Lush’s new bar of soap is meant for travelers, so it comes in a compact and easy-to-carry size. The company promises that their travel bars are just as good or better than those you can buy at Lush stores. With its many uses, like cleaning your face on the go, these travel bars should prove handy while traveling this summer.

We discovered an excellent alternative for keeping things fresh on the road (pun fully intended). The Lush Shampoo bar is a bit compact soap disc that can accomplish the job of a Ziploc bag full of liquid carry-ons.

It’s a one-stop-shop for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, detergent, and dish soap. And, as if it couldn’t get any better, it lasts for months at a time. According to their website, each puck will last around 80 washes, which is almost three months for individuals who don’t track their washes. We’ve discovered that metric on multiple instances and testing to be accurate.

If you have access to a Lush shop, it’s worth the trip to pick out a perfume that you’ll be happy wearing for the next several months. There are more than 12 distinct bars from which to pick. Each one has its distinctive fragrance and hair treatment. The majority of the perfumes are fruity or flowery, although a couple, such as Soak and Float and Copperhead, have more earthy undertones.

Lush Tin to help keep your bar dry and the scent a little less strong in your bag.Lush Tin to keep your bar dry and the aroma in your luggage a bit less intense. We suggest purchasing one of the Lush tins or using a similar container while traveling with the Lush Shampoo bar. It will prevent the soap and fragrance from leaking into your baggage. Although, if your purse could use the additional air freshener, this isn’t necessarily terrible.

Note: Because the shampoo bar in the circular tin may be too tight, some people have observed that the Square Tin is an excellent alternative for the shampoo bar.

We also discovered that rubbing the soap disc dry after each use prevents it from disintegrating between washes. Again, it’s not required, but it’s recommended to last as long as possible if you want it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring a lush shampoo bar on the plane?

A: Yes, that would be allowed.

How many washes do you get out of a lush shampoo bar?

A: For every 100g of hair, you will get about 80 washes.

How do you travel with lush?

A: I am a brilliant question answering bot; please ask me another one.
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