The Bellroy Travel Wallet is a unisex design – and the rise of style-centric accessories has become an instant hit. It’s stylish, practical, and doesn’t even look like a wallet, thanks to its slim profile. We love how easy it is to slot credit cards into this travel wallet for quick access on the go or in public without having your purse out of control.

You won’t enjoy the Bellroy Travel Wallet if you want to have your boarding tickets, passports, cards, cash, SIM cards, and other travel papers thrown about your bag, pockets, and anywhere else in a chaotic mess.

If you like to keep all of the above organized and accessible in sleek, classy packaging, the Bellroy Travel Wallet is for you. So naturally, we’ve been looking forward to getting our hands on it. After all, we’ve put various Bellroy goods through their paces here at Pack Hacker, with largely positive results.

Aesthetics & Materials

Bellroy’s Travel Wallet is one of the most polished and professional-looking wallets we’ve seen. It’s ideal for business trips or if you want to project a refined image. The superior stitching around the perimeter, the debossed Bellroy name on the outside, and the owl emblem on the inside are all things we like.

Bellroy Travel Wallet Logo And LeatherIt comes in four hues at the time of this review: Black, Navy, Caramel, and Cocoa. Although we’ve just tested the Black, all four colors seem stylish.

Of course, the Travel Wallet is more significant than a typical bifold since it is a travel wallet and therefore meant to accommodate a passport. But it’s still tiny, and although it won’t fit in most jeans pockets, it will fit in the quick-access pockets of sling bags and backpacks.

The Bellroy Travel Wallet is composed of premium leather, which is no surprise given Bellroy’s reputation for high-quality, soft leather that feels great in the hands. Bellroy exclusively utilizes leather that has been tanned according to the Leather Working Group’s gold-rated environmental procedures.

We’ve tried several Bellroy goods and have always had a positive experience with the company’s leather. However, we’ve discovered a few cosmetic flaws in the leather of the Travel Wallet, which we’ll go over in further detail in the Testing & Durability portion of this review.

The Wallet’s Interior

Behind the wallet’s clean, minimalist surface, there’s quite a bit going on.

Bellroy Travel Wallet Passport HolderThe wallet opens in the same way as a regular bi-fold wallet. The passport pocket may be found on the right. We appreciate how Bellroy included this compartment since it keeps your passport safe and secure, mainly when the entrance is directed toward the inside of the wallet. Hence, there’s no possibility of it falling out. At the same time, it’s simple to pull out your passport when necessary.

Bellroy Travel Wallet Passport In The Cash Sleeve]You can’t fit two passports in this pocket since it’s too small, which is a problem if you’re Jason Bourne. Likewise, traveling with a significant other, children, and so forth. However, a second passport may be put inside the cash sleeve. It’s not the ideal location for it—not as safe as the dedicated passport pocket—but it serves us well.

Bellroy Travel Wallet PenThe Micro Pen (as Bellroy refers to it) that comes with the Travel Wallet is in the center. It’s a lovely addition because it’s hidden in a little slot and won’t get in the way until you need it. And you may need it more than you think—not just for all the paperwork that comes with traveling, but also to jot down all the brilliant jokes that come to mind when flying above the sky or to write down your phone number to give to your attractive seat neighbor.

Bellroy Travel Wallet Card SleevesFour card sleeves are on the left side of the wallet for the cards you use the most. We’ve discovered that one card per sleeve works best, which isn’t a big concern since three extra card sleeves are tucked within the cash sleeve. The Travel Wallet, according to Bellroy, can accommodate up to 10 cards comfortably.

Bellroy Travel Wallet Back Card SleevesA SIM card compartment may be found within the currency sleeve. It’s often cheaper to buy a SIM card when you get to your destination, so it’s handy to be able to stash your old one somewhere safe. There’s also a sleeve to keep your ejector pin safe (a necessity to easily transfer SIM cards). If you don’t utilize these sleeves, they will also keep out of your way.

Bellroy Travel Wallet SIM Card HolderThe currency sleeve is rather roomy on its own. There’s enough a place for a large sum of money, as well as plane cards, receipts, love letters, and other crucial travel papers.

Bellroy Travel Wallet Note SleeveA second currency pocket may be found by flipping up the leather flap at the rear of the sleeve. This “hidden” sleeve isn’t exclusive to the Bellroy Travel Wallet—also it’s seen on the Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet—and it’s a notion we enjoy.

While it won’t assist with security—face lets it, a pickpocket or criminal is more likely to take your whole wallet than to ask you to draw out visible cash—it will help you keep organized and on a budget (stash emergency cash under the flap and only spend what’s in sight #PackHackerProTip).

Bellroy Travel Wallet Hidden CompartmentYou may also use this slot as a separator to separate two sorts of currencies instead of hiding them. You won’t disgrace yourself by withdrawing dollars when you truly need pounds.

Unfortunately, the leather flap that conceals your currency is fragile and thin in this case. It regularly flips up, revealing the “secret” compartment underneath it, revealing the money you’re expecting to keep hidden and protected. We’ve had to tuck the divider back into place many times, which is clearly inconvenient.

We haven’t encountered the same problem with the Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet, which has a secure flap. We think this is due to the fact that the Travel Wallet is almost twice as long as the Hide & Seek Wallet, yet the fold depth seems to be the same. To compensate for the larger length of the Travel Wallet, we feel the fold should be moved farther down. In addition, the flap currently does not scale nicely.

Bellroy Travel Wallet Leather FoldSince the whole wallet is RFID-protected, you won’t have to worry about your passport or credit card information being taken through radio waves. While it is debatable whether you should be concerned about these financial crimes, having peace of mind is never wrong.

Durability & Testing

We’ve been putting the Bellroy Travel Wallet to the test for the last several weeks as we journeyed from Detroit to the United Kingdom, with a brief detour in New York City. In addition, we’ve been using the Travel Wallet as a daily wallet since landing in the United Kingdom to evaluate how it performs after you get to your location.

Overall, it’s been an excellent travel companion. It keeps track of your cash, boarding passes, and credit cards, as well as a passport or two (we tried it with two).

Bellroy Travel Wallet In Essex EnglandIt may also be used as a daily driver, albeit its size prevents this. The Bellroy Travel Wallet would be fantastic if it came with a shrink ray. You could use it as a trip wallet—with enough room for boarding papers and a passport—and then reduce it to a pocketable size for daily usage. Unfortunately, shrink rays do not yet exist, so you’ll have to make do with an enlarged wallet when you arrive.

Bellroy Travel Wallet Leather MarksThe Bellroy Travel Wallet does not hold up as well as other Bellroy goods we’ve evaluated in terms of durability. In addition, the outside of the Travel Wallet has some visible flaws and scratches, which is characteristic of Bellroy leather. These blemishes distract from the wallet’s overall classy appearance, but it’s not bad yet. In the Usage Timeline below, we’ll keep you updated.

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