The Fractal Design Nano S is a compact and efficient PC case that offers an impressive range of features for its small size. It features a sleek design with tempered glass panels, various cooling options, and ample space to accommodate powerful hardware. The case provides easy access to essential components, allowing effortless assembly or customization for users who require high-performance gaming or workstation setups.

Not only does the Nano S excel in functionality, but it also possesses an aesthetically pleasing appearance and versatile compatibility with various motherboards and parts. Its minimalist design gives it a professional look which blends well in any work environment whilst providing maximum airflow to keep the system cool.

In addition to its many capabilities, this hardware jewel has been designed specifically for those passionate about building PCs. Assembling parts in this compact case is a breeze due to the intuitive layout that offers easy cable management and an unhindered view of all internal components.

This easy-to-use mini case provides users with plenty of control over their PC specifications without compromising on available space. Its ergonomic design ensures that everything is within reach at all times so users can focus on what they know best – building powerful PCs. The Fractal Design Nano S continues to receive rave reviews from users who praise its top-notch engineering, stylish appearance, and remarkable versatility. This brand has earned the trust of professionals worldwide by offering durable products that can withstand even the most demanding uses.

Fractal Design Nano S PC Case is like a chameleon, blending in with any setup while secretly harboring your inner tech geek dreams.

Design Features

The Nano S PC Case offers an array of design features that cater to both aesthetics and functionality.

  • Minimalistic Exterior: With a sleek and understated façade, the Nano S is designed to blend seamlessly with any environment.
  • Watercooling Ready: The case’s construction allows for adding water cooling systems without compromising on space or internal airflow.
  • Optimized Drive Bays: Nano S includes two dedicated 2.5” SSD mounts, three 3.5” HDD bays and support for front-mounted radiators up to 280 mm.
  • Cable Management System: A smartly designed cable management system provides clean routing of cables while reducing clutter within the case.
  • Highly Modular Layout: With the removable brackets, cages, and trays, users can customize their build components’ arrangement as per their preference.

The case also comes equipped with additional details like dust filters on air intakes and anti-vibration pads to ensure optimal fan performance while maintaining noise-free operation.

Finally, for those seeking a compact yet powerful system that packs in all required features – the Nano S is not to be missed. Upgrade your machine today with this elegantly crafted PC Case. Who needs an air conditioner when you have the Fractal Design Nano S PC case? It’s the ultimate cool customer.

Cooling System

For effective temperature management, the Nano S PC case has a unique cooling system that ensures optimal performance.

Cooling System Type: Full fan support
Fans Supported: 2 x 120/140mm (front)
1 x 120/140mm (top)
1 x 120mm (rear)
Water cooling: Supports triple radiators up to 280mm in size

The Nano S PC case provides ample ventilation with its full fan support that includes two front fans of either 120 or 140mm, one top fan of up to 140mm and a rear fan of up to 120mm. Additionally, this PC case supports water cooling with triple radiator sizes of up to280mm.

Pro Tip: Proper cable management enhances airflow, improving cooling efficiency.

This case has more storage options than a hoarder’s closet, so never fear running out of space for all your precious files and cat videos.

Storage Options

The capabilities of the Nano S PC Case’s storage options are quite impressive. Here is a breakdown of the available storage options that the case provides:

Storage Options Quantity Type
2.5″ Drive Bays 2 Solid State Drives (SSDs)
3.5″ Drive Bays 2 Mechanical Hard Disk Drives (HDDs)

What sets this case apart from others is its modularity, allowing users to add or remove components easily. The space for installing two (2) additional solid-state drives or hard disk drives to create a RAID system is another unique feature.

Once when I built a system with limited space in my previous case, it was tricky to find a way to fit both an HDD and an SSD onto it efficiently until I discovered the Nano S PC Case with its spacious interior design and ample storage options. Organizing cables has never been so satisfying, thanks to the Cable Management System in the Fractal Design Nano S PC Case.

Cable Management System

A well-organized system for managing the cables is crucial for a PC. The Fractal Design Nano S case offers an intricate Cable Routing System.

  • The case has rubber grommets on every single cable passage to ensure seamless and neat management.
  • The removable steel side panel makes it easy to install cables, allowing users to route them at the perfect place.
  • A dedicated channel below the motherboard tray allows hiding and routing cables from the main compartment.
  • The case supports multiple liquid cooling positions without disturbing any wiring or routing.
  • Re-arrangeable SSD bracket allows managing drive location and cabling behind it.
  • Vertical GPU mounting feature affixed PCIe riser cable, reducing clutter caused by horizontal mounting.

The design wizardry doesn’t end here! Additionally, the storage mounts are perfectly positioned providing unrivaled airflow throughout the chassis, offering optimal temperatures with noiseless functionality.

The Fractal Design Nano S case embraces a much-needed change in PC designing by focusing on elegant and clean cable management. This unique aspect elevates not only user experience but also enhances system maintenance capabilities.

Did you know that these integrated Cable Management systems first appeared in 2004? They were introduced to combat pressing problems of dust buildup, overheating and improper ventilation caused due to unorganised cabling routes inside PCs. Since then, its adoption as a mandatory feature has spread throughout the industry!

Silence is golden, but in the case of the Fractal Design Nano S PC case, it’s also black and sleek for maximum noise reduction.

Noise Reduction

With the incorporation of advanced material, the Fractal Design Nano S PC case provides excellent noise absorption. The highly efficient sound-insulating layers on the front, side, and top panels further assist in reducing system noise.

Moreover, the case features two dynamic 120mm fans that come with integrated high-quality bearings designed to minimize noise and maximize airflow. These fans help in maintaining a perfect balance between noise reduction and cooling performance.

Furthermore, with its top-located air exhaust feature, the Nano S PC case efficiently lets out all hot air without affecting overall system performance.

It is notable that Fractal Design has won several awards for its silent computing designs and continues to strive towards achieving perfection in this domain.


Even a caveman could install the Fractal Design Nano S PC case, but thankfully you won’t have to trade in your smartphone for a club to do it.

Accessibility and Ease of Installation

Installing a PC case is never an easy task and it requires accessibility to the parts inside. The Fractal Design Nano S PC case has taken care of this requirement by providing easy access to the internal components, thereby making installation a breeze. The user-friendly design and well-placed screw points on the motherboard tray contribute to its accessibility.

Furthermore, the ease of installation is elevated by the flexible interior layout, which enables hassle-free mounting of graphics cards up to 315 mm and CPU coolers up to 162mm in height. The inclusion of removable SSD brackets also helps in keeping your build neat and tidy. This makes for an overall great user-friendly experience.

The Fractal Design Nano S PC case also stands out from other cases available in terms of its cable management system. The case comes with multiple cable tie points that make it easy to organize cables and keep them hidden from view, thus improving the overall aesthetic appeal.

With so many compelling reasons to choose Fractal Design Nano S PC Case for housing your components, it’s no wonder they fly off the shelves! Get yours now before you miss out on a fantastic product that will provide seamless installation and impressive cable management capabilities for all your components.

If you’re looking for a case that won’t break the bank, the Fractal Design Nano S is cheaper than therapy (and may even bring you more joy).

Price and Availability

For those seeking to know about the availability of the Fractal Design Nano S PC Case and its corresponding market price, this paragraph is for you. The information below should help clarify any doubts you may have.

Price Availability
Fractal Design Nano S PC Case $64.99 In Stock

The above table gives concise information on the availability and price of the Fractal Design Nano S PC Case. It is currently priced at $64.99 and available in stock.

Moving on from stating details already mentioned, it’s vital to note that the Fractal Design Nano S PC Case comes with many unique features, which set it apart from other similar products in the market. Some of these attributes include an innovative design that increases airflow and suitability for water cooling systems.

When considering buying a product as essential as a computer case, it’s crucial to make informed decisions that suit your specific needs. Suggestions to consider before purchasing the Fractal Design Nano S PC case include researching its compatibility with your preferred computer components and checking reviews from previous buyers to ensure quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Fractal Design Nano S PC case suitable for gaming?

Yes, the Fractal Design Nano S PC case is suitable for gaming. It has enough space to accommodate a full-sized GPU and is designed with efficient cooling systems, making it suitable for extended gaming sessions.

2. Can the Fractal Design Nano S PC case accommodate multiple hard drives?

Yes, the Fractal Design Nano S PC case can accommodate up to four 3.5 inch hard drives or a mixture of hard drives and solid-state drives, making it ideal for those who need ample storage space.

3. Does the Fractal Design Nano S PC case have good cable management options?

Yes, the Fractal Design Nano S PC case has excellent cable management options. With multiple cable routing holes and tie-down points, it makes cable management easy and keeps your build clean and clutter-free.

4. What type of cooling options are available with the Fractal Design Nano S PC case?

The Fractal Design Nano S PC case has many cooling options, including support for up to six fans and multiple radiator configurations. It also has sound-dampening foam to keep your build quiet.

5. What is the design of the Fractal Design Nano S PC case?

The Fractal Design Nano S PC case has a sleek and minimalist design. Its compact size makes it ideal for small spaces, while its brushed aluminum finish gives it a premium look.

6. Is the Fractal Design Nano S PC case easy to build in?

Yes, the Fractal Design Nano S PC case is easy to build in. It has a removable top panel and side panels that allow easy access to all components. The case also comes with a detailed manual for easy assembly.

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