The Roost 2.0 laptop stand is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to use the space under their desk. It has an adjustable height and can hold laptops up to 17 pounds. However, it does not have many features like the Nexstand K2 (Laptop Stands), making it less desirable for some people.


Anyone who spends all day in front of a laptop, as we do, should seriously consider investing in a laptop stand. They significantly improve your posture, reducing back discomfort and more productivity when sitting at your workplace. They do this by placing the laptop right before your eyes—no more hunching over your desk.

Roost Stand with Keyboard and MouseThe caveat is that you’ll need a mouse and keyboard to utilize a laptop stand effectively. In essence, you’re converting your computer into a desktop PC. Of course, this reduces mobility (you’re adding three more components), but for those of us who spend a lot of time on our laptops, it may be worth it.

The Roost and The Nexstand are two popular laptop stands on the market. The Roost began as a Kickstarter effort in June of 2013, and it was so successful that it inspired many imitators. One of them is the Nexstand. Both are excellent stands that will perform as expected, but at Pack Hacker, we like to go a bit further. We’ll evaluate five laptop supports based on mobility, height, durability, flexibility, feel, and pricing to see which one is the best.


The Roost seems to be smaller right away. We weighed them both and found that the Roost stand weighs 6.05 ounces while the Nexstand weighs 8.2 ounces. A slight weight difference, but two ounces is nothing to sneeze at for someone who travels often and is worried about the weight of their bag or wishes to go ultralight.

The Roost is 1.3 x 1.3 x 13 inches (3.3 x 3.3 x 33m) in size, while the Nexstand measures 1.5 x 1.5 x 14 inches (3.81 x 3.81 x 35.6 cm). Again, we’re talking about a little difference, but the Roost stand seems more compact when seen side by side—watch the comparison video to see what we mean.

Roost and Nexstand Inside CasesEach stand is packaged in its carrying case. The Nexstand is composed of a flexible fabric that feels like a sock, while the Roost case is constructed of sturdy, windbreaker-like material. Both will do the job, but we think the Roost case is a bit more sturdy.

What’s the verdict? In terms of mobility, Roost comes out on top. It’s more compact, lighter, and comes with a better case. In the end, this implies it will fit more compactly in your suitcase or baggage.

Sturdiness & Durability

Roost Stand Thicker Rubber BaseWe’re constantly looking for goods that will last a lifetime here at Pack Hacker. It feels pretty sturdy and substantial when you first take up the Roost with these supports. The rubber on the contact points—where the stand will come into contact with the laptop—is noticeably better than the Nexstand’s. The Nexstand has a looser, more unstable (if that’s a term) feel to it, and the rubber is considerably tougher.

Nexstand Weights Image | Nexstand.comIn terms of sturdiness and durability, the Roost triumphs once again. Although the Nexstand marketing staff loves to show off the toughness of their stand by putting gym weights on it, the Roost stand is made of superior materials—glass-fiber reinforced nylon vs. PVC—and feels a lot better. Check out the individual evaluations to see how they stand up.

Height & Versatility

Left: Nexstand Right: Roost StandBoth of these laptop stands can accommodate just about any laptop you may find, which is fantastic. Although we’ve heard of a handful of instances when bulkier laptops won’t fit, the vast majority of laptops will.

The Roost stand employs a rubber pivot grip that hooks onto the front of the laptop and securely attaches it to the stand. The Nexstand uses the same kind of connection, but because of the tougher plastic, it doesn’t hold the laptop as effectively. In the end, this shouldn’t be an issue, but if you knock your laptop into the Nexstand, it’ll be more likely to slide out.

Nexstand K2 Spacer ClipsTo accommodate for thinner computers, the Nexstand additionally employs these strange tiny plastic spacer clips. Again, it’s not a big issue, but losing them would be a shame. If you often swap between computers, the Roost may be a better choice.

The Roost stand has three height settings that you can simply choose between, which is extremely useful. You may need to modify the stand somewhat depending on the height of the table or your chair. The Nexstand, on the other hand, has eight settings, which is incredible. The Nexstand comes out on top in this category. Both stands have the same maximum height—20.5 inches to the top of the screen with a 15-inch Macbook Pro.

We couldn’t decide on a winner for flexibility and height, so it’s a tie. The Roost stand holds various laptop sizes well and doesn’t need additional clips. The Nexstand, on the other hand, offers much more height adjustment choices, making it far more flexible and handy.


This one is fairly straightforward. The Roost stand is now on sale for $79.95, while the Nexstand is available for $29.95. We’ll leave it to you to find out who took first place in this category.


That’s all there is to it. If you’ve been following along, here’s a rundown of our comparison.

  • Roost’s portability
  • Roost’s durability and sturdiness
  • Height & Versatility: Tie
  • Nexstand is available for purchase.

The Roost stand is unquestionably the best laptop stand. That said, both stands are competent, and unless you’re working in a really harsh area, you should be OK with either. In the end, we believe this choice will be based on cost. If you’re the kind of person who loves to have the finest gear possible (as we are), the Roost is the way to go. The Nexstand will suit your needs if you’re on a tighter budget. After all, you can get almost three Nexstands for the price of one Roost stand—and they’re both as competent.

Nexstand K2 Laptop Stand

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the roost laptop stand worth it?

The Roost laptop stand is a sturdy, reliable stand that will keep your laptop safe and secure. It is worth the purchase.

What is Nexstand?

Nexstand is a new type of stand that allows for easy and secure mounting on any flat surface.

How do you use a Nexstand?

A Nexstand is a type of stand that can be used to hold your tablet device in place while you use it.

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