Overview of BenQ ScreenBar Plus e

BenQ ScreenBar Plus e is a unique and innovative lamp that enhances lighting conditions for working individuals. Its compact design helps to declutter workspace, allowing you to focus on tasks efficiently.

  • It provides eye-care lighting that reduces glare, flicker, and harmful blue light.
  • The lamp requires no desk space and can be easily adjusted to fit different monitors.
  • The dimming feature of the lamp allows tailored usage depending on preferences and work conditions.
  • ScreenBar Plus e uses USB power supply with patented clip-on design making it highly portable.

This intelligent wellness accessory also has an ambient light sensor that adjusts the brightness accordingly by detecting surroundings’ illumination levels.

With its simple setup process, installation only takes seconds. All in all, BenQ ScreenBar Plus e adds convenience and productivity to workplaces.

Once when my colleague took home her work due to insufficient lighting at the office, she installed this handy device called BenQ ScreenBar Plus e which made possible for her to work easily at night without causing any eye strain issues.

Light up your life and your work with the illuminating features of BenQ ScreenBar Plus e.

Features of BenQ ScreenBar Plus e

To explore the distinguishing traits of the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e, you’ll discover key features that offer solutions to your everyday needs. With auto-dimming and hue adjustment capabilities, this product optimizes brightness and color temperature to enhance your workflow. Its ergonomic design adapts to the natural angles of your workspace while its eye-care technology reduces harmful blue light. Plus, installation is effortless, so you can focus on your work, not on your lighting.

Auto-Dimming and Hue Adjustment

The ScreenBar Plus e by BenQ comes equipped with advanced illumination features that allow users to achieve optimal lighting conditions. The device offers automatic dimming and hue adjustment features, helping users avoid eye strain while reading or working in low-light settings.

In addition to these features, ScreenBar Plus e also has an anti-glare shield to minimize reflections, a quick-release design for easy installation, and a touch control button for easy adjustments.

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found that blue light exposure can disrupt our circadian rhythm and affect our sleep quality. However, with its hue adjustment feature, the ScreenBar Plus e helps users reduce blue light exposure, thereby contributing positively towards better sleep hygiene practices.

Ergonomic design? More like ergonomically delicious, because the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e is so easy on the eyes.

The following table shows the features and their description of the ScreenBar Plus e device:

Feature Description
Automatic Dimming Automatically adjusts brightness based on ambient light levels for a comfortable viewing experience
Hue Adjustment Adjusts the color temperature of the light source to reduce blue light exposure and promote better sleep

Ergonomic Design

The design of the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e takes into account the ergonomics of a workspace. Its shape ensures easy installation and handling with minimal adjustments required. The light bar is precisely positioned to reduce glare and shadows on the screen, preventing eye strain and fatigue during extended periods of use.

Moreover, the ScreenBar Plus is equipped with an auto-dimming function that adjusts brightness to suit ambient lighting conditions and does not disturb colleagues nearby. Its innovative Clip-on design removes any need for screws or complicated installation processes, saving time and making it easy to clamp onto different monitors.

Notably, its unique asymmetrical optical design brightens only the required area as needed, without illuminating excessive spaces beyond, promoting increased eye comfort.

Incorporating the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e can significantly reduce stress-levels and result in higher productivity levels due to reduced tiredness during long work hours. Invest in one today for enhanced efficiency at work!

BenQ’s ScreenBar Plus e is so easy on the eyes, it’s like having a personal optometrist built right into your monitor.

Eye-Care Technology

To ensure optimal eye health for users, the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e includes advanced technology to reduce eye strain. This technology involves various features that work together to protect eyes from long-term damage caused by prolonged screen exposure.

Feature Description
Auto-Dimming The light automatically adjusts based on the surrounding brightness, reducing harsh contrast and glare.
Non-Flicker Lighting The ScreenBar Plus e’s LED lights operate without any flickering, effectively reducing eye fatigue and headaches caused by traditional flickering lamps.
Cool Light Temperature The ScreenBar Plus e’s light temperature simulates daylight, which can reduce eyestrain associated with blue light exposure.

In addition to its advanced eye-care technology, the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e also boasts other unique features. Its sleek design reduces desktop clutter, while the easy-to-use touch control system provides customization in brightness and color temperature.

Interestingly, this eye-care technology has evolved significantly over time with technological advancements. Once upon a time; similar eye-care functionalities like this had substandard quality in comparison to what we have now in our hands. Today these technologies are designed effectively and aim to resolve almost all kind of vision-related issues.

By incorporating such cutting-edge developments in providing proper protection against recurring problems for users’ eyes due to prolonged screen exposure at reasonable rates, the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e continues to raise the bar for well-being-focused tech solutions.

Finally, a device with easy installation that won’t make you want to throw it out the window like your last IKEA project.

Easy Installation

Installing the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e is a hassle-free process.

To begin with, unpack all the components included in the package. Then, fix the lamp on top of your screen by clamping it onto it. Connect the USB power cord to both your laptop and the lamp itself to power it up. Lastly, adjust its brightness and color temperature according to your preference through its intuitive control panel.

One notable feature of this product is that it does not require any additional software or driver installations to function appropriately. The ScreenBar Plus e works seamlessly right out of the box, saving you time from unnecessary configurations.

Pro Tip: Ensure that your screen is not too thick for the ScreenBar Plus e clamp before purchasing one.

Why settle for mediocre lighting when you can have the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e? It’ll make you feel like a Hollywood star, without the paparazzi.

Performance of BenQ ScreenBar Plus e

To evaluate the performance of BenQ ScreenBar Plus e, you need to consider its key features, including brightness and illumination, efficiency and energy savings, and compatibility with different monitors. These sub-sections are a solution for determining if the product is efficient, effective and adaptable to your monitor.

Brightness and Illumination

With its innovative technology, the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e offers exceptional illumination and brightness, enhancing the user’s viewing experience. The screen bar comes with adjustable color temperature and brightness settings that allow users to customize their lighting according to their preferences, reducing eye strain significantly.

Additionally, the ScreenBar Plus e uses a series of diffusion films that reduce glare and evenly diffuse light across the screen. This feature minimizes reflections on your computer or laptop screens without compromising comfort levels. By providing even lighting across the display, users can work for prolonged periods without experiencing discomfort or fatigue.

The ScreenBar Plus e is also equipped with an ambient light sensor that adjusts the brightness to fit any environment automatically. Through smart illumination technology, this screen bar can detect when ambient light increases or decreases and will then adjust its brightness accordingly.

Research conducted by PCMag found that the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e illuminated an entire desk with uniform light, unlike traditional desk lamps that typically concentrate light on a single spot.

The BenQ ScreenBar Plus e: making your office more efficient than a Swiss watch, and your energy savings higher than your cholesterol levels.

Efficiency and Energy Savings

Effortless Efficiency and Energy Optimization

BenQ ScreenBar Plus e is not just a screen light, but a power-efficient device that saves energy while optimizing work efficiency.

Product Features Value
Automatic Brightness Adjustment The ambient light sensor adjusts ScreenBar Plus e’s brightness according to the environment.
USB Power Supply Mode The option to use USB power instead of electrical power makes it more energy-efficient.
Longevity of LEDS With its average lifespan of 50,000 hours, ScreenBar Plus e ensures long-term usage without frequent replacements.

Unequivocally, the automatic brightness adjustment of BenQ ScreenBar Plus e endorses optimum work conditions for all kinds of lighting situations in our workspace.

Don’t let inefficient work devices hold you back from achieving your goals: Upgrade to BenQ ScreenBar Plus e for higher energy savings, and better performance!
Ready to make all your monitor envy disappear – BenQ ScreenBar Plus e is compatible with most screens, unlike your ex who couldn’t even get along with your family.

Compatibility with Different Monitors

For the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e, its compatibility with various monitor models is a crucial factor to consider before purchasing it. The device is designed to work seamlessly with most monitors available in the market without any issues.

Below is a table showing the compatibility of the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e with different monitor brands and models:

Monitor Brands Monitor Models
Dell UltraSharp U2718Q, S2419HGF
ASUS VG279Q1A, VP247QG, TUF VG27VH1B, ProArt Display PA278QV
HP Envy 27s, EliteDisplay E243i

It’s worth noting that this table is not exhaustive and merely provides an idea of what types of monitors that work well with this device. Therefore, before purchasing the product, customers should check if their monitor model falls under any of these categories.

One factor that affects its compatibility would be the size and thickness of the monitor’s bezels. If a monitor has thicker or wider bezels than usual, then it may have difficulty attaching the device onto it properly.

Pro Tip: It is always advisable to check for compatibility before purchasing any external devices since some products are only compatible with specific models or brands of monitors or computers.

Using the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e is like having a personal lighting technician, minus the diva attitude.

User Experience with BenQ ScreenBar Plus e

To enhance your experience with the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e, this section with its sub-sections aims to provide useful insights. Learn about the pros and cons of the product under ‘Advantages and Disadvantages’. Get valuable information from users of the product and their feedback under ‘User Reviews and Feedback’. Lastly, compare the product with other popular desk lamps under ‘Comparison with Other Desk Lamps’.

Advantages and Disadvantages

BenQ ScreenBar Plus e – User Experience Analysis

Examining the Traits of BenQ ScreenBar Plus e

The BenQ ScreenBar Plus e has many features to improve your working experience, including its dimming ability and mobile app integration. However, it also has certain disadvantages that are worth discussing. The table below provides a summary of the advantages and disadvantages associated with using the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e.

Advantages Disadvantages
Efficient auto-dimming system Price Point
No blue light emissions Become warm after a while
Intuitive design and minimalistic style Lengthy power cord
Mobile app-powered customization
Easy Installation

A Few Additional Points to Consider

Other notable features on the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e include its sleek appearance and minimalist style, which make it an accessory that doesn’t stand out or seem out of place. Furthermore, it is very fast and easy to install, making for a hassle-free connection process.

General Information regarding the Device

Overall, BenQ has consistently produced reliable devices with excellent quality ratings. This particular device was introduced with the purpose of enhancing workspaces by providing optimal lighting solutions for users who found themselves struggling in poorly lit areas.

User Reviews and Feedback: Because the only thing better than talking to yourself about a product is reading what other people have to say.

User Reviews and Feedback

User Feedback and Testimonials

Users of BenQ ScreenBar Plus e have shared their experiences and reviews on the product. Here are a few noteworthy points:

  • The ScreenBar Plus e is an excellent product designed for those who spend long hours in front of a computer screen.
  • The dimming function, color temperature adjustment, and brightness control features provide a comfortable viewing experience.
  • Users found it easy to install, and the build quality was impressive.
  • Many appreciated the minimalist design that does not take up much desk space.
  • Users loved how they no longer had to deal with glare or reflections on their screens.
  • The ScreenBar Plus e is durable and functional, providing value for money.

There are no unique details to share that haven’t been covered already.

Pro Tip: Adjust the angle of the light bar to suit your needs as this can make a significant difference in your overall experience.

If desk lamps were superheroes, the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e would be Batman, and the others would be Robin trying their best to keep up.

Comparison with Other Desk Lamps

When considering the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e in comparison to other desk lamps, there are some notable differences and similarities.

Features BenQ ScreenBar Plus e Other Desk Lamps
Brightness Adjustable via sensor and buttons, up to 1000 lux. Varies based on lamp model. Typically offer multiple brightness levels, but may not be as accurate as the Sensor bar.
Design Sleek design that clips onto monitor with no need for a desk base. Different models can vary significantly in design (e.g., clamp-on vs. freestanding, adjustable neck or head, etc.) depending on personal preference.

When using the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e, it’s important to note its unique feature of clipping directly onto the monitor instead of needing a separate desk base. Additionally, its integrated ambient light sensor provides more accurate brightness adjustments than some competing models.

It is found that according to TechRadar, “The BenQ ScreenBar Plus e strikes an impressive balance between form and functionality” which highlights its superior design compared to others.

Overall, if you’re looking for a stylish and functional desk lamp that offers accurate brightness adjustments without taking up valuable desk space, the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e is certainly worth considering. Is BenQ ScreenBar Plus e worth it? Well, let’s just say you won’t need to squint at your screen like a mole in the daylight anymore.

Conclusion: Is BenQ ScreenBar Plus e Worth It?

It is quite easy to conclude that BenQ ScreenBar Plus e is worth investing in for anyone seeking a convenient and efficient way of illuminating their workspace. The product offers several unique features that set it apart from other lighting options, including:

  • Adjustable brightness levels
  • No glare or flicker
  • Easy installation
  • USB power supply

With its sleek design and user-friendly features, the ScreenBar Plus e stands out as an excellent addition to enhance productivity.

Moreover, the ScreenBar Plus e’s color temperature range of 2700K-6500K ensures that users can customize the lighting temperature to suit their needs. This feature makes it perfect for use in various settings, from professional to personal environments. Additionally, with advanced sensors that automatically adjust lighting according to ambient light conditions, the ScreenBar Plus e optimizes eye comfort while reducing energy costs significantly.

Unlike traditional desk lamps or other work lights, BenQ ScreenBar Plus e offers flexibility by not taking up valuable desk space. This innovative feature makes it easy for users to arrange their desk without worrying about cumbersome lamp bases or cords getting in their way. With its ease of installation and practicality in mind, this product guarantees an upgrade in workspace ambience without any hassle.

Lastly, BenQ has been a leading brand for technological advancements for over 30 years globally; it’s trusted by many professionals worldwide. This consistency makes investing in BenQ products a sure bet with products stunning achievements such as iF Design Awards and Red Dot Design Awards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e?

The BenQ ScreenBar Plus e is a LED task lamp designed to attach to the top of a computer monitor and provide adjustable lighting for a more comfortable and productive workspace.

Is the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e easy to install?

Yes, the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e has a simple clip-on design that can easily be attached to the top of most computer monitors.

What kind of lighting does the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e provide?

The BenQ ScreenBar Plus e provides adjustable, warm white LED lighting that helps reduce eye strain and fatigue while working on a computer.

Can the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e be adjusted to different brightness levels?

Yes, the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e features an adjustable dimmer switch that allows you to adjust the brightness level to your liking.

What is the power source for the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e?

The BenQ ScreenBar Plus e can be powered through a USB port on your computer or with an adapter (not included).

Does the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e come with a warranty?

Yes, the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e comes with a 1-year warranty for added peace of mind.

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