The Herschel Tour Hip Pack is a great multi-purpose bag for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. Its versatility allows you to wear the pack in different ways, including over your shoulder or chest like a messenger bag. The size is also appropriate for everyday use and extended backpacking trips.

We’ve been using the small Tour Hip Pack as a daily driver in Detroit for a few weeks, using it as a waist pack and a sling bag (over the chest/back). It rides well in both directions.

Aesthetics & Materials

The Tour Hip Pack (Small) resembles a traditional waist pack, except it’s a little squarer. If you’re a lover of the waist pack (hip pack, fanny pack) fad, you’ll love this little guy’s style. We’re not sure why you’re reading about a waist pack if you’re not thrilled. (Isn’t it our lovely writing and fantastic photography?)

At the time of this review, it’s available in six hues, including the basic black we’ve been wearing and a more attention-getting Woodland Camo.

Herschel Supply Co Tour Hip Pack Small LogoThe brand tag on some hues is bright white and a little too apparent, but the black logo label on the black bag we’ve been testing is fantastic. Also, the bag’s measurements are embroidered on the front, which is okay. We’re not sure why that’s a thing—is it so you’ll know the precise measurements if someone asks?—but it doesn’t take away from the overall aesthetic.

Herschel Supply Co Tour Hip Pack Small MaterialThe pack’s outside is made of 210 Nylon with a water-resistant coating (or 300D polyester in the case of the Camo pattern). In addition, 1680D Ballistic nylon is used to strengthen the base. These textiles are rugged and should last a long time.

Herschel Supply Co Tour Hip Pack Small ZippersThe zippers are YKK, which means they’ll last a long time. In addition, the zipper pulls are fantastic. They have just the right amount of texture and a comfortable form and are a pleasure to use. Duraflex made the robust buckle, so we don’t expect any issues either.

Components from Outside

There isn’t much in the way of external components on this backpack. Keep in mind that this is a waist pack.

Herschel Supply Co Tour Hip Pack Small BuckleThere’s the strap, in a nutshell. The seatbelt kind of strap is as essential as it gets—no mesh or padding—which we don’t mind since this pack is so little. Although we’ve experienced some issues with it, you’ll discover an elastic strap retainer to keep things looking clean. Unfortunately, the strap may break away from its holder while you’re throwing this thing back and forth, and the #DangleFreeExperience is over. This has occurred many times while testing, and although it is a little annoying, it is aggravating.

The Tour Hip Pack works well as both a waist pack and a sling bag, as we noted in this review (crossbody on your chest or back). It is entirely up to you to determine how you want to wear it. In any case, the strap is comfortable.

Herschel Supply Co Tour Hip Pack Small Sling CarryThe buckle is offset from the center, making it easier to sling this around your body. It also looks good hanging over your hips.

The back panel is somewhat cushioned but not too so, which is the ideal compromise for a waist pack.

The Waist Pack Inside

The Herschel Supply Co. Tour Hip Pack (Small) has two compartments, which is just what we prefer to see on bags this size. So, let’s get this party started.

Herschel Supply Co Tour Hip Pack Small Front PocketBecause of the welted fabric that drapes over the zipper, the front pocket is relatively tiny and challenging to get into. It’s great for weather protection, but it’s not great for access. Even so, this pocket is plenty for the essentials: a pack of gum, some cash, and lip balm.

And now we’ve arrived at the main compartment. All you’ll find inside is a key clip, and that’s all. There are no pockets on the inside. We’re not sure why there’s a key clip here—this pocket is so tiny that even if your keys are shoved to the bottom of the bag, they won’t be lost. And we believe it would have fit better in the front pocket, which is smaller.

Herschel Supply Co Tour Hip Pack Small Key ClipWe’ve stowed our keys (which aren’t attached to the key clip), wallet, and sunglasses in this compartment. You could also squeeze your phone in there, but we don’t enjoy having our phone and keys in such proximity. They have a tumultuous past and are constantly arguing. They’re too much in love with one another. It’s a little unsettling.

Putting aside the humor, your keys may scratch your phone. We’ve even been hesitant to store sunglasses here—we wouldn’t do it if our sunglasses were any more acceptable. A key organizer, such as the Jibbon Key Organizer, may prevent your keys from harming sensitive things. However, an interior pocket or two would have helped separate stuff that needed to be separated and add some structure.

Herschel Supply Co Tour Hip Pack Small Main

That’s all there is to it. Overall, we were able to get a pack of gum, lip balm, a few dollars in change, keys, a wallet, and sunglasses inside this waist pack which isn’t much. But it’s only a smidgeon more than we generally keep in our jeans pockets.

We’re not convinced it’s worth it to carry an additional bag only to have a pack of gum and lip balm with us all the time. We’d rather keep our gum and lip balm in our pockets and toss them in a bag, vehicle, desk, or anywhere.

However, we all know that useable pockets on women’s jeans are uncommon. Alternatively, you might wear slim jeans. So, if you usually don’t have practical pockets or want to have your pockets empty and full of crumpled-up receipts, this pack could be for you. Otherwise, you may want to stick to your bags or invest in a bigger waist pack that can contain more than the minimal necessities.

The Tour Hip Pack is available in a medium-size if that’s the case, you like tearing off it. As a result, you should have more room.

Testing & Durability

We’ve been testing the Herschel Supply Co. Tour Hip Pack (Small) for about a month in Detroit, Michigan, as we indicated before. We’ve used it as both a waist pack and a sling bag, and it’s been comfortable in both situations. In addition, you scarcely notice it since it’s so tiny and doesn’t grow heavy (unless you’re hauling about a considerable fortune in gold coins).

We’re delighted to inform you that, other than a few loose threads, we haven’t had any durability concerns thus far.

Herschel Supply Co Tour Hip Pack Small Sling Access

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