The Kone Pure Owl-eye by Roccat, the younger brother of the iconic Kone EMP, is here to test whether dropping weight and size affects the punch it formerly carried.

According to Roccat, the Roccat Kone Pure is the stripped-down younger brother of the ever-popular Kone EMP, built for gamers that prefer the EMP’s design but in a thinner compact. Roccat has streamlined the design somewhat without sacrificing build quality or technology, offering the KPOE a new sensor that appeals to more competitive gamers. The new Owl-eye sensor is a modified 3360 (a 3361 optical) optical sensor, well-known for its 12,000 DPI capabilities. The design is basic but distinctive, with a semi-polished, high-quality plastic surface that looks excellent and provides a superior grip. The KPOE boasts a 1000hz polling rate and a 1ms reaction time, much like other recent gaming mice. Omron switches with a life expectancy of 50 million clicks are used by Roccat.

The Kone Pure Owl-eye is one of those mice that you’ll love or hate; more importantly, the design will determine whether or not this mouse is right for you. The KPOE is a terrific addition to the peripheral gaming scene, with the fantastic build quality and an internal brain that is right up there. So we take a seat to determine whether it is indeed superior to its predecessor.


  • Exceptional Design
  • Lightweight
  • Seven tactile gaming buttons
  • Exceptional optical sensor
  • Pro-grip surface is a one-of-a-kind feature.


  • RGB is the most basic color scheme.
  • The shape is divisive.

Roccat Kone Pure 1

Mouse Size & Weight

  • 88g in weight
  • Small in size
  • 11.8cm (4.64 inches) in length
  • 7.0cm – 2.75 inches in width
  • Height: 1.53 inches (3.9 cm)
  • Orientation of Hands: Right-Handed

Mouse Technology

  • Sensor: PMW3361 Owl-Eye Sensor
  • Omron D2FC-F-K(50M)-RT Buttons
  • 200-12000 DPI (increments of 50)
  • 125, 250, 500, and 1000 Hz polling rate
  • 1.8-meter braided USB cable

What’s Included in the Box?

Roccat Kone Pure Owl Eye

I like Roccat’s product packaging since it always shouts gaming to me. The box is lavishly designed, with a dark blue and black story highlighted with white and neon strokes. The Roccat KPOE is contained behind two layers of protective plastic within the package. The cable is neatly wrapped under the User’s Guide and welcome message, held in place by a plastic tie. Keeping in mind is that it might be challenging to open, although the package is attractive.

  • Pure Owl-eye Roccat Kone
  • User’s Guide
  • Note of Welcome


Roccat Kone Pure 3

According to Roccat, the KPOE was created for gamers who desired the Kone EMP’s fan-favorite design but in a more polished shell. With a weight of 88 grams and a size of 91% that of its larger brother, the KPOE seems to have succeeded. The KPOE is the latest addition to the ever-growing popularity of lightweight gaming mice. You can’t argue with what these companies are doing, however. If you’ve never used a light mouse before, you’re probably anticipating a terrible transition, which might be the case. However, after you’ve gotten adjusted to your increased weight, the advantages far outweigh a few weeks of bad aim. The lightweight design is ideal for long-range combat, as it assists in sniping and precision, but it also aids in stability while spraying up and personal. Not to mention that the heavier mice put less strain on your arm. However, mice like the Razer Abyssus, which weighs 80g, and the Logitech G Pro, which weighs 83g, aren’t the lightest tools in the shed right now.

The weight distribution of this mouse is also worth noticing; it seems to be precisely centered and feels like the designers did this expressly to produce a better hand feel. The KPOE is about large enough to accommodate all hand sizes, but for the best grip, use this mouse if your hand is 17-19cm x 8-10cm.


Roccat Kone Pure 4

The KPOE comes equipped with seven strategically placed mouse buttons, including two primary buttons, two thumb buttons, two dpi buttons, and a scroll wheel, which can be customized via the Roccat software Swarm. I enjoy the feel of Roccat’s buttons and switches, and they are blue Omron D2FC-F-K(50M)-RT (50 Million Click Lifespan), which are stiffer and take more force to actuate than most other Omron switches. The profile of this mouse has a right to left slant, similar to that of the Razer Basilisk, but doesn’t have the concave primary mouse buttons. This doesn’t take anything away from the grip mind as Roccat has combated this with their Pro-grip surface is a one-of-a-kind feature. The direct mouse buttons are one with the mouse’s shell and have a significant click sound and resistance level. The DPI buttons are situated just under the scroll wheel and are very well positioned to boost usage. The two thumb buttons are separated by a 3mm gap, just enough to let you know which one is being activated but not enough to look stupid. Finally, the scroll wheel has been finished with a semi-sensitive scroll step, which is significant for both individual movements and rapid scrolling. Overall I’m happy with how Roccat has designed the buttons and how they function in competitive games.

Design, Shape & Texture

Roccat Kone Pure 2

The design is an intriguing aspect of the KPOE since it will eventually determine whether people will be fans of the mouse or utterly opposed to it. Because of its divisive design, the Kone EMP divided the market, and the KPOE has followed that general plan. The KPOE’s tiny and compact shape isn’t for everyone, but with the rising popularity of little mice, it will undoubtedly appeal to many. The KPOE is comparable to the Razer Abyssus, Logitech’s G Pro, and Corsair Sabre in terms of size and dimensions. You might even claim that it’s a blend of all three. It features a very slight curve to its back and a 3.9cm peak, allowing for a comfortable ergonomic fit in hand. It is just under 12cm in length and 5.8cm in width, fitting within the 2/1 ratio that most top-tier gaming mice follow these days. The material utilized by Roccat is known as a unique pro-grip, and it claims lower perspiration levels and enhanced grip. However, I didn’t detect any change in perspiration levels after using the mouse throughout the weekend. Roccat built the mouse with an indented thumb panel on the left-hand side, which makes the KPOE a right-hand-only model and gives the user a sense of absolute control.


Like the most modern mice, the cable comprises a robust braid with a length of 1.8m and a standard USB connector at the end. The braid feels impressive because of its rigid structure but is slightly resistive if you aren’t using a bungee. When we draped it over the desk, we noted that it held that right-angled form with a lot of resistance, which constituted an issue. However, like with all of the mice we tested, a bungee was employed, and life returned to normal. If you want to take competitive gaming to the next level, you need a mouse bungee, and I can’t emphasize it enough. It may seem routine, but it is far from it. All in all, the braid’s quality is unquestionable, and it feels robust and sturdy. There is no wireless version of this mouse, but if you’re seeking something comparable in size, weight, and price, the Logitech G305 is a good option.

Performance of the Mouse

Roccat Kone Pure 5

Start with the sensor: Roccat built the 3361 optical, often known as the Owl-eye optical sensor, by modifying a 3360. According to the creators, the owl was used as inspiration because it has a “stunning capacity to instantly analyze its surroundings with devastating efficiency,” according to the creators. It’s corny, but I get what they’re driving at. The sensor is rather excellent; it has a tracking speed of 250 IPS and a maximum acceleration of 50g, and it tracks precisely pixel by pixel. Your confidence from knowing your sensor is top-notch transfers to your aim, and sniping and long-range engagements got a lot simpler for me. However, part of this may be attributed to the mouse’s excellent form and shape. As previously said, the mouse fits nicely in my palm, giving me a sense of complete control, and I found that my spraying (in CSGO) got much more polished and controlled as a result. The seven customizable buttons are precisely positioned for my hands, making them quite efficient and practical. They have a nice tactile feel to them, and unlike other mice on the market today, you can tell when you’ve pushed them.

On the other hand, the scroll wheel is a bit more challenging to push than I’d like; fortunately, I’m just playing FPS now, so I don’t need to use it for bindings very often. The KPOE has a Lift Distance of roughly 1 CD, which is relatively friendly and perfectly matches my gaming style. I use low sensitivity and DPI, so extended aggressive swiping and lifting are shared; thus, a quite sensitive LOD is ideal. It’s also worth noting that the two mouse feet on the front and rear of the base give outstanding smoothness. If they aren’t up to your expectations, you can always get aftermarket slides from various shops. In addition, the KPOE features a 512kb onboard memory that may be used to store profiles and macros for use on-the-fly.

Software for Mouse

This mouse may be used with or without the Roccat software Swarm is a fantastic feature. Consumers may completely personalize the mouse by utilizing the software, which includes everything from storing profiles and bindings to light modification. The LOD optimization tool, which enables you to decide how sensitive you want it to be, is one of the greatest things Swarm, like other brand products, offers. Although this feature isn’t exclusive to Swarm, it does seem the most refined. The Roccat Easyshift tool, which is included with the Swarm program, enables you to configure a button that, when pushed, changes the whole profile of the mouse, allowing you to have a total of 17 functional buttons on one profile. As a result, the program performs well, and we have yet to encounter any glitches or crashes, which is always reassuring. If the program isn’t your thing, the 512kb onboard memory will preserve your profile, so you won’t have to run it in the background. All drivers are available for download via the app, but the KPOE is effectively a plug-and-play mouse.


At first glance, the Pure Owl-eye Roccat Kone could be interpreted as a cheap remake of a once-popular gaming mouse. However, after scratching the surface of what the KPOE had to offer, you soon realize that the guys have worked on creating a fully rounded product. Build quality was one of their preliminary plans, and every part of the mouse feels like it’s been designed with quality and longevity in mind. Furthermore, Roccat’s hardware clearly shows its intent, equipping it with one of the best optical sensors available, meaning this mouse caters to both gaming hobbyists and competitive tournament gamers. Ultimately, Roccat has done a great job with the Kone Pure, its ergonomic design will eventually split the market, but you can not deny the guys have equipped this mouse with everything you need to be at the peak of your game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Roccat Kone worth it?

A: Yes, the Roccat Kone is worth it. It’s an excellent headset for competitive gamers who dont mind paying more to get something that has excellent performance and will last them quite some time

Which Roccat Kone is the best?

A: The Roccat Kone XTD RGB is the best mouse on our list due to its 16,000 DPI sensor and customizable weight tuning.

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