Comino OTTO MASTER is one of the cheaper PC gaming PCs available today. However, it has a good amount of performance for the price and is quite powerful in its own right, so it’s a great option if you’re looking to launch into PC gaming without breaking your bank account.

I’ve utilized an all-new prototype mini-ITX gaming PC – the Comino OTTO Master PC – for the last three weeks. Comino was nice enough to lend us one of their initial engineering samples, so there were a few machining marks, but wow, what a lovely gaming machine.

Comino specializes in server-grade liquid cooling components and pre-built liquid-cooled systems in dense configurations. This European-based firm has over 15 years of combined expertise and is aggressively expands into the gaming industry.

The liquid-cooled server brand “OTTO” was born out of a need for a more miniature form-factor gaming PC. They thought this region was unexplored because of its restrictions, but they regarded it as a challenge and wanted to learn more.

How We Conducted Our Research?

We use the same procedure every time we get a prebuilt computer to evaluate. Therefore, although Comino graciously delivered this engineering sample, it will not be given any special treatment while being put through its paces.

We always start by evaluating several games and calculating average FPS scores across a range of resolutions and settings. To better understand what the gaming PC is capable of, we look at how it handles CPU-intensive activities like rendering and streaming. We’ll be pushing the components to their theoretical limits by overclocking this system to its claimed capabilities, thanks to the fact that it’s entirely water-cooled.

The following is the whole specification for this prebuilt, as well as what the “OTTO MASTER” has to offer:



Device Hardware Description of the model
Case OTTO Snow
Electricity AC INPUT RATING 100-240V Comino 750W SFX Platinum
CPU Intel Core i9-9900K processor
Motherboard ASUS ROG Strix Z390-I Gaming Mini-ITX
Cooler WCB Comino full-cover
Memory DDR4-3600MHz 16GB [8GB x 2]
Solid State Drive (SSD) 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD
Device for Secondary Storage 2.5″ HDD, 2TB
Graphics Full-cover Comino WCB ASUS Strix RTX 2080 Ti
System of Operation Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system.

Overview of the Project


When we think of a company-built PC, we usually think of the generic prebuilt systems that abound on the market. There aren’t many systems with an identical form factor as the Comino OTTO, and that’s before we even get into water cooling.

This small construct has a one-of-a-kind design, with a custom-built chassis that appears futuristic but isn’t too far off from previous desktop Macs due to its perforated side panels. The custom-made reservoir is carved to fit the concave curve of the chassis and covers the entire front of the PC. The top is transparent, allowing you can see the coolant inside, and the whole thing is lighted by the RGB strips that come with it.

The Comino OTTO Master is their high-end model, including an Intel Core i9-9900K processor and an RTX 2080 Ti graphics card. Without overclocking any of the components, we were able to get excellent results in all of our tests and with every game title.


The layout is one of the greatest I’ve seen — it’s efficient, simple, and beautiful. The entire thing looks bespoke, and it’s the kind of item you’d put next to your TV in the living room or on top of your home desk.


The engineering behind packing all much power into such a compact chassis is the key talking point in terms of design. Of course, they could have made it much smaller, but they didn’t want to jeopardize the cooling’s efficiency. So despite its modest size, this computer may be used as a console and can stand vertically or horizontally. The OTTO comes with a base to keep it upright and fit the I/O ports and an additional piece of transparent plastic to support it while it’s horizontal.

They were working on a few designs, but the one with the curved res at the front was the most popular, and I have to say, I’m pleased they took this route. Apart from the engraved corporate emblem in the center, the major attraction is this beautifully carved convex reservoir, nearly perfectly smooth.


I’m a big lover of magnet-assisted side panels on PC cases. However, the OTTO PC’s side panels have no hinges. Both boards are kept in place by neodymium magnets, and they may be removed and replaced without the need for tools. Furthermore, the perforated 2mm thick aluminum panels enable you to see inside while also allowing the accompanying RGB strips to show through, making the design quite visually beautiful.


Now it’s time to discuss the Comino OTTO PC’s significant features. Of course, since this is a little prebuilt, the features and design are tied together, so let’s look at what’s inside.


The OTTO is one of the only customizable liquid-cooled gaming PCs of this form type that can hold a full-sized GPU, according to the manufacturer. Although the GPU and CPU are water-cooled, the system includes full-cover water blocks. The VRMs, southbridge, and m. two storage are all covered, in addition to the core components.


The GPU is fitted into the backplate, and Comino saves space by using a custom-designed PCIe x16 riser. The riser has Molex gold-plated connections and flexible Twinax wires to allow the GPU to be relocated without signal loss. These are the identical risers that the firm uses with its servers, and the component can be found on the company’s website (in bulk).

Deformational cutting is a significant factor in how they could construct something so tiny that it generates so much heat. This proprietary technique is employed in the copper plate design and allows more heat to be transferred. The OTTO can remove up to 720W of heat from the CPU, MOBO, and GPU when used together.


Comino may enhance the surface area of the copper plate by up to 12 times using the deformation process. Compared to a smooth surface, the procedure is up to 10 times more efficient in heat transmission than skiving. To put this to the test, we overclocked the computer and will review the findings later to see how the smaller form factor build fared.

Customizability and Adaptability

In summary, there will be customizable prebuilt variants of the OTTO, and since the mini-ITX PC is primarily made of consumer components, it will be upgradeable as well.

Because this product is available as a DIY kit or a Builders Edition, the PC building community may design and construct their own OTTO PC. Furthermore, the OTTO will offer even more hardware choices and will be compatible with third-party water cooling.

Results from the Field

Even out of the box, most of you are undoubtedly aware of the tremendous power of these components. WePC always tests items precisely as the consumer would get them, therefore this shipped and arrived overclocked for us.

Despite the fact that it is available for pre-purchase, Comino is still seeking input in order to fine-tune the range and guarantee that it is a cost-effective gaming PC with no sacrifice in performance.

We’ll be putting the Comino OTTO to the test in a variety of scenarios, including gaming, CPU-intensive applications, and multitasking, such as streaming.


For us at WePC, one of the most significant components of a prebuilt computer is how well it performs gaming. The Comino OTTO Master PC is loaded with the greatest gaming components money can buy, therefore it performed well throughout testing.

The i9-9900CPU K’s was operating at 4.7GHz on all cores when the Comino arrived. The GPU was additionally clocked higher than its base frequency, at 1830MHz, while the RAM was already XMP’d to its maximum speed of 3600MHz. None of this was unexpected, and it was a thrill to see a system functioning at such high speeds right away, but it did come with some higher temperatures right away.

Here’s an overview of the games we used to test the system:

To test how it performed overall, we wanted to include a range of CPU and GPU taxing games. We put in resolutions all the way up to 4K and turned on ray-tracing when we could since a machine with an Intel Core i9-9900K and RTX 2080 Ti is never going to struggle, so we threw in resolutions all the way up to 4K and turned ray-tracing on when we could.

Let’s start with Red Dead Redemption 2, since it was the only game that provided any type of challenge to the OTTO Master. RDR2 has been dubbed the “new Crysis” by some players, and based on our experience, we can understand why.

In high settings, the game ran at a respectable average FPS until you reached 4K. We observed the FPS dip below the intended 60 frames at 4K in high, but we believe that with a few modest modifications, gamers could still have something that looked amazing while making use of their G-sync/Freesync display.

Maybe I underestimated the level of difficulty that RDR2 poses. With this game maxed out in 4K resolution, even if you had a PC with these components and overclocked them, you won’t achieve much more than 40FPS!

Moving on, we discovered that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Metro Exodus performed similarly in all resolutions and settings. RTX gaming was extremely achievable with CoD: MW and the frame rate only dropped below 60 FPS once the game was run in 4K. In 4K, our testing revealed an average of 55 frames per second, which we believe may be improved with a few adjustments here and there, but if you’re playing competitively, you’ll most likely stick to high settings at 1440p.

With ray-tracing enabled and at a resolution of 1080p, the Comino OTTO averaged 144 frames per second. Given that the majority of competitive gamers would most likely be utilizing a 1080p display, this was an encouraging finding.

Metro Exodus, like CoD, ran nicely in all three resolutions. Unfortunately, the game was unplayable when tested at “extreme” settings with ray-tracing enabled, thus as you can see from the results, we reduced the settings to “ultra” while testing RTX.

So 4K RTX gaming is a distinct possibility, and the gap between the top two settings is unlikely to be significant. Regardless, even with all of the settings maxed high, you can’t get to 60 frames per second.

Total War: Warhammer II is a fairly demanding game in general, with a plethora of on-screen elements that can wreak havoc on even the most powerful gaming machines. Fortunately, we had the finest combination of components for such a game, and we plowed through it nearly fully.

You’re probably hoping to get as much enjoyment out of this game as possible, and you can. The only time we noticed things start to suffer was at the very top of 4K, with all of the settings maxed up. We had everything set to extreme and averaged 57 frames per second, implying that you can definitely squeeze another 3 frames out of someplace to get to 60 frames per second.

Finally, we put the OTTO to the test with a handful of esports games, with amazing FPS results in both CS: GO and Rainbow Six Siege. CS: GO is one of the most accessible games available, and it can be played with integrated graphics in most cases. So a 2080 Ti is certainly overkilled, but it’s worth mentioning that the system averaged 244 FPS while playing CS: GO in 4K at the maximum settings.

If such a panel ever becomes available, you’ll be able to maintain your competitive advantage while playing in 4K at 240Hz.

When opposed to CS: GO, R6:S was far less viable to play at higher resolutions. You won’t find many people playing these games at 4K, but with the settings maximum, you can expect an average of 90 frames per second. However, good news for esports players: with a 1440p display and below, you can get 144 fps at maximum out settings, with the 0.1 percent coming close at 130 frames.

This system is more than capable of handling the latest range of 360Hz refresh rate displays on the market for silky smooth G-sync gaming.


We tested the Comino OTTO PC in a variety of multitasking settings to evaluate how well the hyperthreaded CPU performed. So what more does this gaming PC have to offer? It may have amazing single-core performance and the greatest consumer graphics card on the market, but what else does it have?

We used the following benchmarks to gain a better overall picture:

  • Handbrake
  • Blender
  • Cinebench
  • POV-Ray
  • Photoshop
  • Premiere Pro is a software program that allows you to create is a software program that will enable you to create
  • V-RAY
  • Corona (version 1.3)

The i9-9900K is the sole multi-threaded Intel CPU in this range, and although single-core performance is still king, multi-thread performance lags below AMD’s current Ryzen line of CPUs.

Handbrake CRF20 Medium x265 10-bit 399
Handbrake SLOW x264 CRF18 281
Blender BMW CPU 187
Cinebench Multi-core processor 4417
Cinebench Single-core processor 516
POV-Ray Benchmark 3963.29
Photoshop Puget Systems is a company based in Seattle, Washington is a company based in Seattle, Washington 902.6
Premiere Pro Puget Systems 624.5
V-RAY CPU 13354
Corona (version 1.3) BTR Scene 104s

Interestingly, the results were not dissimilar to those of the AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (6 cores/12 threads), which we tested in our iBUYPOWER prebuilt review. Regardless, gamers who want to tackle heavy-duty chores like rendering may do it with this system, but you’ll probably want to stick to gaming with it.

This is a great gaming PC with lots of streaming potential, thanks to its specifications. Of course, the performance will vary depending on the game title you broadcast to your Twitch channel, but it won’t suffer, thanks to some of the most significant components on the market.

We figured we should push it a little farther because the OTTO PC is water-cooled. With an excellent cooling system (which we have), the CPU can now operate at 5.0GHz, and the graphics card can likewise be pushed even farther. So we increased the clock speed of our ROG Strix 2080 Ti by 150MHz and increased the VRAM speed by 500MHz before things got unstable/overheated.

Below are some similarities with the OC’d system.

As you can see, it resulted in a performance gain of about ten frames per second across all of the games we tested. We could have gone farther, but with the temperature reaching 80 degrees, we decided here is where we would leave it if it were ours. The results are reasonably good when you realize that this is just a 13-liter container with limited cooling liquid.

Prebuilt vs. Custom

Here at WePC, we encourage more people to build their computers. But, for the first time, I believe we have a prebuilt gaming PC challenger. Now, this is expensive, so it caters to the lower end of the PC gaming industry, but when you consider what has gone into it and how much it costs, it’s a no-brainer.

Prebuilt systems usually come with a markup, regardless of where you purchase them. The OTTO PC’s key distinctions are its smaller form factor, bespoke design, and the fact that it is water-cooled since you consider that not many custom PC builders match the value of this, especially when the major competitor, the Corsair One, is so far behind.

What sets the Comino brand different from the competition is that they will offer you the barebones of this construction, allowing you to design your tiny dream machine on a budget that meets your requirements better! Amazing.

Where Can You Purchase An OTTO Computer?


Pre-orders for the different OTTO PC choices are now available at the Comino shop. After witnessing what has gone into this, one thing that struck me is the value of this specific prebuilt computer. If we consider Corsair One’s premium gaming product, the i160, the Comino OTTO is the best value. Of course, there is a premium, but considering the amount of customization that has gone into this little beauty, it makes me want to send my next salary to Cominos.

The Intel-based OTTO MASTER we have here will cost $3,599 MSRP, while the AMD-based SUPER will cost $2,099. The “DIY” version, which comes with the bare essentials (chassis, res, riser, rad, RGB strips, and optional pump), costs $449, while the “Builders Edition,” which includes everything save the core components, costs $1,049 MSRP.

Final Thoughts


At idle, the OTTO master was relatively quiet, but when pushed to its limits, you want the fans to be pounding that heat out, so it was pretty noisy. However, that was the only drawback I could find when using this gaming PC; otherwise, it’s fantastic!

The build quality is excellent, and the little design decisions make a big difference. I like how they incorporated the power button and USB-C port into the logo on the side panel, for example, and the machine seems well-designed.

Consumer hardware that looks this beautiful in a compact 13L chassis is rare, and when you consider the price, this has to be one of the greatest Mini-ITX prebuilts I’ve ever seen.

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