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Removing scratches from aluminum is much harder than you think, but we have a solution.

Today’s laptops have become more powerful and have a minimalist design. In addition, they are made of high-quality materials and body parts, such as aluminum.

Aluminum, a wonderful material, is widely used in various industries. The reason that appeals to everyone is that aluminum is a lighter and stronger material.

It is also a sturdy sleeve for your laptop. So if you drop your laptop, you don’t have to worry about damaging the inside of the computer.

Nothing serious will probably happen; you’ll just get away with a few scratches on your laptop. The only major drawback to an aluminum laptop is its susceptibility to scratches.

A protective cover for your laptop can save you. But, unfortunately, most people don’t really think about it and carry their laptop with them or in a bag without thinking twice about it.

Aluminum is a better surface than plastic in terms of protection, but it is not resistant to scratches. Scratches often occur on highly polished surfaces such as aluminum. No matter how hard you try, you can’t avoid scratching your laptop.

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If your laptop has scratches, you should think about removing scratches from an aluminum laptop. Relax and don’t worry, because we offer several ways to remove scratches from your laptop.

Most people wipe down the aluminum surface to remove scratches, but it doesn’t work that way. Instead, it all depends on the depth of the scratch.

If the scratch is deep, you should think that it cannot be removed before you buy an aluminum laptop, then you should know that sooner or later, there will be scratches on your laptop.

However, if your laptop has light scratches, here are some ways to remove them.

Method 1: With scratch cleaner

Let’s start with the basic method of scratch removal with a scratch remover. You can buy scratch remover from any store or go to a computer store near you that sells hardware and accessories for your laptop.

Using a solvent to remove scratches is a simple approach.

Apply the solution with a lint-free cloth to the affected area. Again, make sure you don’t use simple equipment. A microfiber cloth is the best way to remove scratches on laptops and other shiny surfaces.

And don’t be too hard on the scratches.  Work the fabric gently in a circular direction.

Several repair products are on the market, so it’s always good to do some research. Most anti-scratch products work best on uncolored scratches, so if there are black spots or stains, it won’t really make a difference.

Don’t expect the scratches to disappear 100% either. In most cases, an anti-scratch product will make scratches on aluminum less visible.

Method 2: Use of plastic polishes

If you are looking for a more convenient way to remove scratches from your aluminum laptop than using a scratch remover, plastic polish is a good option. But don’t forget to dilute your laptop wax before you use it.

To dilute, add a little dish soap to a water bowl and stir to make a solution.

Now that you have prepared a solution clean your laptop’s surface with it and dry the surface with a cloth. If you have cleaned the area and it is dust-free.

You can put a piece of cloth on the surface of your laptop and rub it.

Please make sure you work it in slowly and cover the entire area. Afterward, perform a final cleaning with a soft cloth.

Method 3: Use of toothpaste

If you’re looking for a DIY trick and don’t want to spend money on scratch removal or any other products mentioned above, toothpaste may be a good option. Colorless toothpaste is a good option for removing small scratches on your laptop.

Just take some toothpaste, apply it to a soft cloth and gently wipe it over the aluminum surface of the laptop.

Spread the toothpaste evenly over the scratched area in a circular motion. After applying the toothpaste to the entire surface, use a damp cloth and remove all the toothpaste from the surface.

Method 4: Use of baking powder

Cleaning with baking soda is a home remedy that has become an integral part of our daily lives. In this method, you need to mix baking soda with water. After mixing, a thick paste is obtained. Apply this paste to the surface of the laptop.

Then apply the paste to the surface of the laptop using circular movements. Once it is properly applied to the aluminum surface, you will find that most scratches have been removed from the surface.

Scratch removal with baking soda is a simple and direct approach.

Method 5: Use a metal polish

If you have tried the above methods and none work properly, metal polishing is your last option. You can find an effective, good, quality scratch remover in any hardware store.

This polish consists of various metals such as aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, and copper.

You can find this product in the form of a paste. You should rub the product on the surface of your laptop. Rub the polish in thoroughly when cleaning, and then remove it from the metal with a clean microfiber cloth.

This method is more advantageous because it prevents future scratches on the surface of your laptop.

Method 6: Use silver pens/pencils

Silver pencils are specially designed for drawing. Use a silver marker to draw small scratches on the laptop’s surface and then rub them away with a soft cloth, or you can smooth them out with your finger.

Here are some tips on how to prevent scratches on your laptop.

  • You can use a screen protector to protect your laptop from scratches.
  • For various laptops, you can find skins, cases, and covers that cover the surface of your laptop, including the keyboard.
  • Be careful not to place sharp objects such as keys on the laptop.
  • Use silicone keyboard covers to protect them.


We have listed all the ways you can remove scratches from aluminum. These methods really work, and we hope you find this article helpful.

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