The Fjallraven Travel Pack is the ideal pack for exploring any place on earth. It has great storage capacity and versatile pockets, making it an easy bag to pack with everything you need for your trip.

The “fjallraven travel pack review” is a backpack that has been designed to be lightweight, durable, and versatile. It is made of high-quality materials and can carry up to 35 liters of gear.

Fjallraven Travel Pack 35L

Fjallraven is a Swedish outdoor clothing company founded in 1960. You’re undoubtedly most familiar with them for their Kanken line, which has exploded in popularity in recent years, owing in large part to today’s fashionistas choosing it as their go-to daypack in cities all over the globe.

Fjallraven Travel Pack In GermanyIn Germany, Fjallraven Travel Pack

Fjallraven, on the other hand, is much more than a fashion statement. It’s a fantastic company that believes in creating items that are long-lasting, dependable, and environmentally friendly. Fjallraven has a history of manufacturing bigger packs that are firmly entrenched in the outdoor and hiking realm—this isn’t unexpected given that it’s a Swedish outdoor brand—until now. We’re excited to present you to the “Travel Pack,” their first attempt at creating a bag built exclusively for travel.

A 35-liter backpack simply referred to as the “Travel Pack?” It should come as no surprise that we were eager to put this thing to the test!

Aesthetics & Materials

Fjallraven Travel Pack BrandingBranding for Fjallraven Travel Packs

With a sleek and streamlined design that nods to its Swedish background, the Fjallraven Travel Pack scores very well in the fashion rankings simply from a single look. Fjallraven has kept the branding simple and effective, with only their arctic fox emblem in leather at the bottom of the backpack, as anticipated. The fox’s color matches the leather handle on top, making it simple, sleek, and visually pleasant.

What are your first thoughts on this bag? The Travel Pack has a distinctive boxy design that sets it apart from the pack—literally. Because of the semi-soft material (more on that later), this pack maintains its form at all times. This backpack will look the same whether it’s only stuffed with a sweater and a laptop or it’s completely loaded with enough things to tour the globe endlessly. Some bags include flexible fabrics and compression straps that allow you to compress your belongings, but the Fjallraven Travel Pack does not. This may be seen as a benefit or a drawback depending on your use case, so we’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Fjallraven Travel Pack Different Color OptionsFjallraven Travel Pack in a Variety of Colors

We were pleased to learn that this bag comes in a variety of unisex hues, including black, green, navy, and red, which should be plenty to fit any taste in any setting. Although we generally choose for black, we tried out a blue version that looked great when walking around Paris and other cities. We believe that no one color will scream TOURIST, and the pack’s general design contributes to this.

Fjallraven Travel Pack DimensionsDimensions of the Fjallraven Travel Pack

This pack is ideal for one-bag travel, measuring 18″ (46cm) in height, 12.5″ (32cm) in width, and 10.5″ (27cm) in depth. It will fit snugly into most airline carry-on requirements, and with a capacity of 35 liters, it has enough storage to accommodate enough belongings for indefinite (although minimalist) travel.

Fjallraven Travel Pack G-1000 MaterialMaterial: Fjallraven Travel Pack G-1000

Let’s look at the materials utilized to make this pack—Fjallraven has some really cool things going on here! The Travel Pack is constructed of Fjallraven’s iconic G-1000 material, which has been used by the company in some form or another for over four decades! G-1000 is a tightly woven fabric composed of 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton, which is adequate but not exceptional. Cotton in a backpack is very unusual.

There’s a little more to it than that, however. Fjallraven uses their secret ingredient, Greenland wax, to infuse this fabric, making it more durable, wind-resistant, and water-resistant—all of which are vital since they utilize cotton.

Fjallraven Travel Pack Heavy Duty G-1000 MaterialMaterial: Fjallraven Travel Pack Heavy Duty G-1000

Fjallraven has created numerous varieties of their G-1000 material over the years—Original, Air, Silent, Heavy Duty, and Lite—each with its own set of characteristics. We won’t delve into the specifics just yet, but Lite is light, Silent is silent… you get the idea. The Travel Pack is composed of the Heavy Duty type, which is harder, more durable, and more water-resistant than its competitors—in other words, ideal for travel. Greenland wax is used on the outside and inside of the Heavy Duty G-1000 to aid boost durability. However, it severely restricts airflow and ventilation. Is this an issue? It may be, depending on what you’re carrying, but we’d rather have the extra durability than the improved ventilation.

The Travel Pack is a great illustration of Fjallraven’s commitment to developing environmentally friendly items, as we noted previously. This model’s G-1000 fabric is the “Eco” variant, which means it’s manufactured from recycled polyester and organic cotton and so earns our seal of approval. “What’s so fascinating about Fjällräven is that sustainability isn’t considered as a separate project; it’s at the centre of everything we do,” explains Christiane Dolva Tornberg, the sustainability manager, on the Fjallraven website. Isn’t that how it should be? Keep doing what you’re doing, Fjallraven, because we love it!

Components from Outside

Because of the Fjallraven Travel Pack’s streamlined and minimalist design, you won’t find many of the extra accoutrements that other travel bags may include. There are no side water bottle pockets, compression straps, or MOLLE on this bag. But it doesn’t mean you have to go without; Fjallraven has a few surprises in its sleeve.

Fjallraven Travel Pack Streamline & Minimalistic DesignStreamline & Minimalistic Design by Fjallraven Travel Pack

This pack’s cushioned shoulder straps make for a pleasant and comfortable carry, and the design complements the rest of the bag perfectly. There are a few things to keep in mind, though: this device doesn’t have load-lifter straps, a sternum strap, or a hip belt. However, at 35 liters, these items are far from essential, and the semi-soft construction of this bag would make load-lifter straps ineffective anyhow.

Regardless, if you’re looking for a bag that can hold a lot of items and has a lot of load-carrying capabilities, this is definitely not the pack for you—which is OK! Not every bag will suit everyone’s requirements. Fjallraven describes the Travel Pack as “ideal for business trips and brief vacations,” so it’s easy to see why these functions aren’t included. We used this pack on a four-day city trip to Paris, and we didn’t find the need for load-lifter straps, a sternum strap, or a hip belt in this situation, so Fjallraven seems to have nailed it.


Hideaway Harness System by Fjallraven Travel Pack

The Fjallraven Travel Pack has a hidden strap system that entirely packs away all of the bag’s straps—ideal for keeping things clean when traveling. The straps are neatly hidden—to the point that you’d never guess this device had a harness system in the first place—but the changeover isn’t swift. To conceal the harness system, you must first pass the strap through and out of the buckle, which is a difficult task. Some bags have done a better job of this by simply unclipping the two components. Once you’ve detangled the straps, all you have to do now is slip them back into their hiding spots. The method is wonderful, and the final result is even better, but don’t expect it to be something you can accomplish quickly.

Fjallraven Travel Pack Leather HandlesLeather Fjallraven Travel Pack Handles

The leather handles on the top and left-hand sides of the Fjallraven Travel Pack are not only robust but also wonderfully pleasant to grasp. These handles will come in help for quickly taking up the luggage and stowing it in overhead storage on flights and trains (see what we did there?).

Fjallraven Travel Pack Lockable YKK ZipsLockable YKK Zips on Fjallraven Travel Pack

All of the zips on this bag are YKK, which means they’re sturdy, durable, and dependable. The zippers on the main clamshell and laptop compartment are YKK 10RC, which are rather large. Everything else uses the YKK 5RC, which is smaller but still dependable. The main clamshell zips and the laptop compartment zips may be fastened together with a padlock for individuals who value enhanced security. A highly useful and easy zipper pull may be found on every zip. This may seem little, but they help you get things done faster while you’re on the run. You’ll be zooming about quicker than you ever imagined! We’re just half-joking.

The Inside of the Pack

When you open this pack, the phrase “never judge a book by its cover” comes to mind. The Fjallraven Travel Pack is the essence of minimalism and simplicity on the exterior, but there are a plethora of compartments and pockets for every necessity on the inside.

Fjallraven Travel Pack Front Quick Grab PocketFront Quick Grab Pocket on Fjallraven Travel Pack

The Fjallraven has three quick-grab pockets, the first of which is a humdinger: a tiny, fleece-lined pocket at the top of the pack. At first sight, this device is scarcely visible, yet it’s the ideal spot to put your phone and/or passport. It allows you to get through airport security quickly and easily (there is nothing worse than having to find your passport while everyone else in line silently judges you). This is the ideal pocket, and the fleece lining will protect your phone from any accidental scratches.

“That first pocket sounds wonderful,” you’re presumably thinking at this moment. But what if I require rapid access to products that aren’t as little as a passport or a phone? I NEED EASY ACCESS TO MANY ITEMS!”

Fjallraven Travel Pack Slim Quick-Grab PocketSlim Quick-Grab Pocket Fjallraven Travel Pack

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, who Calm down, bud—the second quick-grab pocket will take care of you. A deceivingly huge pocket is located on the front of the pack and is accessible from both the outside and inside. These pocket has been utilized for chargers and toiletries, which is quite convenient since this items would be mainly unreachable in most bags. A tiny zippered mesh pocket is also included in this pocket, which is excellent for organizing a few smaller objects in an otherwise huge pocket.

Just below the second quick-grab pocket is the third and final one. This small but roomy front pocket is accessible by a zip that runs the length of the pack’s front. This third compartment is perfect for thinner objects that need rapid access, such as folded papers or a compact notepad. We didn’t use this one very much since the previous two quick-grab pockets had us covered for the most part, but it’s beautiful and unobtrusive and definitely handy.

Fjallraven Travel Pack Internal OrganizationInternal Organization of Fjallraven Travel Pack

When you unzip the main clamshell pocket, you’ll see three mesh sections of varying sizes. A huge compartment on the right, a medium-sized compartment on the bottom left, and a smaller compartment on the top left (accessible from the front). The interior arrangement is similar to that of a suitcase, making it simple and straightforward to reach anything within the pack. Packing cubes aren’t required since there are so many compartments, but they are always useful, so it’s up to you. The mesh pockets also allow you easily identify what’s there (which is quite handy) and offer some ventilation.

Fjallraven Travel Pack Laptop CompartmentLaptop Compartment in Fjallraven Travel Pack

You’ll discover storage options for your laptop, tablet, notebooks, and pens in the final compartment, which is located at the rear of the bag. This compartment is fully open, allowing easy access to anything within, and it is well-padded for further protection. The laptop sleeve can comfortably accommodate laptops up to 15″ in size, and there is an extra sleeve for your tablet at the front. There’s also a pen pocket, because how many times have you wasted twenty minutes looking for a pen in your purse since you KNOW it’s there? Another wide sleeve—ideal for documents—is located on the other side of the compartment, with a zipped mesh pocket slightly above it. Fjallraven’s designers have mastered this rear compartment; it’s so efficient and unobtrusive that you’ll nearly forget it’s there.

Testing & Durability

We’ve tried the Fjallraven Travel Pack across the UK, France, and Germany in little over two months, and it’s stood up well. We’ve found this pack to be a terrific companion on city breaks and business trips—exactly what they claim—and we especially enjoy how it doesn’t designate you as a tourist right away.

Fjallraven Travel Pack In FranceIn Paris, France, Fjallraven Travel Pack

The Fjallraven Travel Pack has a great, comfortable carry, although it’s worth noting that it doesn’t include a sternum strap or hip belt. If you intend on stuffing this thing with heavy gear, your shoulders will ultimately feel the strain—but that’s a price we’re willing to make for the use case of this pack.

Fjallraven Travel Pack Quick-Grab PocketQuick-Grab Pocket in Fjallraven Travel Pack

Aside from the sleek Scandinavian design, we think the pocket and compartment organization is one of the bag’s greatest qualities. We all know how stressful traveling can be, and nothing is worse than a backpack that makes things worse—thankfully, the Fjallraven Travel Pack is here to assist. The top fleece-lined quick-grab pocket is one of the most helpful pockets we’ve seen, and the organization of both the laptop and main sections makes this pack incredibly efficient, effective, and simple to use.

Fjallraven Travel Pack G-1000 Fabric Picks Up Fluff EasyThe G-1000 fabric from Fjallraven Travel Pack easily picks up fluff.

The G-1000 fabric of the Fjallraven Travel Pack is undoubtedly unique, but does it make it any better? We like it because it’s very robust and has the capacity to “top-up” its water resistance and toughness by adding extra layers of wax. FYI, Fjallraven sells a bar of Greenlandic wax. We discovered that the G-1000 fabric is prone to fluff accumulation, which isn’t a huge issue but may be bothersome. If you find the pack to be exceptionally fluffy or unclean, all you have to do is take a moist towel and give it a brush—it’ll come right off.

Marks On The Fabric Of The Fjallraven Travel PackMarks on the Fjallraven Travel Pack’s Fabric

The one big drawback we’ve discovered so far with the fabric—which is a genuine pain—is that it marks quickly. If you snag your fingernail on the material or push the bag up against anything hard, it will leave a mark due to the wax coating. However, imperfections are not permanent, and a fresh layer of wax should be applied whenever required.

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The “fjallraven travel pack 20l review” is a backpack that can hold up to 35 liters of gear. It has an adjustable shoulder strap and padded back panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 35L backpack a carry on?

A: Yes, a 35L backpack is allowed as carry-on baggage.

Are fjallraven backpacks good for travel?

A: Fjallraven is a brand of outdoor and travel gear, most notably backpacks. You can find them at stores like REI or Amazon.

What are the best carry on backpacks for travel that hold at least 30L?

A: There are multiple reviews online that will help you find the best carry on backpack for travel.

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