There are many brands and models of standing tables. And I’m sure you had your share of disappointing products before finding the best table for you.

Homeworking scenarios are common in the COVID situation. That’s why consumers today opt for more ergonomic solutions, but at the same time, they should get more out of their purchases. And the demand for a more sustainable but affordable office led Sevilla to develop a new series of desks, the airLIFT series. Let’s see what you can expect.

About the Brand

In 2012, the brand ventured into the mobile workspace. And everything else was history. The airLIFT series has been developed in response to consumers’ desire for a more sustainable and sustainable table. And instead of fancy tables, consumers now prefer products that can offer them real ergonomic solutions. And this is exactly why the airLIFT series was developed.

The classic AirLIFT electric counter in Seville


Beveled edges

The tabletop is more ergonomic. The front of the table has a beveled edge, creating a slight curvature. This makes the table not only more elegant but also more comfortable for your wrists and hands. In addition, the workbench is made of 3D laminate. Unfortunately, it seems more expensive than it is, and it looks like it could take a long time.

The curved edges also facilitate access to all sides of the table. This allows you to make optimum use of the space.

Speaking of counters: It is made of pressed wood. But it imitates natural wood very well. It even has crevices to give it a natural look. I like that it’s not the kind of fake wood that flakes easily.


It’s a heavy table. And by hard, I mean really hard. You get a table in two boxes. The first box weighs well and is quite light. But a box with steel legs can be very heavy. I like it because I’m sure I’ll have an all-steel frame with solid construction. However, you will need to ask for help to get the box to your device. It is best to mount the table where you want to use it. That way, you don’t have to move him to another room. It has weight, and it’s not easy to move a very heavy table.

The steel legs are very strong and sturdy. And in combination with the engine, the transition goes smoothly. Even if I use the full weight of the table, it can still move up and down without any problems. This table can carry a maximum of 264 pounds. So you can have a dual monitor configuration. And even at full load, the transition will be smooth and quiet.

Drilling the holes

Setting the table is not difficult. But what took me a long time was that I was the one who had to drill the wells. So if you’re going to buy this, make sure the drill and the drill bits are ready. I think it would be best if the mark was in front of the holes. It will be a heavy and cumbersome table; not everyone can drill holes that easily.

Some transport problems

While I had my office in all its glory, many consumers could not. I’m just a lucky guy. Some, if not most, users have complained that the table has been damaged during the process.

There were bumps and scratches on the counter. And the replacement request may take several weeks. They wouldn’t be entertained there either. If the desired table is not available, be prepared for a long wait. So customer service isn’t.

If you have a problem with your tables, you will have to wait about a month for a replacement. And since the table is quite heavy, it’s not easy to turn it around.

Some users also complained that they had not received a complete set of tools and accessories. This can be really frustrating, especially if you have to use the table as soon as possible. Even if only one of the adjustable feet is missing, it makes the whole table unusable.

Short and soft

The S2-series is adjustable in height from 28 to 48 meters. Therefore, it can go high enough for taller people. However, the minimum threshold is still too high for small and short-term users. But don’t worry, Sevilla has an AirLift table that can be lowered, making it comfortable for smaller users.

The AirLIFT S3 has a wider range of height adjustments. From 25.6 to 51.6 inches. This model is therefore suitable for both small and large users.

The airLIFT series is a really robust, powerful, and ergonomic table. Of course, it can’t go wrong with a table that offers a lot of space. But the customer service and delivery experience can be a nightmare for some users.

And with such a heavy table, you don’t want to give it back because it could be a pain. However, the brand’s return and exchange policy state that you can return the table and get a full refund minus shipping costs.

So you keep paying for the shipment. And, of course, you must be the one who sends them back the information. In this case, you want a return and exchange policy like Herman Miller’s at the front desk. The brand will be the one that takes the table away from you because it’s very heavy.

Test of the electric table of an upper bridge

Pneumatic lift with tempered glass and drawer

One of the unique features of the airLift is that you can get it with a drawer. It has a depth of 13.25 inches and is equipped with a divider to organize small items such as pens and markers. As a result, it’s a completely different approach to organizing your workspace.

Dirty cables and cords are one thing. And storing accessories, office supplies and other things on your desk is a different matter. So I think the addition of the drawers made this model really good.

You can store all your office supplies in one drawer. When you don’t need to use your laptop or phone, you can simply store it in a drawer. It gives you a lot more room to work. It’s also deep enough to accommodate half the edge of the stationery. This means that you do not need an extra cabinet for storage. You can use the same desktop you are currently working on. This also saves you a lot of space in your home office.

If you need to charge your phone, this model will also come in very handy for you. There are two USB ports on the control panel.

This AirLift model also has a tempered glass plate. This one is also very nice to use. The drawer can be used to take notes, making it perfect for joint meetings and brainstorming sessions. It’s also easy to clean, just wipe it off, and you’re ready to go.

And here are some possible concerns. First, note that adding a keyboard drawer here is impossible because a drawer is installed on the table.

They’re also missing the beveled edges. To make room for the drawer, the table does not have a curved ergonomic edge, which I think is one of the strengths of the S2 and S3.

Also, if you choose a black table, the tempered glass will not look as pure and shiny as a white table. As far as maintenance is concerned, it would help if you made more effort to keep the glass clean. Not that it’s dirty, it’s just something to think about. Therefore, it is preferable to buy a white table if you want this model in tempered glass.


The Sevilla airLIFT series seems to improve the earlier electric pedestal models of the brand. With the S2 and S3, the aim was to create a more ergonomic, consistent, and stable table. And you don’t have to break the couch to buy a high-quality electric desk.

But I’m worried about the issue of delivery and customer service. I mean, there’s a real problem here. Because the paintings are very bumpy, the brand needs to do better research before losing customers. Not to mention the fact that customer service makes no effort to alleviate customer frustrations.

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