We know what you’re thinking, “Why in the world would anyone want to wear a shoe made of invasive and non-native plants?” But believe us when we say that these shoes are worth it. You’ll find yourself wandering through this lush forest without even realizing you’re doing so because your feet will feel like they’ve been taken care of with every step.

Tropicfeel’s Tropic shoes had an extraordinarily successful Kickstarter campaign in 2022, being the most funded shoe campaign on the site to date. The Tropic shoes are billed as the “Ultimate Travel Shoes” by Tropicfeel, a Barcelona-based company.

Tropicfeel Canyon Sneakers In DetroitAfter a year, Tropicfeel has produced two new pairs of shoes: the Monsoon Sneakers and the Canyon Sneakers, which they term the “Ultimate Travel Shoes 2.0,” which we’ll be examining today.

With a motto like “Ultimate Travel Shoes,” you can know we went into testing with high hopes. Ultimate conveys a high level of assurance. There’s no space for error in Ultimate. The word “ultimate” comes to mind.

We’ve been wearing the Canyon Sneakers in Detroit, Michigan, for two weeks and have nothing but excellent things to say about them (as well as some not-as-good stuff). So let’s get started.

Aesthetics & Materials

The Canyon Shoes seem to be a straightforward pair of sneakers. Because you can’t dress them up, you’ll want to bring a fancier pair of shoes if your trips include business meetings or cocktail hours. While this may seem self-evident—after all, they’re sneakers—we wanted to emphasize it since Tropicfeel promises the Canyon Sneakers are the only shoes you’ll need. Unfortunately, that is not the case for all of you affluent types.

Tropicfeel Canyon Sneakers LogoAt the time of this review, the Canyon Sneakers were available in various hues, including green, navy, and sand. We’ve been putting the “Core Black” to the test, which is a bit of a misnomer considering it has white and teal parts. Nonetheless, we believe they’re attractive.

Tropicfeel includes an additional pair of “contrasting” shoelaces, which we like. However, these shoelaces are teal for the Core Black coloring. So, swap out the black laces with teal ones if you want to change things up. It genuinely gives the room a new, fresh aspect. It’s like getting a new pair of shoes without spending any money. Win, win, win.

Tropicfeel Canyon Sneakers LacesFor a minute, let’s speak about these laces. The Tropicfeel laces aren’t like any other shoe laces you’ve ever seen. The locals call ” sprint laces, ” and they feature a little rubber knot that tightens or loosens the laces while keeping them in place. There’s no need to tie anything. The advantages are that they take 10 seconds to put on, and you can avoid tying your shoes, which we all know is a nuisance.

But it’s a strange appearance. The laces are dangling. We at Pack Hacker are all about the #DangleFreeExperience, as everyone who knows us knows. We didn’t think it would apply to gear other than backpacks, yet it does.

All of this being said, you soon become used to the appearance of the laces, so it’s not a significant issue. Plus, we like the fact that Tropicfeel is attempting something new.

Tropicfeel Canyon Sneakers MaterialThe sneakers are entirely vegan, which is ideal for any vegan tourists. In addition, each pair is manufactured from 3.5 recycled plastic bottles, which we enjoy.

Tropicfeel has claimed it has “embarked on a road to becoming a carbon-neutral firm” on the same sustainability theme. Although we wish they were more explicit about this aim, we think it’s excellent, mainly because they’ve identified some environmental challenges related to travel. The term “embarked on a voyage” is a bit of a misnomer.

We like how the company owners donate 1% of their revenues to “keep natural marvels alive.”

Features and Advantages

The Tropicfeel Canyon Sneakers have been created exclusively for travel so that you can expect various features.

First and foremost, they are quick-drying. You may wear these shoes at the beach, on a boat, or even in the water if you want to.

Tropicfeel Canyon Sneakers MeshThey’re also breathable, on a similar point. The top is made of a mesh material that enables air to circulate freely. You know how big of a bonus this is for the feet-sweaters.

However, their permeability makes these shoes more suited to hotter regions than colder ones. These shoes are not recommended for winter travel. And, sure, we have firsthand knowledge.

Tropicfeel Canyon Sneakers InsoleThe Canyon Sneakers’ comfort is another significant advantage. Because the internal material is incredibly soft, you may wear them with or without socks, depending on your mood. Plus, they’re as simple to put on like a sock, which means you’ll be out the door in no time.

It does take some time to break them in. The cloth above the toe box tends to collapse and rub your big toe, which is as unpleasant as it sounds, but it should only last a few days. (At least, that was our experience.)

The shoes are additionally treated with Agion® to help eradicate smells. We put these sneakers through the Sniff Test (the things we do for you) and were pleasantly impressed. The sneakers smell good after two weeks of constant use.

The shoes weigh just 7 ounces, making them very light. Mainly because they aren’t minimalist shoes. Of course, this weight is ideal for both packing and comfort. You won’t even notice you’re wearing anything.

Tropicfeel Canyon Sneakers SoleFinally, the shoes include a gripping rubber outsole that keeps you stable on rough terrain or cobblestone streets. These shoes function well in various scenarios, thanks to the quick-drying characteristic we discussed before. In the woods, on the beach, in the city, or somewhere else that isn’t too fancy or cold.

Testing & Durability

The Tropicfeel Canyon Sneakers are designed to be the only pair of shoes you’ll need when traveling across the world. As a result, they’re going to receive a lot of use. Not just because you’ll be wearing them every day, but because, let’s face it, you’ll be a lot more active visiting Pairs than you would be at home going to work.

As a result, you should anticipate having to replace these shoes semi-regularly. We haven’t experienced any difficulties with durability yet. So far, everything has gone well.

Tropicfeel Canyon Sneakers In DetroitWhile we didn’t like testing these shoes in sub-zero conditions for the previous two weeks, we are great fans of them overall. So if you’re planning a trip to one of the world’s warmer destinations, the Tropicfeel Canyon Sneakers are a good option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tropicfeel shoes true to size?

A: Yes, Tropicfeel shoes are true to size.

Do you wear socks with Tropicfeel shoes?

A: I do not wear socks with my Tropicfeel shoes.

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