The Acer Nitro Headset is one of the best gaming headsets on the market, offering high-quality immersive audio and an impressive feature set. In addition, its plethora of drivers and software modes makes it a favorite among PC gamers who can’t decide between open or closed designs.

We recently had the opportunity to examine an Acer Nitro display (the Acer Nitro VG270UP), so when they gave us their Nitro gaming headset, we were excited to see what they had to offer in a market already crowded with high-Performance, inexpensive choices.

The Nitro gaming headset is a stripped-down headset aimed at budget-conscious gamers already fans of the Acer brand. It has great looks and has over-ear cups, an adjustable headband, and a 3.5mm mic and audio input. It’s available for less than $50, putting it in a crowded field of headsets already dominated by huge names like Corsair, Logitech, and HyperX.

The main topic we’ll be addressing today is how this headset compares to other similarly priced options and if they’re worth your hard-earned money. We’ll put them through their paces in various games and settings to see how they perform in real life.



Let’s glance at the characteristics of the Nitro headset before we delve into any of the more delicate features.

The following items may be found within the Acer Nitro box:

  • Nitro Gaming Headset from Acer
  • Manual

The following is an example of a specification:

Unlike other similar-priced headsets that need the installation of software or plugins, the Nitro gaming headset was simple to set up. Connect the headset to your phone’s 3.5mm headphone port and go.


Compared to other options in this pricing range, Acer has given this headset its customary Nitro logo, which I thought looked decent. The headset is mainly made of plastic, with a small metal strip in the headband as part of the adjusting mechanism. Users have about an inch to play with when in use, and the instrument feels solid. I liked how the headset was built with an all-black motif with red accents throughout (ear cups and headbands).

While the headband is pretty broad and designed for those with large heads, the ear cups were relatively little and rested over the ear, providing very little passive isolation — which is both a good and negative thing. The ear cups were composed of a synthetic leather material that, to be honest, provided adequate levels of comfort. Even though the cups were comfortable, I’m not sure how long this material will last. They were, however, simple to clean.

The Microphone is a rubbery, malleable material that may be adjusted for a comfortable gaming posture. When not in use, it rotates 90 degrees, which is a great feature but standard in current headsets.


Create a high-quality product

Regarding Creating a high-quality product, the Nitro’s construction and materials reflected their low-end price point. The plastic doesn’t feel overly robust, and the entire thing was flimsy. The headset didn’t offer any pressure on the ears, and they ended up falling off my head on several occasions – no exaggeration. They were incredibly light in feel, which is usually a pretty good indicator of poor quality when it comes to a headset.

Despite its length of 2.2 meters, the wire was comprised of a rubbery material that was exceedingly abrasive. The braided cable is used in many of today’s headsets, with a longer life duration and less resistance. Unfortunately, it is not a feature of the Nitro gaming headset. As a result, they were often wrapping around my feet and gripping the chair and computer, causing me to feel the headset pulling on my head, which was highly irritating.



Another critical element to consider – which we just mentioned – is the comfort this headset provides. This is a hit-or-miss situation since I can understand how this headset might appeal to certain people but not others. On the one hand, the slight weight of this headset provides a pressure-free experience that does not bother or rub the ears and head. However, as a player, I like to be completely absorbed in whatever game I play. I think a little pressure on the ear helps offer a better sense of immersion, which this headset lacks.

From a size standpoint, this headset has enough space. If you don’t have a massive head, you could find it difficult to get this headset to fit properly. If you’re a fan of Acer Nitro gear, this is something to think about. If you have a bigger head, on the other hand, they will provide lots of space and adjustability. The ear cups and headband had significant foam, but it was not of high quality. When I pressed my finger into the foam, it didn’t jump back as you’d anticipated. It just remained compressed for a period of time before resuming normal operations.



Whether you’re searching for a high-performance audio headset or a cheap choice for some light gaming, the sound quality of a headset has to be the key selling factor for me – especially when it comes to competitive gaming.

I could instantly detect the difference between them and the headset I was wearing in CS: GO. The highs were a little thin, and the mids were a little thin. To really identify where the adversary is coming from in professional gaming, you need to hear crisp footfall and snappy gunshots. This was not the case in this instance. The Nitros did have a little bass, but nothing to write home about. One advantage, I guess, was that the Nitro gaming headset had adequate volume levels. This meant you could turn it up to attempt to get a sense of immersion. However, since the headset doesn’t fit snugly over your ears, it’s difficult to achieve any degree of immersion due to the outside world’s disturbance. Regrettably, the same was true for PUBG and Call Of Duty. The overall experience was vague and perplexing, which was a major disappointment for me while utilizing them.



On the plus side, the microphone provided adequate levels of clarity and accuracy. That isn’t to say that if you’re new to podcasting, you should rush out and acquire them. However, if all you want to do is be heard on your local Discord channel, these will suffice. As I previously said, the microphone is composed of a flexible material that allows for some small modifications, so you should be able to find a comfortable gaming position. When not in use, it rotates 90 degrees, and I never found it to be uncomfortable.

This headset’s cord merges the audio and microphone into a single audio jack connection, allowing it to work with consoles as well. Overall, the mic gets a thumbs up.



If you are a massive advocate of the Acer Nitro brand and you want to continue the theme, I suppose this headset is the way to go. The headset sticks to the brand theme and offers good aesthetic appeal. However, believe you’re more interested in creating a high-quality product, sound Performance, comfort, and any other factor that a gaming headset should come equipped with. In that case, you’re probably better off shopping around. There are a ton of good gaming headsets that fall under the $50 bracket – while still offering good comfort, decent sound quality, and authentic immersion.

That concludes our comprehensive analysis of the Acer Nitro Headset. Leave a comment in the space below to let us know what you think of this headset. Better yet, why not visit our Community hub, where you can talk about everything headset-related?

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