worry about anything slipping out (like if we’re carrying our phone or keys).

Usage & Features

Let’s talk about pockets and how many you have and what you may put in them. On the exterior, there are two conventional jacket pockets that, as previously said, are secured with a zipper to prevent your belongings from falling out and being lost. They’re also rather spacious. Returning to our earlier examples, you can easily put a bigger phone and a bulkier set of keys inside each one.

Arc'teryx Cerium LT Hoody PocketOn the inside of the coat, there’s even a zipped additional pocket. This pocket is even more secure than the exterior ones since pickpockets have a tougher time reaching it. Because of its placement it’s a perfect place to keep your debit or credit cards, your ID, or some additional cash, among other valuables. You may store your phone in this position in colder weather since the cold may impair its functionality—it’ll remain heated and ready to go here.

The compression bag that this jacket packs into is also kept in this interior pocket. A loop sewed on one corner of the compression sack may be attached to a similar loop inside the bag with a bit of manipulation. This design eliminates the need for a more oversized clip or clasp, adding weight to an otherwise light and essential jacket.

Arc'teryx Cerium LT Hoody Compression Case AttachmentWe often notice and enjoy packable coats when the compression sack is built into the skin itself via a pocket like this one. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case here, but we appreciate that they do provide the option of connecting the two through the loops indicated before. You’ll want to double-check that you’re correctly fastening the compression bag within this pocket to reduce the chances of losing it.

When storing the coat, we’ve discovered that folding it into a minor cylindrical form before stuffing it into the compression bag works well. Because the material is slick, just grg one end and squeezing it inside isn’t the most effective way. However, once it’s in its compression bag, you can quickly toss it into your day or vacation pack for easy transport.

Arc'teryx Cerium LT Hoody CompressedAnother thing to keep in mind is that you should keep this and other insulated packable items as uncompressed as possible. Keeping the jacket packed all the time effectively crushes both the down and the fabric, lowering their quality over time. When feasible, leaving this jacket on a rack or hook can help it last longer and keep you warmer.

We’ve been wearing the Cerium LT Hoody in lower temperatures—around 40°F (4°C)—throughout our testing, and it’s kept us toasty warm. It’s nearly too hot, so when the weather isn’t too hotwe leaveng the jacket unzipped to allow for some airflow. Of course, if it gets any colder, we’ll have to zip it up again to be warm.

Overall, we’ve had a great time wearing this jacket for the last month. It’s a great fit with good insulation that keeps up with whatever activity we’re doing, whether touring the city, hiking through the woods, or finding the most excellent picture position. If this jacket isn’t right for you, don’t worry; using the tips above will help you locate something that is. We also have reviews of other Arc’teryx coats, such as the Zeta SL Jacket and even the Beta SL Jacket, that you may read.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Arcteryx Cerium LT warm?

A: Arcteryx Cerium LT is not warm; it’s a 65% polyester 35% nylon blend with a DWR coating.

What is the difference between Cerium SL and LT?

A: Cerium SL has a higher magnetic field than LT, which increases the strength of any nearby magnets.

Is thorium warmer than cerium?

A: Thorium would be warmer than cerium.

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