The Kadet is a new rifle from Chrome Industries. We review this beginner’s rifle in the light of it being one of the few rifles on the market to offer both AR-15 and AKM features at a price point that will appeal to most consumers while still maintaining enough quality for an intermediate shooter experienced gun enthusiast.

Is the Kadet from Chrome Industries a sling bag? Is that a messenger bag? We’re not sure what to name it (the Chrome team claims it’s a messenger sling). Slingenger?). We’ve had a great time using our 9L bag as a daily driver in Detroit for the last two weeks.

The Kadet has enough room for practically everything we need daily. Everything except a laptop that is; we’re getting ahead of ourselves, however. Let’s take a step back.

Aesthetics & Materials

Chrome Industries is recognized for its edgy, one-of-a-kind gear for city slickers and bikers. The Kadet from Chrome Industries is no exception. Because it’s bigger than many other slings—hence the term “messenger sling”—it’s not meant to be worn across your hips like a fanny pack. It also seems to be oversized when worn across the chest, particularly if you have a more petite frame. In general, we favor the back carry.

Chrome Industries Kadet LogoThe limited-edition “BLCKCHRM 22X” version of the Kadet, which has a 22x nylon laminate shell, has been tested. Only the black hue that we’ve been trying is available, which amps up Chrome Industries’ characteristic urban appearance. The front of the bag includes a black-on-black griffin emblem in this colorway (unlike the other colorways, which have a white border outlining the griffin).

Chrome Industries Kadet MaterialThe Kadet’s conventional version has a 1050D nylon shell. In this review, the traditional interpretation is available in Black, Ranger (brown), and Navy Blue.

Both textiles are long-lasting and should last you a long time. Durable YKK zippers are used throughout the Kadet, including a YKK AquaGuard® zipper on the main compartment for further water protection. To be clear, the bag is not water-resistant. However, you should be OK if it begins to rain while you’re out and about. The strap’s heavy metal buckle (which we’ll go over in more detail later) should also survive.

Components from Outside

Let’s start with the metal seatbelt buckle because we’ve previously addressed it. If you’ve ever heard of Chrome, you’ve probably heard of this buckle. Chrome bags have had the “iconic” (Chrome’s term, not ours) buckle from the beginning. The clasp on other Chrome gear is usually silver, but it’s matte black on both variants of the Kadet.

Chrome Industries Kadet BuckleWe like it a lot. Because it’s made of aluminum, it doesn’t add much weight. A bottle opener is also included in the buckle, which is a great touch.

The strap incorporates a quick-release mechanism that has shown to be reasonably reliable throughout testing. You can adjust the strap with one hand in a few seconds. You may easily swing the bag forward to reach for your belongings or remove them. You may also tighten it fast if necessary.

An elastic strap keeper keeps all of the extra straps neatly tucked away. At Pack Hacker, we’re big supporters of the #DangleFreeExperience. Therefore we love this feature.

Chrome Industries Kadet StrapsThe strap is well-padded and breathable mesh, making it easy to carry even when the bag is entirely laden. There’s also a detachable strap that runs up under your arm and helps to keep the bag close to your body. We enjoy that this strap is detachable since we haven’t required it throughout our testing. To be honest, we believe it is superfluous for a bag of this size and weight (at least for most circumstances). It’s better for a bigger messenger bag like the Chrome Industries Citizen.

However, if you travel by bike on a rough road, you’ll likely love this feature.

Chrome Industries Kadet Compression StrapsThere are four compression straps on the Kadet: two on the bottom and one on each side. If you’re carrying less than the bag’s complete capacity, they do an excellent job of cinching it down (which is a lot). If necessary, the bottom compression straps may also be used to carry stuff outside, such as a light jacket.

Chrome Industries Kadet Back Panel And Holster Finally, there is a U-Lock holster on the rear of the backpack for external components. Of course, not everyone needs storage space for a U-Lock, but we believe it’s a great addition for all of you bike commuters. Plus, it won’t get in the way if you don’t need it.

The Sling Inside

The Chrome Industries Kadet’s interior is plain for better or worse. That is to say, depending on your use case and personality, the minimum internal structure may be a benefit or a drawback. You won’t be thrilled with what the Kadet has to offer if you prefer a space for everything. However, if you want to put your belongings in a bag and leave, the Kadet is for you. Accessory pouches may also be used to keep all of your smaller stuff organized (#PackHackerProTip).

On this device, there are two chambers. Both feature a gleaming gray interior that makes it easier to see what’s going on.

Chrome Industries Kadet Front PocketThere is no further organization in the front pocket. It’s a long pocket with lots of room for objects that need to be retrieved quickly. You know, the things you don’t want to dig for, like your phone or sunglasses.

Chrome Industries Kadet Main CompartmentThere is a lot of room in the main compartment. There’s enough place for a tech bag with all your gadgets, a packable jacket, a water bottle, and so on.

The organization is bare bones. We’ve stored a tablet and Field Notes Notebook in the huge divider pocket on the rear of the bag. Two tiny, slender divider compartments are also included. They’re big pen sleeves—ideal for pens, a spork, bike tools, a Tide to Go Pen, and other small items. They’re big is appealing to us since it allows us to store a wide range of items.

Chrome Industries Kadet Main Compartment OrganizationA D-ring is also located at the top of the compartment. It may hold your keys, or a carabiner can be attached to it to hang smaller objects you don’t want to dig for.

Testing & Durability

Overall, we’ve had a great time utilizing the Chrome Industries Kadet in Detroit, Michigan, for the last two weeks. It’s virtually ideal as a daily bag, as we said at the start of this article. However, all of us at Pack Hacker work on laptops, which will not fit inside the Kadet. Even so, it’s a nice size for day excursions, as a backup bag to your daily driver, or as a daily driver if you work from home and don’t earn a fortune online.

Chrome Industries Kadet In DetroitChrome Industries is recognized for producing high-quality, long-lasting gear, so we’re not surprised that we haven’t had any serious difficulties with it yet. However, the black seatbelt clasp has a few little scratches (the interior part that clips into the buckle and experiences the most wear). Because of the coating, we feel the black version picks up scratches more quickly than the silver version. It’s not a big problem, but it’s worth noting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Chrome Kadet waterproof?

A: No, the Chrome Kadet is not waterproof. It only has a water-resistant coating.

How do you wear a Chrome bag?

A: If you are wearing a Chrome bag, putting on your clothes is as follows.

Are Chrome bags waterproof?

A: Not all, but some are water-resistant. They have a durable or waterproof lining that protects them from damage by rain and moisture.

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