Corsair’s Void RGB Elite is a beautifully-designed, state-of-the-art gaming headset that looks and sounds great. The sound quality is fantastic, with crisp highs and deep bass notes; it also boasts active noise cancellation to help you focus on your game or movie without distractions from external noises like the hum of air conditioners or street traffic.

The Corsair Void RGB Elite (wired) gaming headset is priced similarly to the HS60 Pros. While it isn’t one of the most incredible gaming headsets on the market, it does have a distinctive design; dependable Create a high-quality product and adequate Performance for the price. Corsair is no stranger to audio goods, but with the HS60s being a superior wired pair overall and the HS70s being the favored wireless alternative, what can the Void Elites provide that the HS60s don’t? They seem to be competing with themselves, as many manufacturers have done in the past, so why should you purchase this headset? Let’s take a deeper look at the Void RGB Elite USB headset and see how it compares to the competition.



  • Audio reproduction is excellent, and mic Performance is excellent.
  • Affordable – Excellent value for money.
  • Convenient – Not too hefty, many adjustability options, and enough padding


  • These are bulky and scream “gamer.”
  • Poor Clamping Force – These lose a little of their natural seal and may slip off your head due to a lack of clamping force.


The packaging is as basic as they come, looking good and protecting the contents completely. However, there isn’t much included with this headset.

The following is what we find inside the box:

  • USB Gaming Headset Corsair Void RGB Elite
  • Filter for Pop Music
Frequency Response of Headphones Hz 20 – 30,000
Frequency Response of the Microphone The frequency range is 100 Hz to 10,000 Hz.
Wireless Wired
Life of the Batteries N/A
Pattern for Picking Up Omnidirectional
Weight 370g
Length of the Cable 1.8m


The Corsair Void RGB Elite USB headset has a design that screams “gamer.” The sharp edges, D-shaped ear cups, and even the location of the Microphone all give this headset an esports-ready appearance. The Void is available in two colors: all carbon/black like the one we have here, and black and white. This headset is also available with the wireless operation for an additional $30, but we’ll be focused on the USB version today.

Create a high-quality product


On the surface, they seem to be susceptible to wear and tear. The headgear is mostly made of rigid plastic that has little to no give. Furthermore, this headset seems to have less flex than others, which might be problematic for any possible weak places, such as the hinges.

The reality is that they are just as durable as the previous version, but the hinges have always been an issue. The headband is reinforced with metal within the plastic, and with appropriate care, they should endure for a long time.

These may seem attractive, but they have a plasticky feel about them. The earcups are rather durable and seem to be capable of withstanding some hard use. The earcups are half-finished with a glossy plastic that looks great out of the box and really makes the Corsair RGB logo shine, but it’s a fingerprint magnet. The shiny surface attracts dirt quickly, and you usually grasp the headset by the earcups, so expect them to become filthy.

The previous version of the Microphone has been updated, with the gaudy old look being ditched. The LED is now separated by a lengthy rubber stem with a more sturdy plastic termination. The mic is more pliable than ever before, making it much simpler to set in the ideal position than the previous pair.

The volume scroll wheel has some innovative design added to it, which made the hardware controls better than I anticipated. The volume wheel is a rocker-type wheel that is located on the left earcup (together with all the other hardware controls). This is the first rocker wheel I’ve used with a gaming headset, and I have to say it’s fantastic. Like a wheel, you may gently increase or decrease the volume. You can get your desired volume faster if you hold the rocker up/down.

The volume wheel, though, is more than just a volume control; it’s also a programmable button for EQ settings, and pressing it changes your EQ. Not only that, but you can switch between stereo and Dolby 7.1 surround sound by pressing the button for two seconds. Corsair has produced a product with excellent functionality and design.

Finally, the Mute Microphone button is visible on the earcup itself. When you press the mute button, a red LED illuminates on the Microphone to provide visual feedback, but there is also an aural notice that you may turn off the program. The fact that the wifi version of this has a swivel to mute mic but this one doesn’t was a bit perplexing. I’m not sure what Corsair is thinking here, but it couldn’t have been that difficult to add. It’s worth mentioning that you can hear sounds through the headset mic if you hold down the mute mic button.

The Create a high-quality product is fine for the price but the HS60s are certainly the more durable pair.



The original Corsair Void headset’s comfort was a bit of a letdown, with the odd earcup design applying pressure unevenly and trapping the top of the ear. This looks to have been fixed since this iteration feels quite natural to use.

When you put them on, the first thing you’ll notice is how loose they are. Because there is little to no clamp force, they will slip off your head unless you’re just playing games standing. I found myself needing to re-adjust them from time to time, and if you sneeze, they are likely to fly off. It’s worth mentioning that I have a big head and they’re still a little loose, so be cautious.

The D-shaped ear cups are big enough for my ears, and the soft padding is comfortable. These aren’t the comfiest shoes I’ve ever worn, but they’re good enough for long gaming sessions. The cushioning isn’t as nice as the cheaper HS60s, and the material isn’t as soft as you’d want, but I’d be glad to game with them for the price.

They seemed more breathable than the Astro A50 (a very expensive headset), but I couldn’t determine whether it was due to the very loose fit or the materials.

The Corsair Void RGB Elites are 370 grams in weight, but the cushioned headband evenly distributes the weight, so you scarcely feel them on your head. It’s worth mentioning that, as a result of the lower-quality padding, the headband lost its fullness with time, allowing me to feel the hard band on the top of my head.

The Void Elites have a limited number of changes. There are plenty, though, to make them pretty comfortable, with ten adjustment levels on each side of the headband to keep things equal at all times. The earcups themselves are tilted by around 10 degrees to accommodate varied head sizes and shapes. Although I’m not sure why, these have a 90-degree rotating mechanism that allows you to wear them on your shoulders. Sure, it’s a nice feature. However, they’re a bit snug around the neck because of the lack of elasticity. Furthermore, because they aren’t wireless, what are the possibilities that you’ll want to rest them on your shoulders in the first place?


The Void RGB elites tend to flare out at the bottom of my ear due to the lack of clamping force, eliminating the tight fit and any hope of a natural seal. But, overall, they performed well in most games, and if Corsair can resolve the loose fit problem, they may even outperform the competition.


This game headset’s sound quality is rather lovely. Unfortunately, they don’t generate a lot of external noise and seem to have a lot of leakages, but this isn’t a big deal for home gaming.

With good bass and precise audio reproduction, the frequency response seems balanced. Although the bottom end of the bass, which is crucial for making distant explosions sound terrific, wasn’t the finest I’ve heard in a gaming headset, I stayed engrossed and appreciated the overall audio experience.

While the mids and treble ranges were awe-inspiring, the minor details in music voices, lead instruments, and in-game effects were underwhelming. However, they feature a substantially sizeable sound stage and good stereo imaging for closed-back headphones.

Despite any flaws I mentioned, they did very well in games. I was utterly absorbed in in-game conversations or large-scale shooters like Squad. Explosions in the background, whistling gunshots, and shouts for aid all sounded fantastic, and I liked gaming with them. I wouldn’t say they had the same clarity in CS: GO as some of the more expensive headphones I’ve recently tried, but they were good enough that I could wear them daily (if it weren’t for the loose fit).

The simulated 7.1 surround sound wasn’t that great, but it won’t deter me from purchasing the headset since I’ll always use it in stereo. It’s lovely to have things like these, and they may make a difference in terms of fun.



Since the last version of this headset, the microphone has been upgraded. While the sound quality is identical, the entire design is significantly improved, making it easy to put the mic in the ideal position.

The microphone impedes 2.0k Ohms and has a frequency response of 100Hz to 10kHz. The microphone is decent right out of the box, and Corsair has addressed any previous difficulties.

While you wouldn’t use this microphone for broadcasting since it’s a little narrow and muffled at times, it’s OK for gaming. In disagreement, I had no problems since all communications were clear. The microphone also performs a fantastic job controlling noise, keeping most of it out of my teammate’s ears.

Overall, the mic sounds warm and better than the HS60/the 70s, but it’s still a long way from Corsair’s top-of-the-line Virtuosos.



We’ve previously discussed the design, which is the headset’s most appealing element, in my opinion. This includes a swivel mic (which is regrettably not removable) as well as other valuable controls. In addition, Corsair has jammed the functionality into the volume wheel three times, which is a fantastic way to conserve space.

RGB & Software

The iCUE utility engine from Corsair offers a wide range of choices for all of your Corsair peripherals and components. You’ll find an excellent visual EQ here and the ability to adjust the mic level. In addition, you may experiment with the many RGB settings for your earcups, changing the pace at which they flash, blink, or create whatever dizzying effect you choose.

The program isn’t compatible with Mac OS X, but who cares? This is WePC. There were no noise gating settings for the microphone, which made the app seem one-dimensional, but it worked well.

The Corsair Void RGB Elites may seem to have no particular characteristics, but they are excellent for gaming and do so at a low price, which is a major plus!


The bottom line is that they are pretty fantastic for gaming for a cheap mid-range headset. However, while the sound and mic performance is adequate, the loose fit is unacceptable and seems to be a significant blunder on Corsair’s part.

While they aren’t quite as fantastic as the HS60s, the sound profile is comparable to, if not identical to, the expensive Corsair Virtuoso SE headset. Although the virtuosos are wireless, they cost almost three times as much!

Go for it if the Corsair Void RGB Elites suit you better than mine. Instead, I suggest the Corsair HS60s for a comparable performance at a nearly equal price or the HS70s over the wireless version of the Voids if you want to cut the cord. The design isn’t exactly subtle, and you’d never use them for anything other than indoor gaming, but it’s all about personal choice at the end of the day. Corsair could do better in terms of sound quality and microphone performance.

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