The Asus ROG Ryujin II 360 is a high-performance CPU cooler that can accommodate LGA115x/LGA2011v3 Intel processors. The device has a large, adjustable, and removable fan to provide adequate cooling no matter your case configuration.


Ryujin II radiator

Let’s start with the radiator, which, by all accounts, is rather rad. The matte black paint on the metal behemoth is wonderfully even, with the italic letters ROG stamped on either side in Asus’ standard typeface. There are also four strutting support rivets symmetrically distributed on either side of the radiator, contributing to the overall industrial aesthetic of the AIO… I like it a lot.

Ryujin II tubes

The 380mm long tubes of the RYUGIN II are made of solid rubber and are sleeved to give them a nice appearance and feel. The heavy-duty rubber ensures that it will last for a long time.

Ryujin II cpu block


There’s a lot to speak about in this article. First, the CPU block is where the RYUJIN II’s well-designed muscles are tested. The central feature is the 3.5′′ full-color LCD screen in the middle, which can be used for various purposes and even supports Aida64’s sensor panel function right out of the box.

The rectangular shape of the CPU block and the vent-like texturing on either side contribute to the industrial aspect I stated before, and the 7th generation Asetek pump provides real pumping power to this beast of an AIO. ROG branding on each side, “republic of gamers” inscribed in text diagonally on the top and bottom of the block, and the ROG logo on the left and right sides.

Ryujin II screen

The screen is magnetically linked to the pump housing and is detachable to aid in the installation procedure since the blocky shroud obstructs the thumb screws required to attach the block to the CPU. Two cables are linked to the screen itself, one USB to connect to the motherboard and one mini USB to connect to the fan controller. A tiny internal fan resides underneath the LCD panel and pumps housing, presumably to keep the 2800rpm pump cool, but how does the pump obtain power? Can’t I seem to find a hardwire option for the pump?

Ryujin II copper contact male

When I initially unboxed the RYUJIN II, I wondered the same thing, but Asus engineers have devised a brilliant solution for the pump to obtain electricity. A male copper contact point is located right under the screen within the pump housing and matches a female contact point on the CPU block itself; this is how power is delivered between the two components.

This is wonderful; however, as a benchmarker, I have to switch CPUs often, and after 30-40 times of removing and replacing the screen, I’m beginning to detect some wear on the female contact points. Is this a possible stumbling block in the future? Maybe, but I’d bet on the RYUJIN II’s long-term viability under normal conditions.

Ryujin II fans

The RYUJIN II not only looks the part, but it’s also very awesome, to put it that way! It’s all down to the three Noctua NF 2000rpm fans, which are matte black like the rest of the room. It’s fantastic to see some Noctua fans who aren’t wearing brown. These Noctua fans have a static pressure of 3.94mmH2O and can pump 121.8m3h of air! FANtastic.

Ryujin II wires

The Noctua fans are high-quality, but the fan power cables are also wrapped in a combination of shrink rubber and woven rubber-like material. This makes them appear exceptionally clean, blend in with the build’s design, and feel ultra-premium! They’re also quite simple to wire.

Ryujin II controiller

The PWM/DC fan controller on the RYUJIN II features a beautiful machined metal exterior shell in the same matte black finish as the rest of the AIO, with glossy black accentuated corners that contain both the ROG logo and branding. The controller’s connection points are situated on the left, right, and bottom. With four fan power connections and four ARGB connectors on the left and right, you can connect any Aura-Sync compliant RGB fan to this controller. On the bottom of the controller, you’ll find the controller power, the motherboard ARGB In-connection, and the micro USB connector for the LCD screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ASUS ROG have liquid cooling?

A: ASUS ROG has a liquid cooling option.

Does ryujin 360 come with thermal paste?

A: yes

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