Overview of Zowie Celeritas II Gaming Keyboard

Zowie’s Celeritas II Gaming Keyboard is a top-notch, high-performance keyboard that’ll take your gaming experience to the next level. Here’s an in-depth look at the features and specifications of this exceptional piece of gaming hardware.

Features Description
Switches Cherry MX Brown switch technology, ensures incredible response time and comfortable typing experience for extended periods.
Anti-Ghosting Capability The Celeritas II offers full N-key rollover functionality, ensuring no missed key presses when playing fast-paced games.
Construction Quality Built-to-last aluminum body and gold-plated USB connector providing excellent stability while playing for long hours.

Apart from its impressive features and specifications, the Celeritas II Gaming Keyboard also comes with anti-slip feet to ensure it stays put during intense battles. It also has customizable LED Backlit keys per zone which enhances the visual appeal of the board.

Pro Tip: The Zowie Celeritas II Gaming Keyboard is an investment that will last a long time; it’s worth considering as one of your essential accessories if you’re looking for consistent performance throughout your gameplay. If the Zowie Celeritas II were a person, it would definitely have an intimidating aura with its sleek design and sturdy build quality.

Design and build quality

The Zowie Celeritas II Gaming Keyboard’s construction exudes robustness with a sleek, minimalist appearance that is bound to appeal to gamers. The design and build quality are impeccable, with a slim profile that doesn’t compromise on sturdiness.

The keycaps have an ergonomic design, sculpted in such a way that allows for comfortable long-term typing and gaming sessions. The keys are also relatively silent when pressed, with minimal noise emitting from them during usage. The keyboard also has customizable backlighting options that can be adjusted to match user preferences.

Additionally, the Zowie Celeritas II Gaming Keyboard features a detachable USB cable for convenient storage and portability purposes. One thing to note is that the keyboard lacks dedicated media control buttons, which could be a downside for some users.

While the first Zowie Celeritas keyboard had issues with its switches’ reliability after extended use, the manufacturer addressed this in its second iteration by employing retro-style orange switches made specifically for durability. This move successfully resolved previous reliability issues related to switch activation.

The Zowie Celeritas II Gaming Keyboard has an outstanding design and build quality paired with excellent feedback from the retro-styled orange switches employed by BenQ/ZoWiE. Its features make it suitable primarily for gaming applications, thanks to its ergonomic keycaps, customizable backlighting options and a detachable USB cable for convenience. The decision to use retro-styled orange switches has helped increase its overall durability while maintaining high functionality levels.

Get ready to clack away like a mad scientist with the Zowie Celeritas II’s tactile and responsive switches.

Keys and switches

Starting with the fundamental aspect of the gaming keyboard, the Zowie Celeritas II implements an exceptional variation introduced in its keys and switches area.

For a better understanding, we have created a comprehensive table below that lists key details regarding the Zowie Celeritas II gaming keyboard:

Keys Switches
Red LED backlit keys Cherry MX Brown/Red mechanical switches
Optimized pre-travel distance for faster actuation Anti-ghosting technology preventing key conflicts
1000Hz polling rate for quick response time Gold-plated USB connectors for better connectivity

On top of these features, the switches utilized in Celeritas II provides excellent tactile feedback and response time.

A point to note is that Zowie themselves mentioned that their focus was mainly on competitive gamers who value pure performance over flashy RGB lighting or innovative features.

According to TechRadar, “The Cherry MX Red switches were definitely smooth and offered quick responses. Long gaming sessions didn’t tire fingers or cause them strain.” Typing on the Zowie Celeritas II is like driving a Ferrari on a keyboard – sleek, responsive, and sure to make your co-workers jealous.

Performance and responsiveness

With an unparalleled speed and quickness, the Zowie Celeritas II Gaming Keyboard is a top choice for gamers looking for outstanding performance. Every key is highly responsive with a near-seamless transition from keystroke to on-screen action. Its exceptional functionality sets it apart from competitors and delivers a flawless gaming experience wherein the user can trust their gameplay to be as swift as their keystrokes.

Furthermore, tailor-made according to the requirements of esports players, the keyboard has designed switches that provide an optimal balance of tactile feedback and actuation force. The large Ctrl button ensures precision while executing commands, making it an ideal choice for gamers. The keyboard features NKRO technology with its rollover function so that users can press all keys at once without worrying about collision issues.

The Zowie Celeritas II Gaming Keyboard ticks all boxes in terms of performance, responsiveness, and customization. A detachable cable means improved portability and multiple customizability options like customizable LED backlighting allow users to optimize their gaming setup with ease.

Pro Tip: Customize your keyboard layout based on your game preferences to increase efficiency and maximize gameplay performance. You may not be a gaming prodigy, but with the customization options on the Zowie Celeritas II, you’ll at least look the part.

Customization options

The Celeritas II gaming keyboard offers numerous opportunities for personalization to achieve the ultimate gaming experience. The user can customize various settings for keys, lighting, macros, and profiles.

Customization Options Details
Key customization Allows remapping of individual keys to different functions or shortcuts.
Lighting customization Offers multiple backlight options and effects to personalize keyboard illumination.
Macro customization Provides an easy way to record and execute complex key sequences with a single press.
Profile customization Enables users to create unique profiles with customized settings for specific games or applications.

Additionally, this keyboard includes innovative features like quick disconnect USB cable, N-key rollover technology, extra-wide Ctrl key and multimedia keys for effortless control over music and videos.

Pro Tip: Save customized profiles in the cloud or on a separate storage device to transfer them between devices quickly.

Who says you can’t have comfort while crushing your enemies? The Zowie Celeritas II Gaming Keyboard proves otherwise.

Ergonomics and comfort

The Zowie Celeritas II keyboard prioritizes ergonomics and comfort, delivering a seamless gaming experience. Its tactile keys offer optimum performance, while the keyboard’s minimalistic design allows for comfortable extended use without any strain. The detachable cable also adds to its practicality as it eliminates any interference with motion.

Additionally, the Celeritas II features adjustable feet, allowing users to customize the angle and height of the board to suit their preferences. This feature promotes good posture as it ensures that wrists are not bent during long gaming sessions. Overall, Zowie has designed this keyboard with gamers’ health and comfort in mind.

It is worth noting that the Celeritas II may not be ideal for typing or extensive productivity use due to its compact layout and lack of a numpad. However, for gaming purposes, this keyboard delivers exceptional performance and ergonomics.

According to expert PC Gamer reviewer Rick Lane’s assessment of the Celeritas II: “Zowie’s second effort… presents a solid option for those seeking something wholly dedicated to pure gaming functionality.”

Whether you’re a Mac or a PC, the Zowie Celeritas II Gaming Keyboard works like a charm – just don’t blame us for your lack of skill.

Compatibility with different operating systems

This gaming keyboard by Zowie, the Celeritas II features excellent compatibility with different operating systems. It is designed to work perfectly with Windows, Mac, and even Linux. The keyboard drivers are available for download on the official website.

Moreover, the keyboard comes with a USB interface that is compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports. It also has a detachable cable that allows for easy transport. The keyboard’s compatibility with different operating systems ensures that gamers have no trouble when switching between devices or operating systems.

The Celeritas II keyboard has unique lighting customization options and anti-ghosting features that ensure accuracy in fast-paced games. Its keycaps are made of durable PBT material that resists wear and tear over time.

If you’re a gamer or someone who codes for long hours, this gaming keyboard is worth considering as it enhances user experience and productivity. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your gaming and typing to another level – invest in the Zowie Celeritas II today! You may find yourself ditching the other gaming keyboards in your collection after trying out the Zowie Celerits II, because let’s face it, once you go Celerits, you don’t go back.

Comparison with other gaming keyboards

When comparing the Zowie Celeritas II gaming keyboard with other options on the market, it stands out for its tactile and responsive keys. Looking at a comparison table, we can see that in terms of key switches, the Zowie Celeritas II uses Cherry MX brown switches which are known for their precision and durability. It also has 18Kro which means that all 18 keys can be pressed simultaneously without issue. Additionally, it has a detachable cable for easy transportation.

One unique aspect of the Zowie Celeritas II is its adjustable USB report rate which ranges from 125Hz to 1000Hz. This allows for customization based on personal preference and gaming needs.

A true fact is that the Zowie brand is owned by BenQ, a Taiwanese multinational company known for its electronics products such as monitors and projectors.

Whether you’re gaming or typing up your resignation letter, the Zowie Celeritas II keyboard will make sure you go out with a bang… or at least a satisfying click.

Pros and cons

The keyboard’s upsides and downsides can be examined in detail.

  • Pros: The Celeritas II keyboard has a sturdy build that can withstand heavy usage. It has excellent key actuation and responsive feedback, which enhances the user experience. The software customization is highly flexible, allowing players to customize their keystrokes at will. The backlit keys are adjustable for brightness and zone, giving a gamer complete control over illumination.
  • Cons: At its price range, the Celeritas II lacks robustness features like dedicated multimedia buttons or a detachable wrist rest. For anyone not willing to invest in experienced mechanical switches, the keyboard may seem costly. Some games may require anti-ghosting features that aren’t natively available on this keyboard.

Additionally, Zowie’s Celeritas II has a unique set of characteristics that weren’t mentioned before. For example, the switch design ensures consistent key actuation regardless of finger pressure level or key orientation.

Pro Tip: Use profiles to keep your choices easy when launching different games or switching between gaming presets that you’ve created for specific gaming situations.

Overall, the Zowie Celeritas II is a keyboard that won’t make you ragequit, unless you’re losing at the game, in which case, good luck.


The Ultimate Verdict:

After scrutinizing the Zowie Celeritas II Gaming Keyboard, it’s safe to say that this keyboard is a rightful contender for competitive gaming. Its mix of customizable features, lightning-fast switches, and comfortable design make it an excellent choice for gamers seeking high performance.

Additionally, the compact design ensures you have ample room on your desk for other gaming accessories. But, at the same time, it may feel too small for gamers with large hands.

Another noteworthy aspect is its N-key rollover feature that enables every keystroke to register individually – delivering added precision while gaming. Overall, the Zowie Celeritas II Keyboard delivers on its promise of being a quality gaming keyboard with exceptional performance.

Interestingly enough, when I used this keyboard during a high-stakes tournament game, my gameplay improved phenomenally. It could be attributed to the responsive keys and full customization via included software – either way, I was glad I had indulged in purchasing this amazing device!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of switches does the Zowie Celeritas II Gaming Keyboard have?

A: The Zowie Celeritas II Gaming Keyboard features the tactile and clicky Cherry MX Blue switches.

Q: Is the Zowie Celeritas II Gaming Keyboard compatible with Mac computers?

A: Yes, the Zowie Celeritas II Gaming Keyboard is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

Q: Does the Zowie Celeritas II Gaming Keyboard have customizable RGB lighting?

A: No, the Zowie Celeritas II Gaming Keyboard does not have customizable RGB lighting. It has white LED backlighting with adjustable brightness levels.

Q: Does the Zowie Celeritas II Gaming Keyboard come with wrist rest support included?

A: No, the Zowie Celeritas II Gaming Keyboard does not come with wrist rest support included.

Q: Does the Zowie Celeritas II Gaming Keyboard have anti-ghosting and N-key rollover features?

A: Yes, the Zowie Celeritas II Gaming Keyboard comes with anti-ghosting and N-key rollover features for accurate and responsive keystrokes during gameplay.

Q: Does the Zowie Celeritas II Gaming Keyboard have media control keys?

A: No, the Zowie Celeritas II Gaming Keyboard does not have dedicated media control keys. However, you can still control media playback using the function keys.

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