Vessi Everyday Shoes has the potential to be one of the best shoes on the market. It is built for people with wide feet, so it covers your toes and gives you more room in between them, which allows for better airflow and circulation. In addition, there are no laces or buckles involved since they are attached like sneakers, making this shoe very easy to put on and take off without any hassle. With all of these perks combined into one product, Vessi Everyday Shoes may have just found its niche within an industry constantly looking for new ideas and technology.

Which we can affirm after a month of testing the men’s version. Your feet will be covered whether you jump in a puddle or go for a lengthy walk in the rain.

Vessi described their Everyday Shoe as “what would happen if rain boots, socks, and sneakers had a shoe-baby” in their hugely successful Kickstarter campaign. Also, to a degree, true.

But, after a month of testing, we’ve concluded that the world does not need waterproof shoes. So it’s possible that rain boots, socks, and shoes shouldn’t have a child.

Especially when you consider the (metaphorical) price, we’re talking sweaty feet here.

Perhaps the trade-off is worth it if you’re going to wet climates—Southeast Asia during Monsoon season, Ireland in the winter, Seattle at any time— But we’re not so convinced about the rest.

But that’s where we get ahead of ourselves. The Vessi Everyday Shoes’ primary selling point may be that they’re waterproof, but there’s more to them than that.

Aesthetics & Materials

The Vessi Everyday Shoes seem to be knitted sneakers, which they are. They come in three colorways at this review: Midnight Black, Pebble Grey, and Pearl White.

Vessi Everyday Shoes On TableUnless you’re an amiable, clean individual who can take such a tremendous job, we don’t advocate going with white. The shoes’ waterproofness makes them simple to clean—spray them down—but the white is still a risky choice. Remember that these shoes were designed for certain sorts of travel: beaches, muddy fields, and treks. Things that aren’t recognized for keeping your shoes in tip-top shape.

There are five limited-edition hues of the Everyday Shoes now available. However, they’ve most likely been replaced by the time you read this.

Vessi Everyday Shoes SoleYou’ll notice a wave pattern when you turn the sneakers over. What do you think of when you hear the word “waves”? This is since these shoes are waterproof. We like it, and the outsole is a lot of fun, especially with the skyline printed into the EVA.

It also has a good tread and texture, and its grip is on par with comparable shoes. It should keep you upright for the most part, but it doesn’t have the same secure feel as a specialist boot designed for rough terrain.

Vessi Everyday Shoes MaterialThe upper is constructed of a synthetic knit fabric with Vessi’s unique Dyma-tex fabric laminated on top. “Nano-sized holes too tiny for water molecules to get through, yet big enough for heat and perspiration to flow through,” Vessi said of the Dyma-tex material.

As a result, the waterproofing isn’t owing to a coating, which is a big bonus since it won’t wear off. However, we haven’t had any experience with perspiration being able to flow through this material—more on that in a moment.

The outside material has a coating that repels mud, sand, dirt, and other contaminants. The insole also has an antibacterial covering to keep odors to a minimum. We haven’t experienced any difficulties with odors yet, which is a good indication.

Vessi Everyday Shoes InsoleBefore we get into the details of the Vessi Everyday Shoes, it’s important to note that they’re vegan. Animal by-products aren’t even used in the adhesive. This is a significant benefit for all of our vegan shoe users.

Features and Advantages

We’ve spent the previous month attempting to find out the greatest use case for 100 percent waterproof shoes, as we said at the start of this review.

Vessi Everyday Shoes UnderwaterParticularly since Vessi assured that the Everyday sneakers would make your feet sweat by waterproofing them, I like it a lot. An uncomfortably large number. Vessi’s claim that the Everyday Shoes are breathable is false (at least for us).

Sure, you’ll be shielded from the rare downpour, but your feet will be continually damp with perspiration. We’re not sure about you, but we’d rather our feet be wet when we walk in a puddle since they’ll stay dry for the most part.

However, you may live a different life or travel in a different way than we do. For example, perhaps you reside in Vancouver, Canada, the birthplace of the Everyday Shoes and a place where it constantly rains. Maybe you like trekking in damp weather but don’t like wearing full-on hiking boots. Perhaps you’re planning a Southeast Asia backpacking trip during the monsoon season and don’t want to bring numerous pairs of shoes.

Alternatively, maybe you like impressing your buddies by leaping in puddles. If that’s the case, a word of caution: choose your puddles carefully. Water may leak in from the top of the shoes, despite the fact that they are waterproof. Deep puddles are not your friends (not that we know anything about this).

And, if your feet don’t sweat much naturally, you may think the trade-off is worthwhile.

Vessi Everyday Shoes SideThe Everyday sneakers, according to Vessi, are very comfortable and have a 4-way stretch. We’re not used to seeing 4-way stretch in a shoe and love it. They aren’t exaggerating when they say they are comfortable (if you look past the whole sweaty feet thing). These shoes have a lot of cushioning and a lot of arch support. In addition, the insole has a foamy texture.

Vessi Everyday Shoes UpperPlus, the top feels like a neoprene sock and has been engineered to mold to the form of your foot over time to provide a tailored fit, which is where the sock parent thing comes in. We haven’t observed this yet in our testing, but we’ll keep you updated in the Usage Timeline below.

Of course, if you’re a minimalist shoe fanatic like us at Pack Hacker, the Vessi Everyday Shoes aren’t for you. However, these shoes share a few characteristics with minimalist footwear.

They offer a bigger toe box, which is ideal for persons with naturally broader feet and air travel and lengthy walks when feet swell.

These sneakers are also relatively light. This is ideal for comfort (since you won’t even know you’re wearing the shoes) and for travel. The less weight you carry, the easier it will be to tote your travel bag throughout the globe.

Testing & Durability

We spent a month in Detroit, Michigan, testing the men’s version of the Vessi Everyday Shoes. While we appreciate that they are as waterproof as they claim to be, we do not need waterproof shoes in our lifestyles or travel styles. Especially when you consider the hot feet, you’ll receive in exchange.

Vessi Everyday Shoes In Detroit-3However, you may feel otherwise, and if you want waterproof footwear, they will suffice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Vessi everyday shoes good for running?

A: These shoes are not designed for running. They’re meant to be worn in the house, and its recommended that you wear them with socks or slippers, so they don’t get dirty

Which is better, Vessi vs. Allbirds?

A: Vessi is for those looking for a classic shoe with an updated look. Allbirds are a contemporary style that goes well with lots of wardrobes and casual outfits.

Do Vessi shoes waterproof?

A: Vessi shoes are not waterproof. They offer water-resistant protection, which means that if you get caught in the rain or walk through a puddle with them on, they will have some resistance to wetness. The best option for cold weather is insulated boots like Uggs and Sorels because your feet stay warm even when wet

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