This multi-purpose backpack is made for travelers with a laptop, tablet, and digital camera. It has tons of pockets, so everything stays organized.

Eagle Creek has been developing gear to assist travelers all around the globe for more than 40 years. They’ve conjured up a range of travel gear to let individuals journey to “unknown locations” with the assistance of travel bloggers, nomads, and others. We haven’t come across many unknown places throughout our travels, which is understandable considering the world, but we like that they keep us wondering. Eagle Creek, we’ve noticed you.

It seems only reasonable to test the Eagle Creek Global Companion to see whether it lives up to its “global companion” billing. So far, everything seems to be in order—we’re glad to see so much room in this backpack and a healthy dose of organization! Let’s get into the specifics.

Aesthetics & Materials

Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L Travel Pack FabricThis pack is constructed of bluesign certified and PVC-free 450D Geo Ripstop and Bi-Tech fabrics, as well as 600D Helix Poly. If you’re not a fabric enthusiast, this indicates the pack is constructed of high-quality materials.

In terms of color, the pack was only available in Smokey Blue and Black at the time of our purchase. If you’re buying the women’s version, you may also choose Crimson, a purplish red color. Surprisingly, we decided to go with Smokey Blue instead of our typical pick! The web image seems a little lighter than what appeared in person, but we believe the darker, the better since it won’t show as much dirt.

Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L Travel Pack in Santa Fe, New MexicoOne Eagle Creek logo is located towards the top of the bag, and one little branded tag is situated on one of the shoulder straps. Although we wouldn’t call the pack “basic,” we think it’s great to keep things simple with minimum branding. This bag includes a lot of pockets and features that are obvious at first sight. Compared to the Aer Flight Pack 2, you’ll most certainly stand out as a tourist wearing this, but we’ve loved the Global Companion pack’s capabilities.

Eagle Creek keeps us satisfied by employing robust Duraflex and ITW hardware, which we particularly like, in addition to a myriad of study fabrics and pockets.

Components from Outside

Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L Travel Pack Quick Grab PocketThe front of the pack is well-organized. Starting at the top and descending, there’s a little quick-grab pocket ideal for keeping your phone and passport when passing through airport security. We used an iPhone 8 Plus, which fits well with enough room to spare!

Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L Travel Pack Front Mesh Stuffer PocketA mesh stuffer pocket with a climbing hook sits just under the quick-grab bag, which we’ve found helpful for wet goods or bulkier items like an extra t-shirt or sweater. The mesh stuffer pocket is big, but it becomes a little crowded depending on what you put within the two overlapping zippered front panel pockets.

Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L Travel Pack Front Banana-Shaped PocketsThese two zipped compartments have proven helpful in managing electronics gadgets and other minor travel items. Two mesh slip pockets—one big and one small—along with a plastic carabiner are included in one of the side panel pockets. We’re not great lovers of the plastic carabiner since it seems flimsy, but it should do the job for a long time.

Another fantastic spot to stow your phone is in the opposite side panel pocket, which features one tiny mesh pocket and a cushioned electronic pocket. When using this electronic storage compartment, there’s also a hidden metal D-ring that may be used to lock the zipper firmly. The side panel pockets are pretty handy, although their design is a little odd—they’re somewhat curved, limiting the amount of space within them slightly. But, unless you’re hoarding bananas, you’ll be making good use of that room!

Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L Travel Pack Mesh Side Pocket With Water BottleEagle Creek Global Companion 40L Travel Pack with Water Bottle and Mesh Side Pocket. Mesh side pockets are located next to each side panel pocket and are ideal for water bottles or tripods. Just keep in mind that the compression straps overlap each of these compartments, making access difficult when fully loaded.

Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L Travel Pack Buckled Compression Straps Holding JacketWe buckled Compression Straps Holding Jacket Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L Travel Pack. The compression straps can be adjusted on both sides. However, only one side may be entirely unbuckled. However, we wouldn’t be too concerned about this since we’ve been used to which side unbuckles. Because the zipper only extends to just above the non-buckle compression strap side, this isn’t a problem when accessing the main compartment, but it’s worth mentioning. The compression strap system may also be used to hang onto a jacket when needed.

Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L Travel Pack Shoe CompartmentThe bottom shoe compartment is located underneath all of these front pockets. This is a great technique to keep dirty shoes away from your neatly folded, clean clothes. This compartment is enormous—we could accommodate several pairs of shoes in ours! For us, this is always a bonus element in any pack, and Eagle Creek has done a fantastic job here.

Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L Travel Pack RainflyAs if that wasn’t enough, Eagle Creek also included a Velcro pocket at the bottom of the pack with an attached tuck-away rainfly to assist protect the club in the event of heavy rain. Remember how we warned you not to let your goods get wet in the shower? Put this on if you want to be extra safe!

Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L Travel Pack Small Top Handle For HangingApart from the pockets, Eagle Creek has included a little handle for hanging at the top and a more oversized handle for simple grasping. When in a rush or stowing your pack in the overhead bins of an airline, you may also take the bag by the side handle, which isn’t as thick as the top one but is still a solid alternative.

It’s also worth mentioning that Velcro attachments around the zipper at the bottom of the pack. These were annoying while zipping and unzipping the bag, but not enough to discourage us from using it. They do, however, seem to assist protect the pack’s bottom, which is always a benefit.

Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L Travel Pack Adjustable Sternum StrapThat brings us to the harness system, which is, to put it mildly, massive. Eagle Creek claims that the shoulder straps, back panel, and hip belt were all intended to be ergonomic and moisture-wicking, which we believe is correct. The shoulder straps provide just the right thickness and mesh cushioning for a secure fit. Load lifters are included, as well as an adjustable sternum strap with a small safety whistle incorporated into the clasp. The back panel has some substantial cushioning that feels fantastic while carrying both light and large weights.

Now, as fantastic as this whole harness system is—it is sturdy, to be sure—we have a few complaints.

Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L Travel Pack Hip Belt With 3D PocketThe hip belt is relatively large. It includes a 3D mesh pocket on one side and similar mesh padding to the shoulder straps; however, we wish it was detachable. It’s great for long hikes and provides excellent support, but it’s gotten in the way more than we’d want while rapidly putting on the pack. Furthermore, even with the extra plastic on some straps, there seems to be a lot of “scrappage.” So, in case you were wondering, this pack is not a part of the dangle-free experience club.

Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L Travel Pack Central Lock SystemBut, if you get over those flaws, there is one feature we like: the excellent central lock mechanism. This means you can lock the more oversized 8N lockable zippers to prohibit access to the main compartment, as well as the laptop compartment and electronic pocket, keeping your belongings extra safe and giving you peace of mind while traveling.

Inside the Bundle

Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L Travel Packed While TravelingMoving on to the inside, the main compartment features a wide clamshell opening on either side that reveals two mesh packing sections. These compartments are almost identical in size, however, bear in mind that all of the other pockets will take up valuable space. These big mesh pockets are ideal for packing cubes or rolled-up garments, depending on your preferences.

Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L Travel Pack Laptop CompartmentIn addition to the main compartment, there is a separate 17-inch cushioned laptop compartment with a fake bottom that can be reached by its own zipper at the top of the pack while the main compartment is closed—OR from within the main compartment when that section is unzipped. It’s all up to you! Easy access for when you’re on the run or open up the main compartment of the clamshell to get access. However, if you choose the second option, the laptop compartment may get buried behind your belongings in the main compartment! For the purpose of convenience, we’ve decided to employ the quick access option when on the road.

There is a Velcro strip just above the interior laptop compartment access sleeve that is barely visible. When this Velcro strip is unzipped, it reveals a robust frame sheet. We wouldn’t recommend dealing with this until absolutely necessary—and we haven’t seen a cause to do so yet.

Version for women only

Despite our testing so far, we should mention that there is a variant of this pack designed particularly for women, which was released just as we began to test this bag. The variation in the harness mechanism is the only lesson we have from this one. Eagle Creek’s customer support representative informed us

Eagle Creek Global Companion Men's & Women's=“For ultimate comfort, the women’s version incorporates ergonomically formed backpack straps and hip belts that match the natural contours of a woman.” That is the distinction. The remainder is identical to the Original, or what we refer to as the unisex model.”

Aside from that, they’re pretty much the same bundle.

Testing & Durability

Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L Travel Pack in Mackinaw City, MichiganWe’re incredibly pleased with how much we were able to cram into the Eagle Creek Global Companion. Thanks to its multiple pockets and clever features, the pack has proven to be a terrific companion when traveling throughout the United States and beyond.

We expect the pack’s long-lasting materials to stand up over time—kudos to Eagle Creek! We’ve only used the bag a few times in the rain, and although we haven’t seen it during any major storms, we are sure that these materials will keep your stuff dry for short lengths of time. Just be cautious if you’re out in the rain for an extended period!

Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L Travel Pack in Moab, UtahWe’ve been throwing this thing on hostel floors and walking through the desert with it, and so far, there have been no apparent blemishes—which is astounding!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a global companion?

A: A global companion is someone who interacts with you through your digital device, like a phone app.

Are Eagle Creek backpacks suitable?

A: The Eagle Creek backpack line is a large department store brand with many different styles of backpacks. They make more than one style, too; the company has over 130 different types in their inventory!

What brand of zippers does Eagle Creek use?

A: Eagle Creek uses a variety of zippers, and the brand is not specific to anyone.

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