A double table consists of two interconnected table seats with separate controls. This type of office can be very useful for collaborative work. So let’s see how it works.

About the Brand

The self-supporting tables are made in China. It has the same Chinese base in Jiecang for its engine. This is the same base as used by other brands like Jarvis and Uplift. But not for long. When the brand started having serious problems with this engine, they switched to TiMotion.

It’s another Chinese engine that should be better than the one it replaced. Nevertheless, Jiekan has improved its product. Jarvis and Uplift are now using the improved Jiecang base. So in terms of stability, there is not much difference between the TiMotion engine and the Jiecang engine.


A continuous beam connects the two table frames. Although the two tables share a common base, they have independent support rails and a control panel. This allows you to adjust the height of each table individually.

The connection bar in the middle also has several ports where you can switch and connect gadgets. Like the Smart desk 2, it uses two motors and has 4 programmable presets.

I’ll summarize what I liked about the table with that in mind.

  1. It’s great to be working together. Your team can work together and still adjust the table to the height they are comfortable with.
  2. The installation of two connected tables saves a lot of space. So it can be very useful for offices that have limited space but need more office space for their employees.
  3. Independent tables are among the most affordable on the market. This is the reason why many people still buy tables from this brand, despite some stability issues.


  1. It’s a big standing desk, not bad. But because two separate tables have to be merged. That’s why it’s helpful to have someone to help you set up your office.
  2. The instructions could have been better. Or that the consumer would benefit greatly from a major overhaul? There were no clear instructions on how to proceed and what to do. A few steps were missing from the instructions; it’s like guessing.

So I searched YouTube for instructions on installing it on a tabletop. There’s not much criticism of the table either. You can find more videos on YouTube from the brand itself.

  1. Prepare 3-4 hours for installation. Although the brand says you can install it in an hour, please don’t take their word for it. It will take you about 3-4 hours to finish this guy. Longer if you install it yourself.
  2. Using the TiMotion engine instead of the old Jiecang base has eliminated some of the brand’s safety issues with the Smart desk 1. But unfortunately, things are not yet as stable as we would like. Although the support beams have helped to reduce the oscillation somewhat, the oscillation at the highest level is still pronounced.
  3. To keep the price low despite the switch to a supposedly more stable engine, the brand put the responsibility on the consumer. So expect to spend more time setting the table. But, thanks to the futile work of the consumers, the cost of the table has dropped significantly. So if you don’t like complicated things, this double table is not for you.


An interconnected desk, such as the Double Desk, is very useful for collaborative work in the office. I also provide some other options for these applications. If buying a stand-alone unit is too risky for you, what if tall people use the table when it wobbles at its highest point? Here are some alternatives

Cone adapter

This bench is very similar to the Double Autonomous Table. A support beam connects the two independent table frames. Two motors separate the two tables. Moreover, the brand uses a BOSCH engine. It’s the same engine as the IKEA Brkant. It’s better than a cheap Chinese base, but it can still swing at the highest level.

This double desk is also accessible at the touch of a button. But you also have the option of equipping it with a handle.

Unite Plus Double Seat Table and Stand

Each table has a control panel and a wiring system. So you can use them as one big table during the upgrade or as separate tables. It works similarly to the Autonomous double table in that it also uses two motors for each of the tables.

The height range of these double tables runs from 25 to 49 inches, giving them a pretty wide range.

Nevy Link

Nevi link is also a system, not just a standing desk. If you’re looking for a stronger, more collaborative office in your office, you can’t go wrong with a Herman Miller office. With the Nevi-Link system, you can choose different table shapes. So you have several options for setting up your collaborative workspace.

You can place two rectangular bar tables back to back. And if you want a more aesthetic workspace, you can choose the 120-degree Nevi Link bench. This makes it possible to form a reasonably round workplace with 3 sloping bar tables connected to each other. And because it’s a Herman Miller product, you have a variety of upgrade options.

Why use a double worktop for your office?

Here are some of the benefits of a networked workstation.

If you have limited office space but still need more workstations for your employees, there is no better solution than a system with two interconnected offices.

  • Promotion of cooperation

Of course, you can always fly over your fellow players’ tables if you need to. But a double table will make it easier to work together. This can make the team more productive.

  • Improvement of working conditions

Double tables promote camaraderie among colleagues. Instead of sitting at your own desk sulking, you can communicate more with the people in your office.

But you’re probably wondering, what if I need to be alone? You can use desk covers as dividers when you need some time to complete your appointments.

Therefore, two-level offices are more suitable for offices where employees often need to work together. This is very useful in marketing and advertising agencies where you need to share ideas with your team from time to time. Or in an office where you spend most of the day meeting the team to brainstorm. This type of table can make your team more productive.


On the other hand, dual desks, such as one of the stand-alone smart desks, can help you make the most of your office space and accelerate teamwork. However, when looking for this type of table, you should make sure that you can adjust each table frame independently.

Therefore, each frame must have its engine and controls. This makes double tables more versatile. So you can use them more often to complement joint meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth using independent tables?

A: Eventually, for those of you who have read the unpleasant reviews, the choice of this review is that this desk is excellent, and if you are looking for a seating desk, the SmartDesk 2 Premium is really a solid choice.

Where are individual tables manufactured?

A: The current OEM manufacturer for the standalone SmartDesk 2 is Aoke Furniture. Aoke has been operating since 2012 and is based in the port city of Ningbo. Aoke currently manufactures all frame components and uses TiMotion for all electronic components.

Are lift tables worthwhile?

A: All in all, I highly recommend the Raise Bamboo bar table if you are tired of sitting all day. The height is large enough for most people, there are dozens of adjustment options, and the table is made of durable, high-quality materials.

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