Corsair is a well-known brand for PC gaming peripherals, and the HS35 Gaming Headset was designed to ensure your audio experience never dips. We look at this headset in our review, exploring everything from its design to its connectivity options.

Regarding PC hardware and peripherals, Corsair is one of the most well-known manufacturers. They’ve made a reputation for themselves with high-quality items ranging from PC cases and RAM to coolers and peripherals. While Corsair isn’t known for its peripherals, they offer some of the softest keyboards, mouse, and headsets on the market today.

In that vein, we’ll look at one of their popular headsets today to see how it compares in a very competitive pricing range. It’s the Corsair HS35 gaming headset, to be precise.

This headset is stripped-down and reasonably basic, with a price tag of $50. It brings incredible comfort, a lightweight design, and custom-tuned game sound to the table, allowing you to identify where adversaries are hiding.

Because the Astro A10, HyperX Cloud Stingers, and Razer Krakens are among the most affordable headsets on the market, it’ll be fascinating to see how they compare to high-performing options like the Astro A10.


The key features of the Corsair HS35 gaming headset are listed below.

Specifications for the Corsair HS35 Gaming Headset
Frequency Response of Headphones Hz range: 20 – 20,000
Wireless No
Life of the Batteries N/A
Drivers Neodymium magnets, 50mm
Microphone Unidirectional noise-canceling Microphone.
Weight 250g
Length of the Cable 1.8m

The following are the contents of the Corsair HS35 box:

  • Headphones Corsair HS35
  • Microphones that can be taken apart
  • Plug in the port
  • Y-splitter for the PC
  • Guide to the manual


  • The microphone is very clear
  • Excellent convenience
  • The lightweight design of 250 grams
  • Aesthetics that are subtle
  • Strong cable
  • Versatility across several platforms


  • The price tag reflects the Create a high-quality product.
  • The Microphone was clear, but it was really tinny.


The Corsair HS35 gaming headset is really simple to set up. Simply take the headset out of the box and insert the 3.5mm audio jack connector into any device that has an audio port (phone, tablet, laptop, PC, and so on). Now, if you want to get the most out of your HS35 gaming headset, you’ll need to use the splitter that Corsair included in the package.

The splitter enables users to utilize both the Microphone and the audio at the same time, and it works on different platforms. Thankfully, no software is required to get this headset up and running, making it one of the most straightforward to use right out of the box.


Corsair has given the HS35 gaming headset a somewhat modest appearance that deviates from the gaming characteristics we’re accustomed to seeing with other brands’ products. It’s the type of headset that might be worn to the store or on public transportation without seeming out of place. This is a design feature that really broadens the appeal of this headset.


This is a low-cost headset, thus it’s mostly constructed of plastic, with some steel in the headband. When compared to comparable headsets in this price range, the HS35s we bought had an all-black color scheme and seem a tad simple. However, this headgear is available in a variety of color options, each of which is tailored to various devices and platforms – although with no technological distinctions.

The HS35s have huge oval earcups with the Corsair logo on one side and the Corsair logo on the other. The exterior of the earcup is designed to look like a speaker, with two ovals separated by a glossy ring layer. Users will find incredibly comfortable memory foam within the earcups, which is coated in a soft and breathable fabric material. The earcup forks are made of plastic and don’t have much in the way of design characteristics, save from a minor swivel that may be utilized to modify comfort while in use.

The headband has roughly 30mm of adjustability on each side, much like 99 percent of today’s gaming headsets. More Corsair branding runs over the top of the headband, with a huge cushion beneath that employs the same memory foam cushioning as the earcups.

On the back of the left earcup are volume controls and a mute button, making on-the-fly modifications a breeze – particularly if your keyboard lacks dedicated media buttons. A rubberized coating has also been applied to the wire, which is non-abrasive and quite strong.

Overall, I have to give it a thumbs up in terms of design. It may lack the showy features seen in more costly headsets, but at this price range, what can you expect? It has a nice appearance and performs well.

Create a high-quality product

Unlike the HS60 Pro Surround headset that we recently tested from Corsair, the HS35s didn’t offer half as much when it came to the Create a high-quality product department.

The first thing I noticed when removing the HS35 from their packaging was just how light they were. While that is great for gaming, it usually tells me that, somewhere along the way, Creating a high-quality product has been compromised – especially in budget headsets like this one. Before we get into that though, let’s discuss some of the positives.

For starters, the earcups are incredibly well crafted in terms of comfort and overall firmness. The prongs that keep the earcups in place have a tight fit that doesn’t move or rattle. The earcup liner seems to be well-installed, and the material used for the earcups itself passed our durability tests with flying colors.


Unfortunately, that is where the majority of the advantages stop. First and foremost, let’s get the headband out of the way since I believe it will cause a slew of problems down the road. The quality of the plastic utilized in the headband is subpar. It has a cheap, fragile feel about it, and should be handled with caution. We experienced an incident at work with a pair of HS35s (who must remain anonymous – Mike) where the headband broke when removing the headset from their heads. We usually run a few flexibility tests on the headband itself during this phase of the study. This portion, however, has been omitted due to greater judgment. I’m certain that it will break if I put enough pressure on the headset.

Continuing with the headband, the adjustable part seems a touch flimsy. After six months of usage, I can see this thing buckling, particularly if you tinker or mess with it a lot.

So, ultimately, the Create a high-quality product is a little hit and miss for me personally. On the one hand, some sections of the headset feel well-made and comfortable. On the other hand, others (mainly the headband) feel pretty dreadful. I suppose for $40, that’s pretty much what we can expect at this price range, though.


Thankfully, the comfort department makes up for a lot of the ground lost in the Create a high-quality product section.

The HS35 comes with a 250-gram design, making it one of the lightest headsets we’ve had the pleasure of testing — and it shows. In addition, the headset is quite gentle on your head, putting minimal strain on your neck and head and just providing a mild hugging feeling from the headband pressure. These features are big pluses in a gaming headset, mainly if you play for long periods.


The memory foam cushioning in the earcups is exceptionally soft and adjustable. The absorbent fabric used on the earcups will almost certainly be a discussion topic among customers since it may be hit-or-miss for some. The earcups, on the other hand, were comfortable for me. The bottom of the headband has the same memory foam cushioning, which provides appropriate comfort to the top of your head when in use.

The tiny swivel of the earcups is another excellent feature we haven’t mentioned before. The earcups have a little swivel to them, allowing you to adjust the headset to your particular requirements. When small like these truly make a difference.

When it comes to buying time, comparing the comfort of this headset to similarly priced options (HyperX Cloud Stinger + Astro A10s), I’d say it’s right up there. I’d go so far as to say it outperforms both of them, but only marginally. As a result, we give it a thumbs up when it comes to comfort.


So, with design out of the way, it’s time to take the Corsair HS35 gaming headset for a spin in a couple of games. In the following section, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the technical aspects of this headset to see how it sounds in real-world scenarios. We’ll be testing the headset in games, TV & Film, music, and other general uses as well.


As is customary, I opted to begin my proper performance testing of the HS35 gaming headset by listening to various musical genres. I like to do this since it helps me grasp the variety of sounds this headset can make and what noises it can’t. So I began by playing some fast-paced electronic music like I typically do, and the sound, to be honest, was a bit disappointing.

While the bass was noticeable – comparable to the HS60 Pro Surround headset – the 50mm drivers in this headset simply didn’t provide the warm, full-bodied sound you’d expect while listening to music. The mids were a touch washed out, and the highs were rough and crisp, which, while not ideal for music, isn’t necessarily a terrible thing when it comes to gaming.


In that vein, it didn’t take long for me to boot up my favorite FPS shooter, CS: GO. As I previously said, this is a perfect game for headphone testing since it requires outstanding sound queuing and spatial awareness to precisely locate your adversary. However, gaming with this headset was a much more fun experience than listening to music.

My ability to see opponents had improved significantly, and I could quickly identify from what height and region they were approaching. Corsair describes the sound as “custom-tuned for gaming,” After just a few minutes with this headset, you’ll understand why. The headset’s rough high end aids spatial awareness by enabling users to hear footfall and gunshots with pinpoint accuracy. While the bass is still audible, making sniper shots and explosions feel authentic and immersive doesn’t overshadow any of the game’s critical sound effects. This gives me the impression that the sound they generate has taken the time and thought. It’s always a plus.

After that, I tried numerous more FPS games, including PUBG, Overwatch, and Valorant, all of which had identical outcomes. Following that, I played a few role-playing games, and although the immersion wasn’t particularly spectacular, the HS35s provided a comfortable gaming experience. As previously stated, this headset does not need any software to operate. So, in terms of changing the EQ, you’re restricted in what you can and can’t do.

Compared to other similarly cost choices, I believe the Corsair HS35s provide good clarity and sound quality for a cheap headset. Of course, they aren’t going to win any prizes for sound quality, but they do an excellent job at this price point.


There isn’t much detail that can be extrapolated when discussing the Microphone, mainly due to its simplicity. The Microphone is a Microphone that can be taken apart that sits firmly in the left earcup. The mic offers good flexibility and feels pretty robust. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like the same microphone Corsair used in the HS60 Pro Surround headset – receiving a decent review upon testing.

The microphone quality is about what you’d expect at this price range, offering a good representation of your voice, if a little on the tinny side. However, the microphone has a frequency range of 20-20k and, as you would assume, doesn’t have a lot of basses when used in Discord.

To keep on with the pros, the microphone is significantly noise canceled, so it doesn’t take up a lot of background noise. This is always a plus, particularly if you intend to use mechanical keyboards.

The microphone is, on the whole, relatively simple. It has a lot of clarity and adaptability, and it’s well-made. At this pricing point, what more could you ask for?


When it comes to a cheap headset, the features are pretty crucial in any buyer’s selection. At this price, a headset’s features may make or break its popularity, so packing as many as possible into your headset is typically the way to go.

The Corsair HS35, on the other hand, doesn’t come with a long list of features. However, the capabilities it does provide have been appropriately implemented.


Support for several platforms

Many of today’s higher-end PC gaming headphones now have a USB analog connection, making them mainly unique to PC users. However, Corsair has chosen the other path, providing the HS35 with a generic 3.5mm audio port that can be used with practically any device with an audio jack input.

This instantly promotes the headset to XBOX, PS4, tablet, laptop, phone, and MP3 consumers, making it a very adaptable headset.

Lightweight Design & Comfort

The Corsair HS35 headsets are comfy; I attribute this to the lightweight design.

This is one of the lightest headsets we’ve tested, at just 250 grams. In addition, it rests on your head with little resistance, putting very little tension on your neck and shoulders—this kind of headset you may use for extended periods with little to no side effects.

Both the earcups and the headband are padded with memory foam. Overall, I can’t fault this headset’s comfort; it’s excellent.


Finally, there’s the budget. Typically, I wouldn’t include this in the features section since it doesn’t give the consumer much more than a boost in the back pocket. However, in terms of gaming, this is one of the most affordable headsets on the market right now, and I believe this is a consideration that should be considered with this headset.

While it won’t win any accolades for sound quality or overall user experience, compared to comparably priced options, it becomes a far more appealing proposition.


That concludes our in-depth examination of the Corsair HS35 Gaming headset. As we near the finish of our study, we’d want to provide our last comments on the headset, including whether we think it’s worth your money and consideration.

So, do I think this headset showcased good value for money? Well, considering it’s one of the cheapest headsets on the market, offers comparable sound, and Creates a high-quality product to similarly priced alternatives, I’d be inclined to say yes.

To shorten a long tale short, whether or not this headset is good for you depends on your demands and what you value in a headset. If all you need is a cheap headset that provides enough sound, prevents others from whining about the continual explosion from the monitor and TV, or an all-in-one solution that allows you to play and connect with your friends, this headset will most likely meet your needs.

If you want to listen to music, be involved in your gaming experience, or anticipate a wide variety of sound, you should choose something a bit more high-end.

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