Fisher Space Pen is a pen that writes in any environment, upside down or underwater. It’s made of aluminum and has a retractable steel ballpoint.

The fisher space pen is a pen that has been designed for people who are on the go. It has many features that make it great for writing in any situation.

Okay, we’re going, to be honest, right from the get. You’re not going to fall in love with the Backpacker Space Pen by Fisher if you’re a pen snob. That’s because it’s designed to be a travel pen first and foremost and a smooth writing tool second. While it lacks the satiny sensation of a pen to paper, it’s designed to function almost anywhere—which is all you care about while traveling the world.

Fisher Backpacker Space Pen

The company’s first pen, the Anti-Gravity 7, was sent on board the first human Apollo mission in 1968, and it has an incredible backstory. NASA still uses Fisher Space pens on every human space mission, which is quite impressive.

Because all Fisher Space pens are intended to operate in zero gravity, you could potentially take your Backpacker Pen to space (because you didn’t have the appropriate pen, right?).

However, these pens offer a slew of additional capabilities (stay tuned), so let’s get started with the review.

Aesthetics & Materials

While we’ve been testing the Fisher Backpacker Space Pen in black, Fisher Space Pen offers a staggering number of different pens and colors. We make fun of them, but they do have a lot of pens. The Backpacker is available in silver, orange, red, blue, and black at the time of this review. If you purchase the pen directly from Fisher Space Pen, you can also have it engraved (maybe “Pack Hacker Rocks?”).

Fisher Backpacker Space Pen Cap On Back

Anodized aluminum makes up the pen’s shell. It’s not the lightest pen on the market; it’s relatively heavy, particularly when compared to pens with a plastic casing. But, given that this is a pen, we’re not talking about a huge lot of weight. Furthermore, metal will most likely outlast plastic. It also has a much more refined appearance.

Fisher Backpacker Space Pen Writing

Medium black ink is included with the pen. According to the company, Fisher Space Pen uses a unique internally-pressurized ink with a 100-year shelf life. Don’t worry, in 100 years, we’ll send you an email to let you know whether this is real or not. It’s also refillable, like other high-end pens. It’s as simple as unscrewing the pen and inserting the refill. We’ve heard complaints that it unscrews on its own too quickly, but we’ve never had that issue.

Usage & Features

All of the features on the Backpacker (and all of the Fisher Space pens) are amazing.

Fisher Space pens are designed to write in a variety of conditions, including zero gravity, underwater, over grease, at any angle, upside down, in severe temperatures (they claim -30°F to +250°F), and in extreme temperatures (they claim -30°F to +250°F). We’re major pasta eaters, so being able to write on the noodles while they’re cooking is a great bonus. Overall, we believe these features are entertaining (albeit overkill for most situations).

Fisher Backpacker Space Pen And Regular Pen

The Backpacker Space Pen is similarly around three-quarters the size of a conventional pen, but when you clip the cap onto the rear, it expands to the full size of a typical pen. This function is fantastic since writing with a short pen or pencil may be a real hassle (and using this pen without extending it is a real pain).

Fisher Backpacker Space Pen Keyring

Its tiny size is convenient since you can keep it in your pocket or a small organizer, but it also has a key ring to attach to your keys, purse, belt, or anything else you choose. In addition, because the keyring is connected to the cap, you can simply uncap it to write down some notes without removing the keyring (though you’ll be writing with a very tiny pen without the cap, which isn’t ideal).

Fisher Backpacker Space Pen Small In Hand

The ink is unaffected by being bounced about on your keychain due to all of the characteristics we’ve previously discussed. You can take it with you running, then pull out a notepad and write some poetry without having to perform any ink dancing. We’ve heard the keychain breaks easily, making it easy to misplace the pen, but we haven’t experienced any issues.

Testing & Durability

We’ve been putting the Backpacker Space Pen to the test for the last five months. We enjoy it, but not in the same way we adore it. Although there are better alternatives available, it does the job, such as their bullet pen.

Fisher Backpacker Space Grip

It has a curved writing grip, and although it can be extended to the size of a regular pen, it isn’t the most pleasant pen to write with (not uncomfortable, just not comfortable). It doesn’t write badly—the ink is evenly distributed—but it also doesn’t write smoothly.

While we agree that many of those capabilities, such as writing in zero gravity and underwater, seem fantastic, they aren’t essential for most people. Of course, if your travels take you to very hot or cold locations, underwater, or in space, and you need to write anything down while you’re there, this pen is for you.

You may not be able to use most of these functions if you don’t do so. Accordingly, we haven’t done so.

Fisher Backpacker Space Pen

The pen’s and key ring’s longevity, on the other hand, is commendable. It’s great to be able to attach a pen to your backpack or keys and not have to worry about it being banged up or getting lost at the bottom of your bag.

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