The THINX Hiphugger underwear is all about being comfortable, fun to wear, and environmentally conscious. Learn more in this review of the sleek-looking thong that has a built-in cloth menstrual pad inside it.

Things may become sticky when traveling and menstruation (sorry, we had to). One excellent option is the THINX Hiphuggers, a pair of underwear that functions as a highly absorbent cushion. What’s the most significant part? They genuinely function, and they look and feel great while wearing them.

Thinx Hiphugger From Thinx Website AddressTHINX was one of the first firms to make period-proof underwear a reality, starting in 2014. To this day, the people over there are dedicated to de-stigmatizing periods—on their website and social media, they don’t hold back when discussing menstruation, and they collaborate with a variety of organizations to provide education and sanitary products to people with periods all over the world, which we admire.

And, just as there is no one-size-fits-all bag, there is no one-size-fits-all sanitary product. However, we believe this period-proof underwear is an excellent option for vacation. So let’s get started.

Aesthetics & Materials

THINX provides six types of underwear and a small selection of sportswear at the time of this review. Different styles are better or worse for other flows—you can understand what will work best for your body by visiting the THINX website (they even have a fun Know Your Flow quiz).

Thinx Hiphugger AestheticWe’ve been experimenting with the Hiphugger style, which THINX claims is best for heavier flows (about two tampons worth). It comes in four colors: ocean, dust, black, and beige. In true Pack Hacker fashion, we put the black to the test.

The body of the Classic Hiphugger is primarily nylon, with a cotton and elastane gusset. However, if you prefer all-cotton underwear, three of the designs are also available in organic cotton, which means the body and gusset are both composed of 95% organic cotton.

Thinx Hiphugger Lace TrimRegardless of the style, they all seem to be underwear and lovely underwear at that. The Hiphugger boasts lace trimming at the top that not only keeps it secure on your body but also looks great. And, to be honest, we adore them for it. On menstruation days, no more revealing underwear! That’s great.

Usage & Features

The characteristics are, after all, the reason to purchase a pair of THINX underwear in the first place. So let’s begin with the obvious: the Hiphuggers are a fantastic hygienic item.

They’re absorbent—the Hiphugger panties are the equal of two tampons—and we’ve discovered that they function well, even when we have a gentle flow. The length of time you may wear your THINX underpants before replacing them is determined by your body.

Thinx Hiphugger StitchingThe Hiphuggers are highly secure due to the elastic around the legs and the height (as the name says, they sit on your hips). As a result, they provide all of the necessary protection, especially when sleeping. In this regard, they’re superior to pads, which, let’s face it, maybe a little questionable overnight.

Thinx Hiphugger InsideAntimicrobial qualities are another fantastic and required characteristic of the THINX Hiphugger underwear. Even if you’ve been wearing them for more than 6 hours, you won’t notice any odor. Don’t worry. The antibacterial capabilities only impact microorganisms on the cloth, not your skin. THINX underwear is also moisture-wicking, so you’ll stay dry.

The THINX Hiphugger pants are a game-changer when it comes to travel. Seriously.

Thinx Hiphugger In An Eagle Creek Specter Tech Packing CubeFirst and foremost, we like knowing that we’ll never be caught without a sanitary product, which is especially useful while traveling. When traveling overseas or on the road, you may not always know where to get tampons or pads and may not trust the brands offered. This eliminates such issues since they’ll constantly be tucked away in your bag.

Periods aren’t always the easiest to forecast. Getting your period a couple of days early without easy access to sanitary supplies is never fun—be, let’s honest, it’s dreadful. Above all, THINX will provide you with peace of mind when traveling. If your period arrives early, just put on your THINX, and you’ll be fine.

On a similar topic, you may find yourself in a position where there is no suitable location to dispose of your sanitary goods when traveling, whether camping or just in a restroom without a trash can. Because THINX isn’t disposable (obviously), you’ll never have to wrap and tuck your sanitary things in your luggage again for subsequent disposal. (Unless you want to use tampons and pads in addition to your THINX.)

Thinx Hiphugger FabricWhile the THINX Hiphugger panties are a little thicker than conventional underwear, they don’t feel any different when you put them on. They’re pretty comfortable (though we recognize that comfort is subjective in this case since everyone’s underwear preferences vary).

However, since they look and feel like regular underwear, you may wear them at any time of the month, not only during your period. They won’t take up any additional room in your backpack. When packing, count your THINX underwear as ordinary underwear.

Thinx Hiphugger Look And FeelAt the very least, two pairs are recommended. Not only will you want to change them out for absorbency reasons, but it will also feel good to be fresh. Again, the number of pairs you’ll need is determined by your flow and preferences, so we recommend that you try on your THINX underwear before leaving.

As previously said, one of the biggest advantages of THINX underwear is the peace of mind it gives, so if you’re worried about how the underwear will function with you and your body, you won’t be able to enjoy one of the greatest elements of them to begin with. Wear them about your home for a while to see how long you can wear them comfortably—that kind of thing—so you can get used to them before venturing out into the world.

Something to keep in mind: THINX will refund your money if you try their underwear for 60 days and they don’t work for you. Although we haven’t confirmed this, the underwear has performed well in our tests.

While we only tested this underwear on its own, THINX notes that some individuals choose to use a tampon or menstrual cup with it if they want or need twice the protection. It all boils down to figuring out what works best for you.

Testing & Durability

Period-proof underwear elicits a certain level of suspicion. However, we’ve been trying the THINX Hiphugger panties for the last month and have really appreciated them. They just work. Even while wearing them all day, we’ve never had to worry about covering or protection.

Thinx Hiphugger Soft FeelAnd no, they aren’t unpleasant to wear. You’ll definitely want more than one pair, as we said before, so you can swap them out since it’s always good to feel extra fresh on your period. At the absolute least, one pair is worn during the day and the other is worn overnight.

Thinx Hiphugger Loose ThreadsSo far, our THINX underwear has held up nicely in terms of durability. The lace trimming on top has a few little pulls, but that’s all. And the underwear’s primary purpose as a hygienic item hasn’t deteriorated.

However, while cleaning them, you must use extra caution. THINX suggests cleaning them immediately after removing them, washing them in a mesh laundry bag anytime you do laundry (the rest of your clothing will be OK), and hanging them to dry.

The THINX Hiphugger takes longer to dry than a regular pair of underwear because they are absorbent. We’ve discovered that it takes around 8 hours.

THINX, on the other hand, just debuted the THINX Air. THINX says they would dry twice quicker than their conventional Hiphugger, which we haven’t tried. That seems very good to us.

The drying time isn’t a deal-breaker if you prefer the Hiphugger, which is a more absorbent design. Remember to keep the time in mind, and if you’re ever panicking, your hotel room’s blow dryer will come in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Thinx underwear worth it?

A: Thinx underwear can be worth it if you can save on the cost of tampons and pads. For someone who is low-income, they will most likely not have a problem with the high price that Thinx sets for their product.

Which Thinx underwear is best?

A: Our premium line is the best, as well as our thongs.

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