The Shuriken Gear Hanzo V2 is a keyboard with an exciting design. It has some clever features, but the lack of critical indicators and RGB lighting made it hard to use in my work environment. on balance, I think this could be a good option for someone who doesn’t need flashy lighting or macro keys.

The Shurikey Gear Hanzo EC V2 001 has been put to the test. Shurikey is an untested new manufacturer sponsored via IndieGoGo; however, after conducting some research, Shurikey is a sister business of Varmillo, a well-known Key Switch manufacturer.


  • 65 percent US ANSI layout
  • Full N-Key rollover anti-ghosting
  • 6ft/1.8m cable length
  • Varmilo EC V2 is the kind of key switch. Ivy, Sakura, Rose, or Daisy are your options.
  • USB Type-C/Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Only white light is used for backlighting. The brightness may be adjusted using the control knob on the keyboard.

What’s in the package?

SHURIKEY GEAR 001 Hanzo 1 1

The Shurikey Hanzo EC V2 001 comes with a complete kit. Everything is well-protected and wrapped in plastic bags. Even if the keyboard is being sent from another country, you won’t have to worry about it being damaged in transportation. The following items are included in the Shurikey Hanzo EC V2 001 box:

  • Mechanical Keyboard Shurikey Hanzo EC V2
  • Puller for keycaps
  • Type-C USB cable
  • Warranty Card for a Year
  • Various extra keycaps to replace the branded ones that come standard.
  • Faceplate (spare)
  • Stickers of Shurikey


The Shuriken Hanzo EC V2 001 is ready to use right out of the box. Unlike many mechanical keyboards from large brands like Corsair or Razer, this keyboard lacks a software package. This is a welcome change from proprietary software packages, which may be confusing and poorly designed, with some even affecting your system’s performance.

It’s nearly as simple to pair the keyboard with your phone over Bluetooth. First, press the function key and “W” to bring up the keyboard on your device of choice, then input the code shown on the keyboard and press enter. When Windows cooperates, everything runs well. For maximum multi-device productivity, the Shurikey Hanzo EC V2 001 may be linked to three Bluetooth devices at once, with each device tied to “Q,” “W,” or “E” for simple switching.


SHURIKEY GEAR 001 Hanzo 14 1

The Shurikey Hanzo EC V2 001 is essentially simple and practical in terms of design. It is, nonetheless, created with individuality. Shurikey makes no apologies in its aesthetics, with different colorways also available in unique and bold permutations. As much as I appreciate neutrally designed PC peripherals, such as WASD keyboards or the renowned Ducky brand, Shurikey makes no apologies for its aesthetics. Even though the 001 model’s color palette is called “Vintage Computer,” it seems more like a monotone nerf gun or a JCB excavator with a Yellow and Grey color scheme. Although there are two different color schemes available: 002 “The Western Desert” and 003 “Arcade Game,” both are just as strange and beautiful as the one we got.


It sports a typical 65 percent layout with thin bezels and, luckily, no inescapable ugly branding. Some of the keycaps have the Shurikey logo, but blank caps are included for those who choose to be brand-neutral. Although owing to its unique modular housing and kickstand-style height adjustment, keyboard specialists will immediately identify this board. Shuriken Gear’s Instagram profile can be found here if you want to see more of the design.

Create a high-quality product

SHURIKEY GEAR 001 Hanzo 10 1

The Shurikey Hanzo EC V2 001 keyboard is incredibly durable, considering that every outside surface on the keyboard is plastic, with the exception of the height adjuster on the sides and bottom of the chassis. It’s also a satisfyingly weighty piece of gaming hardware, with rubberized gripping feet that keep it rock-solid on any desk surface. Surprisingly, the faceplates have a soft feel about them. However, when the keyboard is fully tightened, everything comes into place, and each section strengthens the others, resulting in a very durable keyboard. In addition, the double-shot ABS keycaps provide a quality feel for ABS, which is normally a cheap alternative compared to PBT.

SHURIKEY GEAR 001 Hanzo 12 1

There are just two settings on the kickstand-style height adjuster: absolutely flat and slightly higher than fully flat. There is a way to achieve a happy medium, but it necessitates turning the handle style stand up against the USB Type-C socket. We wouldn’t advocate it since it seems that prolonged use might stretch the cable and cause harm to the port. This is a bit of a letdown since it just serves to constrain an otherwise well-built keyboard. If you want to be more adventurous, you may remove the whole handle.

The Shuriken Hanzo EC V2 001 is rather remarkable for a retail price of $129. If you missed the previous tier, you could acquire this board for $99 or $109 on their IndieGoGo page.

Typing Proficiency

SHURIKEY GEAR 001 Hanzo 13 1

The Shurikey Hanzo EC V2 001 is a joy to type on, thanks to the Varmilo Ivy EC V2 switches. It’s also smoother and more solid than the standard Cherry MX Blue as a clicky, tactile switch. We’ve grown to like this keyboard to the point that we’ll be sorry to see it leave.

It’s worth mentioning that, unlike other popular 65 percent alternatives, the Shurikey Gear Hanzo’s switches are not hot-swappable. However, because of the standard “+” stem, you may personalize the keycaps as much as possible. If you want to personalize your keyboard any further, seek elsewhere or select carefully since you’ll be stuck with the switches regardless of whatever choice you choose.

Furthermore, the stabilizers are pre-lubed right out of the box. Wider keys, such as the spacebar and enter, glide smoothly and with less wobbling as a result of this. Apart from the somewhat primitive kickstand, there were no difficulties with the comfort of the Shurikey Hanzo EC V2 001 when evaluating it.

Gaming Capabilities

SHURIKEY GEAR 001 Hanzo 8 2

The Shuriken Hanzo EC V2 001 was put through its paces in Apex Legends, dying repeatedly. The Varmilo Ivy EC Switch V2s were the particular Key Switch in our evaluation sample. These keys are quick and easy to use, with a 50g actuation force even for First Person Shooters. However, they only take a little amount of force to activate, which is a plus since you’d have to be extremely clumsy to push a key and do anything humiliating in front of the whole lobby with this keyboard.

Overall, the keyboard gave a decent gaming experience. Despite hours of persistent and frantic typing, the keycaps seem solid and smooth, and the board remains grounded and firm. The volume control knob on the top right of the keyboard also came in useful, as we all know how unreliable game volume mixing can be, so having volume control only a few millimeters away from the right hand is a big plus.

Switches for keys

SHURIKEY GEAR 001 Hanzo 9 1

The Shurikey Hanzo EC V2 001 is equipped with EC V2 Switches for keys, produced by their sister company, Varmilo. This keyboard is available with your choice of the Ivy, Sakura, Rose, or Daisy subtypes. All of which offer different typing sensations. The marketing sample we were provided with came with the clicky and tactile Ivy.

The EC V2 switches feature an unusual design: they’re electro capacitive instead of regular MX-style switches, which use two conductive metal plates or “leaves” to complete a circuit at the actuation point. Instead, the EC V2 switch type measures the electrical signal between two plates that never make contact. As they get closer, the signal intensifies until it reaches a predefined threshold, at which point the keyboard registers the keystroke. The key advantage is that the plates are adequately protected from wear and strain. Consequently, the switch has a much longer lifetime than a standard leaf arrangement. Check out ThereminGoat’s in-depth discussion of the EC-V2 switches if you’re interested in key switch engineering and design.

The switches have a great feel; the previous two keyboards we evaluated were Cherry MX Browns and Razer Greens. It outperforms both the Cherry MX Brown and Razer Green switches. The tactileity is more definitive and delightful in your hands than the incredibly popular Cherry MX Browns, and the aural click is significantly crisper than the Razer Green.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Shurikey has a small but growing community that you may join on their Discord server.



The Shurikey Hanzo EC V2 001 is a comprehensive keyboard. It performs well in both gaming and regular office use. The switches are excellent. The tactility and feedback feel better than any previous Switches for keys we’ve used. The keyboard itself is very cleverly engineered and designed, the plastic exterior strengthens a stiff and rugged overall construction. The setup process is simple and utilitarian, it’s got what you need and avoids any unnecessary extras.

The Gaming Capabilities is a highlight, and it is equipped with an impressive response time. The ergonomics are solid, but the kickstand offers less-than-ideal height adjustability. A more traditional foot style solution would have worked better, in this case. The included Type-C USB cable is bog-standard. With braided and coiled cables slowly becoming the baseline for PC peripherals, it’s perfectly functional, but in this case, definitely less than premium than other offerings.

If this rev your interest, you can find out more about the Shurikey Hanzo EC V2 001 on Indiegogo.


  • Key Switches with a Satisfying Feel
  • The build is quite durable.
  • Responsive Gaming Capabilities
  • Setup is quick and straightforward.


  • There isn’t much room for adjustment.
  • Included Type-C USB cable feels cheap

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