The Matador NanoDry towel is the latest addition to the company’s line of products and features a powerful dry agent that can be used for both warm and cold applications. The article will explore how this product performs on various scales, whether it does better than its competition in terms of drying speed or quality, and what one might consider before buying it.

Matador advertises these towels as being lightweight, very absorbent, and rapid drying. They also claim that a unique “gold-coat antibacterial coating” keeps them fresh for a more extended amount of time. All of these qualities drew our curiosity, but the “gold-coat antibacterial coating” piqued our interest the most.

Matador NanoDry Towels On HammockWe’ve been testing both sizes for roughly three months at the time of this review, so let’s see how they’ve fared.

Aesthetics & Materials

First and foremost, the unique design of the carrying bag sets these towels apart from other towels on the market. Matador has chosen a silicone case rather a ripstop nylon or standard mesh bag, which is usual with most travel towels.

Matador NanoDry Towel Silicone CasesAll sides of the cases feature air holes, except for one, which is totally open, enabling you to insert and remove the towel.

We’re big supporters of understated branding, so seeing some subtle, minimalistic branding on these items pleased us. It’s just enough to recognize Matador without being too obvious about it.

Matador NanoDry Towel HooksThe Shower size case includes a robust carabiner clip on the exterior, while the Trek size has a stainless steel key chain. These enable you to hang your towel in a hotel room or hostel and attach it to the exterior of your backpack (or anything else) when traveling.

A fabric snap loop is affixed to one corner of the towels, which snaps open and closed with a plastic clip. It’s designed to enable you to hang the towel on a hook or attach it to any kind of rail.

There are two sizes and two colors: Moss Yellow and Charcoal Grey. Matador has kept things constant by matching the cases to the color of the towels, which the OCD in us appreciates.

The bigger version, known as the “Shower,” is 47 by 24 inches, or about the same size as a standard bath towel. Together, the towel and case weigh 5 ounces (142g).

The “Trek,” the smaller size, is just a hand towel. It measures 15 × 15 inches when unpacked and weighs 2 ounces, according to Matador (56g). However, we measured it and discovered that it is significantly lighter than Matador says, at just 1.15 ounces! We’re not sure why it works this way, but it’s another positive for the NanoDry Trek Towel and a nod to lightweight travel.

It’s been hailed as “cute” by many members of our Pack Hacker team, particularly when it’s put up in its little carrying case.

Both towels are constructed of nanofiber with an antimicrobial coating called “Gold-Coat.” “Nanofiber” is just marketing talk for selling more towels and making them seem high-tech. Towels composed of 85 percent polyester and 15 percent polyamide, with an antibacterial coating, are what we have here.

So, what’s with the “Nano”? Although polyamide is included in many synthetic textiles, it is appropriately classified as a “nanofiber.” This is because it’s solid and elastic, and the word “nanofiber” sounds a lot nicer than “boring old polyamide.”

We can’t see or test the antimicrobial coating, but we’re all for it fit keeps the towels fresh and reduces that horrible mildew odor,

Matador NanoDry Towels UnpackedBoth towels are about the same thickness as a glass cleaning cloth for glasses or a computer screen, and the edge is serrated in the same way as those cloths. TAs, as a result, have a light, airy feel about them, and they fold up little, making them ideal for travel.

However, the texture is rougher than that of a glass cleaning cloth, which aids in the drying process. You know how ineffective it is if you’ve ever attempted to dry yourself with a microfiber glass cleaning cloth. To assist absorb the water, a little roughness is required.

Not that we’ve tried using glass cleaning cloths to wipe ourselves off… There was that one occasion, to be sure. But it isn’t something we discuss. Never, ever again.

Many microfiber packable towels have a tendency to feel “sticky” and adhere to your body when drying, as we’ve discovered. We’re pleased to report that the NanoDry towels aren’t as sticky and are really pretty pleasant to the touch, which is a positive.

Features and Advantages

It’s difficult to keep towels dry on the road. We’ve all had the experience of showering fast in the morning, stuffing your towel into your suitcase hurriedly, only to take it out several hours later when you get at your destination and discover it’s still damp and stinks like a wet dog.

With the silicone casing we mentioned before, the people at Matador have done an excellent job of preventing this. It’s highly breathable and hangs on the outside of your bag, helping to dry out your towel while it’s not in use and preventing that dreaded moldy odor.

The broad aperture along the edge of the carrying case is intended to make stuffing the towel inside the bag as simple as possible. Folding and rolling the towel is the proper technique to enter it, but if you’re in a rush, you may just force it in there. The towels, on the other hand, were a little difficult to stuff into the containers. Things seems that there is a knack to performing it correct, which we have to learn through time.

One disadvantage of the strong silicone case is that you have little control over its size while packing your belongings. It has some elasticity, but it is relatively inflexible compared to a drawstring stuff bag or mesh case. Yes, you’ll need to swarm around them if you put them in your case.

Matador NanoDry Towels On BeltloopWe enjoy the easy clips on the top of the carrying cases to compensate for the lack of flexibility (the more oversized Shower has a carabiner, and the smaller Trek has a stainless steel keychain). In addition, they make it easy to attach your towel to the exterior of your backpack or to hang it up anywhere in your hotel or hostel.

The Shower is 47 by 24 inches, making it a suitable size for use as a multi-purpose towel on various excursions. Admittedly, it’s a little smaller than ideal, but that’s offset by the fact that you’ll feel quite comfortable traveling light because to the space and weight savings this gadget provides.

If you use it at the beach, you won’t receive as much coverage as a regular beach towel. However, if you’re committed to keeping things as simple as possible—and don’t mind flaunting your legs in public—you can certainly pull it off.

The Trek is more minor, measuring 15 × 15 inches (about the size of a washcloth) and weighing just 2 ounces (34g). Matador advertises this as a fantastic exercise drink, and we believe they are correct.

It might be used as a primary towel after a shower or after coming out of the pool if you genuinely want to go minimalist. However, if you use it that way, it will most certainly get saturated mid-dry and you will need to wring it out many times.

We believe this is more suited as a hand towel, but if you’re trying to travel light and want to use the Trek as your primary towel, we believe it can be done. TOn the other hand, this isn’t the type of towel you’d use for skinny dipping—unless that’s your thing? In which case, more power to you and congratulations on pulling it off!

Note that the PackTowl Personal Towel weighs 6.9 oz and is 25 x 54 inches in size, comparable to another towel we’ve examined. Although Packtowl does have a more minimalistic towel in their line that we haven’t tried yet, it is clearly more thick than the Matador towels.

Testing & Durability

We’ve been using the Matador NanoDry Towels for approximately three months at this review. They’ve made many voyages from California, Minnesota, and Michigan to New York and some domestic usage. The towels are durable when used daily.

Matador NanoDry Towel Snap Loop Unclipping Easily Matador NanoDry Towel Snap Loop Unclipping Easily Matador NanoDry Towel

One of the few flaws we’ve discovered is that the snap loop’s button is relatively weak. You don’t even get the sense that it’s fastened on when you attempt to clip it on. A slight tug on the loop readily separates it, indicating that this feature is sensitive.

If you wish to hang the towel, you’ll have to use a hook or hang it from a balcony or railing. You may alternatively fold it up and put it on a bend in the carrying case, but the towel will not dry as rapidly.

The antibacterial coating on them will be tested over time to see how long the thinner material will stand up. On the other hand, the towels have had a decent start, since we haven’t observed any symptoms of wear and tear in the first three months.

In terms of the “gold-coat antimicrobial coating’s” performance. It’s difficult to state with certainty since we can’t see it! However, after repeated usage, we can say that both towels smell fresher than ordinary cotton towels.

The silicone carrying bags are durable, and the towels, except for the flimsy snap loop clips, feel sturdy, dry fast, and don’t appear to smell too funky—despite their tiny size and light weight compared to other towels.

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