Razer’s Nommo Pro speakers are the most impressive wireless audio solution from this company yet, as they offer strong sound quality and an easy-to-use menu that helps get you started with your new purchase.

Gaming Capabilities

I knew I was in for a treat as soon as I walked into the area where the speakers were set up. When a shot was discharged, the thud of sound was enormous, as expected by the downward-facing subwoofer. The subwoofer was placed right beneath and to the rear of the desk. The sub blasted air out of the vent straight up into the bottom of the desktop with each blast of bass. As the slight impact was communicated to my hands, this, together with the vibrations sent through the floor, heightened immersion.

The crunch of snow under my feet, the deep growl of a jeep’s engine, and the echo of a gunshot rolling back down from a cliffside were all strongly replicated and managed to take over the room and drown out the discussion of people behind me.

The mids and highs, on the other hand, were less spectacular. Still acceptable. However, the audioscape sometimes missed elements like conversation and tiny subtleties. The EQ settings may assist in reducing this loss of fidelity, given the tremendous bass sensation. At the same time, in gaming, I’d be willing to sacrifice some detail for chest-rumbling levels of immersion courtesy of the bass. Note: Battlefield 1 was used to assess the game’s audio performance.

Performance of Music

The Performance of Music of the Razer Nommo Pro threw up an interesting situation. The “Dolby Music” setting seems to have the effect of averaging out the sound, resulting in a flat listening experience, and the vocals tend to get lost in the bass, which is unfortunate. On the other hand, the EQ settings are quite fun to play around with. It allows you to adjust the relative volume of varying frequencies. You can save these settings but if you listen to a wide range of music, modulating the EQ settings for each genre of music is unrealistic. I’d recommend sticking with the “Dolby Movie” setting. This setting gives decent bass (boostable via the corresponding setting in synapse) without sacrificing too much in the mid and high ranges. Given that this Speaker system is primarily focused on gaming, a reduction in the Performance of Music is perhaps expected.

Performance in a film or on television

The experience of cinematic sound on the Nommo Pro is reasonable. The Bass is, of course, fantastic. As with the Performance of Music, the mids and highs are pretty good, and lowering the bass boost will help with dialog fidelity. Again, the EQ settings are valuable for this. Still, the varying movies will need variable settings, so unless you’re a true cinephile/audiophile, adjusting the settings per movie is perhaps too much hassle. The movie mode, as detailed above, is preferable to the weirdly flat music mode. For movies, this system is good for a PC setup. However, living room users will probably find themselves wanting more, for example, a 5.1 or 7.1 setup.

Movie Mode with Bass Boost set to 60% is the recommended film/TV setting. (Action or superhero movie fans may wish to turn up the Bass Boost for more explosive sound spaces during action sequences.)

RAZER NOMMO Pro Speakers 5

Performance in Surround Sound

Given that it’s only a 2.1 speaker set up without the ability to add additional speakers, the Performance in Surround Sound is limited but comprehensive. It offers a decent Performance in Surround Sound, sounds are legible from your surroundings, but audiophiles may find themselves wanting more. However, the $499 price tag is steep if you’re looking for a complete surround sound setup. For cinephiles, I wouldn’t recommend this setup for surround sound. Gaming Capabilities are also limited. For example, detecting footsteps in your surroundings for competitive FPS play is possible but not ideal. Competitive gamers should stick to their headset in this case.

Certification by THX

At first, the phrase “THX Certified” might sound like marketing gibberish, but it does qualify the quality of the Razer Nommo Speakers. Not only is Certification by THX a rigorous test, but it’s also an expensive process for a manufacturer. The rate that the certification verifies is inarguable. However, the cost of the said process can prohibit smaller companies from attaining the certification, which means that equivalent or better speakers can likely be found for the same price or even less.

RAZER NOMMO Pro Speakers 18

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