Bindle Bottle Slim is a new product that claims to help people lose weight by making them drink water. It comes in two flavors, grape and lemon-lime.

The bindle bottle review is a product designed to help you lose weight. It comes in two sizes, and both are slim and easy to carry around.

It isn’t very pleasant to go up to the gym with your keys, headphones, and ID bouncing around in your pocket. Worse still, you don’t have any pockets and need a place to store your belongings. Naturally, you’ll need to remain hydrated throughout that strenuous exercise, so you’ll need to pack a water bottle—yet another item to lug about. The 20oz Bindle Bottle Slim’s hidden chamber may be the answer. It’s large enough to hold all of your necessities so that you can ditch your bulky workout bag in favor of a water bottle. This covert storage box may also store food while on the move. We put it to the test for two weeks on beach vacations, hiking, and outdoor yoga, and it performed well. However, there are a few minor drawbacks.

Bindle Bottle 20oz Slim At The Beach

The water bottle holds 20 ounces, which is ideal for those who drink a lot of water during the day like us. We found the 3.2” depth of the storage compartment to be ideal for IDs and credit cards. If you have a large set of keys, they will still fit, but they will be a little tight. The advantage is that no one will ever know your things are down there. This doesn’t only apply to the gym. Let’s suppose you’re at the beach and don’t want to risk leaving your bag on the sand for someone to search through. It’s awful to have your bag, or other stuff taken, but a water bottle is usually the last thing a burglar wants, so at least your essentials will be secure.

The bottle’s sheer bulk, on the other hand, makes it a little awkward. The compact profile is ideal for slipping into tight water bottle sleeves, but it weighs almost a pound, adding to your bag’s weight. This is before you fill it with anything; after you add 20 ounces of water and a set of keys, it becomes much heavier. This isn’t a huge issue if you’re simply going to the beach or the gym and intend to use it there. However, it’s not ideal if it’s in your bag and full of food when walking around a new city. Because it’s so tall, it may protrude very far from your pack’s water bottle sleeve.

Bindle Bottle 20oz Slim Filled with Stuff

The Bindle Bottle Slim’s heavyweight is due to its constructed material. The stainless steel is double-walled and vacuum insulated for use in the kitchen. Then a soft power coat is applied, which is claimed to provide a “slip-free grip.” Unfortunately, if you have a severe case of butterfingers (like some of our staff members have), this won’t help much. It once fell from our grasp as we filled it fully, leaving a tiny ding on the bottom. For visual proof, see the picture in our use timeline below. This coating may also be easily scratched, particularly towards the bottom of the bottle.

Bindle Bottle 20oz Slim in Water Bottle Pocket

Returning to the double-walled design, this essentially means it’s strengthened to be twice as thick as other water bottles we’ve examined. As Bindle Bottle puts it, the double seal technique helps make it “sweatproof.” We discovered this to be true since the annoying tiny water droplets that emerge when you drink ice-cold water were not present here. Even though the Bindle Bottle Slim is heavier than other bottles due to the additional reinforcement, it provides great insulation, which we’ll discuss in the following section.

Usage & Features

The 20oz Slim, according to Bindle Bottle, will keep water cold for 24 hours and coffee hot for 12 hours. We don’t usually keep our water and coffee for this long, but we performed an ice test to see how fast it would melt. The ice was still unbroken nearly 8 hours later, much to our amazement. We usually drink room temperature water, but it was nice to sip cold coffee throughout the day when it was hot.

Bindle Bottle 20oz Slim Taking Drink

We have a habit of filling a cup with hot coffee, drinking about half of it, and then forgetting about it. By the time we’re ready to drink the second half, it’s a sad cup of brown sludge, and it’s better off being thrown down the drain. The Bindle Bottle kept our coffee hot for nearly the whole day, allowing us to drink it whenever we wanted.

We found the hidden compartment to be very helpful for storing our necessities at the beach or the gym, but it wasn’t as simple to utilize as we had hoped. To begin with, the compartment’s lid lacks the same strength as the one that opens the water bottle section. It’s essentially just naked steel scratching on steel, and when you unscrew it, it sounds precisely like that. The sound is unpleasant, like someone scraping their nails on a chalkboard, and pulling the top off feels like you’re crushing herbs. In addition, it’s not always easy to screw it on since it doesn’t always line up correctly. You can also hear your belongings crashing against the container when you walk with it.

Bindle Bottle 20oz Slim Filled with Food

Using the hidden compartment for snacks is no issue since the whole Bindle Bottle Slim is constructed of kitchen-grade stainless steel. However, we suggest that you use it for dry snacks. If you have anything moist in the bottle, it may easily spill out when you open it. Depending on how you use it, it’s also possible for things to go inside. For example, at the beach, we discovered sand had gotten into the bottom despite having never opened it while we were there.

Overall, the Bindle Bottle Slim does an excellent job of keeping beverages hot or cold for extended periods. In addition, it has a hidden bottom pocket that may be used to store your keys and ID. This comes in useful when you don’t have any pockets or want to keep your valuables concealed at the beach or the gym. We only wish there was a way to eliminate the awful grinding sound that occurs when you screw it open.

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