The Falcon Northwest Talon is a powerful gaming computer that offers Intel’s latest, greatest, and thrilling VR capabilities.

With its capacity to give consumers precise custom-build tailoring, Falcon Northwest has developed a cult-like following. Falcon will guarantee that your demands are not just fulfilled but surpassed, whether you want to take your gaming to the next level or need a high-end workstation design that can manage big, system-sapping files. Falcon’s builds are made up of just the finest components, ensuring the most incredible performance levels for the work at hand. Falcon reviews and benchmarks each of its custom build before sending them out to assure quality and eliminate the silicon lottery. Falcon is the epitome of the term “quality above quantity.”

Falcon inspects every part of their PCs with a fine-tooth comb, leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of superior performance and build quality. During the construction phase, noise levels, cooling, build quality, and artistry is all taken into account. It would be criminal to imply the Falcon Northwest Talon lacks uncompromising attention to detail and quality. This PC is unquestionably one of the most well-rounded custom rigs available.

Customizing Your Construction

Although many custom PC manufacturers are on the market now, Falcon was the first to do so in the gaming industry. Falcon offers the most thorough purchasing procedure on the market, thanks to over 25 years of expertise. Whatever you desire, Falcon can obtain the components and couple them with a casing that is not only beautiful but also durable.


Falcon recognizes that aesthetics are essential to the majority of individuals. As a result, Falcon now offers a wide range of external aesthetic customization choices, including bespoke paint jobs and UV print possibilities.

No two Falcon cases are the same, thanks to the eight hand-airbrushed color schemes available. Falcon paints the models themselves with the same care and attention to detail that they put into the rest of the project. The airbrushed designs have a high-end polish and may be further tweaked in color and style. A Falcon representative will contact you if you need any custom design changes.

Using UV printing, consumers may add any picture on the side, front panel, or wholly outside of the Talon case. To obtain the most incredible possible finish from this aesthetic feature, all UV printing is done in-house and needs extremely high-resolution photos. You may also select from various logo inserts, adjusting the color to match the rest of the case’s design.


Moving on to cooling, Falcon, as previously said, takes internal temperatures very seriously. Although the Falcon has an excellent thermal design, consumers have the option of adding extra fans if required. You may also replace the RGB fans with ones that are a bit quieter.


Aside from aesthetics and cooling, we’ll move on to the hardware portion. In terms of customization, this is the most extensive. You may customize the Talon by changing the power supply, CPU, operating system, RAM, GPU, and even adding a sound card to meet your specific demands. Need extra processing power or a second GPU for overclocking? No issue; you may select from various power supplies ranging from 100 to 1200 watts.

Do you need more processing power? It’s simple to replace with something more powerful. The possibilities aren’t unlimited, but many are in the most critical areas. Regarding workstations or gaming environments, these are the regions that matter.


The software alternatives available with these bespoke setups are less stunning but vital. The Talon might come with Windows 10 Home or Pro, depending on your preferences. You may choose a recovery drive and install the whole office software package if you like.


As the project progresses, you’ll be able to add keyboards, mouse, monitors, and whatever else you need to get the Talon up and to run. Again, the choices aren’t unlimited, but they cover most bases and pricing points.

Additional Bonuses

The only thing left to do is pick a delivery date for your hardware, software, peripherals, and case aesthetics. Falcon has an accelerated construction option, allowing customers who are in a rush to get their new custom-built home much sooner. While this service is not free, it is rather unusual among custom PC manufacturers, and it is undoubtedly a bonus for me.

To top it off, Falcon will notify you if any incompatible hardware or development delays are present after the purchase process. As you can see, we left an insufficient power supply in our setup, and Falcon instantly advised us to replace it with something more powerful.

Warning 1

Not only does this give me confidence as a customer, but it also shows that the Falcon team considers all potential stumbling blocks.

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