Maybe you haven’t heard of the Frisky counter. This is one of the permanent tables that is underestimated and undervalued on the market. So today, we’re going to go into that a little bit. And we’ll see if it’s worth buying.

Friska magazine on the table

About the Brand

Friska is a Swedish brand that produces and manufactures all parts and components in Sweden. It’s in the same boat as the more popular IKEA and FLYTTA tables. The brand also produces bar tables and table accessories. Although the brand FRISKA is underestimated, it is known for many good things in the United Kingdom. And we’re getting into it little by little.

Limitation of friction level

So let’s take a look at this permanent office’s different aspects and functions. And to see the good and the bad. So you know what you’re getting into if you decide to buy this table.

Fast delivery

If you are on the British mainland, you can expect a permanent office the next day. So, of course, the delivery’s pretty fast. The brand also offers free delivery the next day for the residents of the area concerned. So you can expect faster delivery if you travel abroad by airplane.

And everything will be well packaged. There are no dents, scratches, or signs of misuse. This is a fairly common problem for most permanent offices, especially if they are shipped from abroad. Although it’s a good table and a well-made frame, scratching can make your purchase less attractive.


Suppose you’re more of a visual type. You could easily set up this device. Unfortunately, the manual was presented as icons on all images. And most users had hoped for a better explanation. And if you have problems with installing your desktop, as shown in the illustrated instructions, you can always find the Friska desktop installation instructions on the internet.

However, what struck me is that the illustrated instructions and the videos have very different instructions. He won’t come face to face. So he can be a little confused about what to do. We find the video tutorial easier to follow as far as I’m concerned. We believe most users do the same.

And make sure you have the necessary tools for the installation, such as a screwdriver, because you will not get them with the purchase. Although it comes complete with all screws and pre-drilled holes, you need to take care of the tool yourself. You can also drill by hand, as some screws may require more pressure. Therefore, manual insertion cannot work.

Frames and feet

The frames of this standing desk are solid and stable. For larger devices, you have no problem installing three monitors. He’s holding on. And if you have a solid steel frame, the stability is, of course, also correspondingly high. So you can expect this office to be quite stable at all heights.

Cable management system

The cable management system on this standing desk is impressive. It’s even bigger and better but not as good as a high-end countertop like Herman Miller’s. Nevertheless, if you need a lot of space to arrange all your cables and cords, this freestanding desk won’t disappoint. Maybe it’s even too big.

It is also easy to place on a table. It is easy to tighten and loosen. An eye-opening at the top of the desk makes it possible to catch cables and store them neatly in the cable duct. This compensates for a messy and more professional-looking workspace.


The engines are super smooth. The transition is smooth. But he didn’t whisper silence. So although you can hear the sound as you go from table to table, it’s not scandalous. You may not even notice when you’re talking to someone on the phone. So it’s still pretty decent.

In addition, this bar table is also suitable for larger people. It can be up to 130 centimeters long. In this way, high-ranking people can find a pleasant place to work. The height of a seating table is also suitable for larger people. Friska uses the motor of the Polstiernan Industrwe.

Generous guarantee

The Friska table comes with a very nice guarantee of 10 years. It is one of the few brands offering such generous coverage. So you’re sure this table can stand for a long time. Other permanent offices that offer an equal guarantee include Updown Pro Desk, IKEA Idasen, and iMovr Cascade. There is even a limited lifetime warranty on the engine parts.

And what we at Friske also like is that you don’t have to send in a table for repairs. Instead, they come to you to have you repaired or to send you the parts you need.

Customer Service

The customer service is excellent; they are cordial and very helpful. So it’s more for your money. It is a brand that enjoys excellent support in the aftermarket. Customers have a lot to say about customer service.

General overview

This desk is available in three sizes and different colors for the worktop. You can also choose the color of the frames. The whole table looks clean. It’s both simple and difficult. There’s something about Swedish standing tables; they look first-class. These Scandinavian-inspired agencies can be an upgrade for your home office. In general, I like simple refinement. Judging by its appearance, it can already be said that it is a sturdy and reliable standing desk.

And another feature we really like about this table is that microbes cannot live on the surface of a Friska table on a stand—one less thing to worry about.

Adjustment range

It has a wide range of settings. As I said, it can be large enough for larger users, from 1.80 to 1.80m. You’ll find the table very comfortable, even when you’re sitting down.

The control panel has 4 pre-programmed memories and an up and down button. It’s also pretty responsive. Note that table storage management is not automatic. You must press and hold the button from top to bottom until the desired table height is reached. This is the case for almost all standing desks, except for some brands.

The Friska is a quiet and neat room.

Are there any fluctuations?

Here’s the deal. If it’s in a transition phase or if you’re typing, you won’t feel the sway; it won’t wobble. However, if you intentionally apply force to shake the table as you type, it may wobble a little. This makes it possible to work comfortably, even at the highest level. However, it wobbles a little when an external force is exerted on it.

In general, we are very satisfied with the stability and durability of the Friska table.

Stockholm Friska v IKEA Idasen

Stockholm Friska, as the brand’s bar tables are called, is often compared to Ikea Idasen.

One of the advantages of the Stockholm Frisky is its high load capacity. While IKEA Idasen can carry 170 kg, Stockholm’s largest freeski weighs twice as much. This makes the Stockholm Friska a more powerful standing desk than the IKEA Idasen.

But in terms of stability, IKEA Idasen’s Linak motors may be a little more stable. It’s solid. Although the motor of the Friska lid is also robust and stable, the IKEA Idasen is simply a little more resistant to external pressure. But both tables are pretty solid if you use the keyboard and if it’s outdated.

Both brands come with a generous 10-year warranty. However, the advantage of IKEA is that it can return free of charge for 365 days. This also applies to all permanent IKEA offices.

Frisca Stockholm v Flytta

Flytta bar tables are another well-known Swedish brand for bar tables. This brand also has a lot to offer. It has even been voted the best continuous publication newspaper of 2019 by one of the most prestigious newspapers in the UK.

Both tables are characterized by an almost identical sleep and a beautiful design. And the engines are solidly built and not too far apart. What struck me is that the Flytta table seems a little more stable than the Friska. But I prefer Frisk’s impressive cable control.

Last Thoughts

Fresh desks are items you want to buy for your home office. It is simple but brilliant, quite stable to store and erase. And it’s of solid construction.

Some of these are very small details that you won’t even notice once you start using the card. But, all in all, it is an excellent value for money. And, of course, you will rarely find a brand with a ten-year warranty. That alone is worth the purchase because everything else follows after a generous guarantee.

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