One of the most popular jackets for 2019 is the Outdoor Research Helium II Jacket Review. It’s a versatile jacket that can be paired with just about anything as long as you’re prepared to shell out some cash for it. With $500, this piece becomes an investment and will last you years on end, if not decades.

Our subconscious sentiments are triggered and brought to the surface when it rains. Memories may flood our minds, transporting us back to childhood or mature reminiscences. These might be instances or locations when we encountered rain that affected us. We may recall something wonderful, horrific, or somewhere in between. What rain jacket you were wearing at the moment is likely to be forgotten in these recollections. A rain jacket isn’t an item commonly recalled when packing a backpack for a journey since this detail isn’t imprinted into the threads of your history. The inverse, on the other hand, should be confirmed. This is a must-have item that everyone should have in their luggage, and the Outdoor Research Helium II rain jacket is a great option.

The Helium II is a storm-proof rain jacket with a basic design. It has a lot of characteristics that make it an excellent choice for a globe traveler looking for lightweight gear that fits in the size of a soda can. These jackets are among the lightest on the market, weighing 6.4 oz (180 g) for a men’s large and 5.5 oz (156 g) for a women’s medium. They’re waterproof, windproof, and breathable to the core. The material seems to be thin. It’s not as weak as it seems due to its laminated structure, completely seam-taped construction, and YKK AquaGuard Zippers. An adjustable hood, luminous logos, a carabiner hook, a zip chest pocket, and an internal pocket that serves as a stuff bag round out the features.

The interior pocket/stuff bag, which is the final item on the list, is fantastic. While neither new nor very original, it is a valuable element that demonstrates the company’s high degree of thinking. Rather than needing to maintain care of a separate stuff bag or fold and secure/insert the jacket in your baggage among other packed goods, the garment becomes completely self-contained. When paired with the carabiner loop, this feature creates a harmonious combination. Clip the jacket to the exterior of your luggage or your daypack. You won’t need it right away until you do, but when you do, it’ll be right there, ready to use. What good would a turtle’s shell be if it became detached yet was suddenly required for shelter?

Outdoor Research Helium II JacketThat happened in Thailand during real-world testing. The rain-threatening sky opened up and flooded everything below as I rode by on a moped. It took all of two minutes to pull over, unclip and unpack, and then put on the Helium II. The adjustable hood was also a big hit. The rear of the hat has an elastic string that may be adjusted to keep it from blowing down in the wind. The hood would not have remained on once back on the mopeds if it hadn’t been for that.

Outdoor Research Helium II JacketMoreover, despite the very high humidity and warmth at the time, the jacket remained pretty breathable, even without ventilation zippers or the like. There was never any suffocation or anything like a cheap plastic poncho or black garbage bag. With the jacket on, there was no restriction on mobility. This might be a source of worry at times. The material of rain jackets may be stiff and even hefty at times. That is not the case in this instance. The lightweight design and flexible material allow for maximum movement.

In the actual world, the jacket functioned excellently. Nonetheless, extra pockets would have been useful in this similar moped-riding-in-the-rain circumstance. For rain protection, items were relocated from cotton shorts to the one outside zipper pocket. Everything was secure and dry within, but this was the only pocket of its sort. The interior pocket isn’t zippable, and it didn’t seem like a good location to stash an iPhone or wallet when riding a moped in the rain. It would have been nice if there were two lower, zipped hand pockets, but they would have likely increased the total weight of the jacket, so it’s clear why they were left out.

Outdoor Research Helium II JacketThe size of the main zipper was another oddity we discovered. It’s minuscule! Despite the fact that it was linked to a short thread, it was still difficult to grasp at times. Even though it’s a YKK zipper, it seems cheap since it’s so little. It’s so little that even if it were dislodged and fell into the hands of a newborn, it wouldn’t pose a choking threat.

In conclusion, the Outdoor Research Helium II jacket is an excellent option for a globetrotter searching for a lightweight rain jacket that they can throw in their backpack and forget about until they need it. It’s difficult to defeat because of its featherweight weight and pop tart-box dimensions. While it isn’t unbreakable or equipped with built-in ventilation, it does offer outstanding mobility, a superb hood, and the aforementioned weight and size specifications, making it an excellent all-around travel rain jacket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Outdoor Research Helium waterproof?

A: No, Outdoor Research Helium is not waterproof.

Is the helium II waterproof?

A: Yes, helium II is water-resistant.

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