Fractal Design has been around since 1996, and they are still going strong. The Define S2 is a mid-tower PC case designed for building water cooling loops, RGB lighting, 3.5″ drives, and dual radiators with the space to support up to 360mm in the front or 280mm at the back of your motherboard.

Fractal Design is well-known in the computer case industry for producing high-quality, long-lasting cases. But unfortunately, we don’t generally think about RGB while discussing Fractal Design. That is going to change, however.

The Define S2 Vision RGB is Fractal Design’s first foray into RGB, and it’s a welcome addition. According to Fractal, the Define S2 was created with one goal in mind: to combine beauty and utility in a single tempered glass powerhouse of a chassis. On first glance, we find it difficult to dispute with their assertion.

The case looks fantastic straight out of the box, and you can tell that quality control took a lot of time and effort. However, there were a few of spots where slight criticism might be made, but we’ll get to them later.

The case handled pretty much everything we threw at it in terms of performance, and the four 140mm fans offer superb airflow owing to a well-engineered configuration. In addition, the Define comes with a slew of extra features and perks, which will be explored more in this post.

But for now, consider the following advantages and disadvantages:


Case Type Mid-Tower
Measurements (mm) 465 x 543 x 233 (W x D x H)
Materials Steel, aluminum, plastic, and glass are some of the materials used.
Available colors Black, Blackout, White, and Gunmetal are some of the colors available.
Weight 13.4Kg
I/O panel in the front Reset, Power 1 USB 3.1 Type-C port, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, and a stereo/mic input
Slots 7+2
Bays for driving 2x 2.5in, 3x 2.5in, 3x 3.5in
Factor of Form E-ATX, ATX, and Micro-ATX are all types of motherboards.
Cooling (front, back, and top) 3 front 120mm/140mm fan mounts, 1 rear 120mm/140mm fan mount, 3 roof 120mm/140mm fan mounts, 2 bottom 120mm/140mm fan mounts
Clearance for CPU cooling 185mm
GPU’s maximum length 440mm

Packaging & Contents

Fractal Design Define S2 Vision RGB Case and accessories

When it comes to high-end gear, you want to know that your purchases are well-protected and wrapped. Fractal Design has gone to great lengths to ensure that the most effective forms of protection are in place, which is always reassuring.

Fractal Design Define S2 Vision RGB Case protection

Two big polystyrene blocks create a protective shell around the exterior of the casing, which is then coated in a thin layer of plastic. The Fractal Design Define S2 Vision RGB case comes with four pre-installed 140mm fans, pre-installed stand-off screws, and an accessories package including the following items:

Fractal Design Define S2 Vision RGB Accessories

  • Motherboard and reservoir bracket screws (13 total)
  • Drive Screws, 20 x 2.5′′
  • Drive Screws, 12 x 3.5
  • Four screws for the power supply
  • One × Additional standoff screw for the motherboard
  • One × Standoff device
  • HDD dampeners, 12
  • 4 x Side Panel Screws (Optional)
  • Reservoir Brackets (four)
  • SATA power extension cable (one)
  • One × R1 RGB controller (adjustable)
  • a total of six cable ties

The case also has an interchangeable roof panel that can be switched out for a vented panel and a fan/radiator mounting plate, allowing even more temperature management.

Inside & Outside


When the crew and I unboxed this beast of a case, two noticed how nice it looked cosmetically. The front, Panels on the sides, and top of this case are all surrounded by tempered glass, allowing you to see everything within. The tinted glass adds to the case’s premium feel and will undoubtedly result in a really remarkable end product.

Fractal Design build 15

The Define S2 Vision RGB has a rectangular form typical of the Define line. It is longer than it is tall, giving it a rectangular look. The increased length provides enough of interior space for water cooling and other amenities for builders that use this case.

Front & Rear

The front panel is primarily tempered glass, which elegantly displays three 140mm RGB fans. The Define S2 RGB’s edge is composed of high-white plastic with a grill-style design that allows the fans to pull ideal air.

The panel is removable, but it will take some effort to remove it. You have full access to all three fans after it is turned off if you need to change or replace them.

The dust filter that rests under the casing is also worth mentioning. It has an easy-to-remove handle, and the entire device slides out the front, which is helpful since customers can now remove it without physically moving their PC.

Fractal Design build 10

The majority of the case’s functionality is located on the back, which has seven horizontal and two vertical slots. The high-quality, simple-to-use thumbscrews may be removed without the need of a tool, making them very convenient to use.

In addition, 1 x 140mm RGB-ready fan is pre-installed. The roof panel quick-release button is located immediately above and feels sturdy and strong.

Panels on the sides

again, both panels on the sides are tempered glass and leave no hiding place for components and cable management. However, if you want a clean looking build but don’t enjoy the tedious task of cable management, the tinted glass rear side panel works with the motherboard backplate and grommets to hide the cables effectively.

The bolt-free panel locking mechanism is well-made and long-lasting, as seen by the materials utilized throughout the casing.

Fractal design pic 12

The user must unscrew the two thumbscrews placed at the rear of the casing to remove the panels, which is a reasonably simple procedure. Peel the discussion away from the container after it has been unscrewed. Due to the glass makeup, the committee has a little weight to it, but nothing too obtrusive.

IWehave both the RGB and Blackout editions of the Define S2 Vision, and their Panels on the sides are interchangeable. So, if you’re sick of looking at your build, alternative options are available down the road.


The Fractal Design Define S2 Vision RGB comes with a tempered glass roof panel that can be removed using the case’s simple unlocking button on the rear. The glass offers the enclosure a fashionable appearance but does not improve its functioning.

The Define, on the other hand, comes with an extra fan/radiator mount and grill cover that can be swapped out for the tempered glass roof panel. In addition, three more cooling fans may be added to this case to improve airflow and temperature management. Those wishing to overclock their new CPU or RAM will love this.


WAfterthoroughly scrutinizing the outside of this case , we chose to go right insideto see what we had to work with, and we were not disappointed.

As stated above, gaining access to the internals requires you to remove the bolt-free thumbscrews at the rear and popping the Panels on the sides off. SYoucan sees how much space you have to play with. straight away

The massive PSU shroud, which is excellent for hiding the PSU and its wires, was the first item we noticed. It also contains pre-drilled vertical mount holes for your GPU, which is helpful if you want to show your GPU vertically.

The Define comes with new 3.5″ hard-Bays for driving with a caged finish. They are one of the latest additions to the S2 Vision RGB and, if not utilized, are excellent for hiding all your fan cables. The SSD mounting brackets can also be found within the new bays.

The fan PCB is located at the rear of the motherboard tray and is powered via a SATA connection. It can now take nine PMW fans, offering you almost limitless cooling options. IThe PCB becomes beneficial if you opt to utilize the additional fan radiator. Three iconic velcro strips labeled with the Fractal Design trademark have been added to the bottom to assist cable management. However, with our construction, we found it simpler to employ different methods.

Seven expansion slots and two vertical slots are shielded by brackets and locked in place with those excellent thumbscrews at the back of the case – a significant improvement over the previous version of this case.

Areas where we believe we have been criticized are few and far between, yet they do exist. For example, the onboard RGB fan controller ultimately found a place amid the other wires at the back of the chassis. We attempted numerous times to locate a good location for it to sit but were unable. The concept of an RGB fan controller is intriguing, but the fact that you have to remove the side every time you want to alter the settings makes the function impractical.

Fractal Design build 9

To improve Buildability, the USB 3.0 cable for the I/O panel may have been longer, however this is a slight criticism.

3Fractal Design Define S2 Vision RGB IO panel


This case is jam-packed with features and perks, which helps to justify the Define S2 Vision RGB’s hefty price tag. Obviously, the case’s most notable feature is the stunning RGB design for which it is called. However, there are several additional traits, including:

  • Bolt-free tinted tempered glass panels — What better way to show off this case’s excellent RGB capabilities than via high-end tempered glass from four different angles? The tinted glass on the front, side and top panels do an excellent job of highlighting the Define S2’s major feature.
  • 4 x RGB fans – The Fractal Design signature Prisma RGB fans sit at the heart of this build and look fantastic. The controller offers a ton of RGB output options meaning there is a style for everyone. The tinted glass works well to dull the hugely vibrant RGB. However, if you want to alter the brightness further, you are free to do so with the controller.
  • LED strip with RGB color — It doesn’t end with fans… An LED strip on the inner roof of the main side panel provides gentle light to the inside. This and other such details are what set this case apart from the others.
  • Additional cooling bracket for roof support with three fans – Thanks to the four pre-installed fans that come with the case, the case is already extraordinary and offers acceptable temperatures. However, if you want to improve your cooling, you may do so using the included, interchangeable roof bracket.
  • Full-length PSU shroud — The PSU shroud, which covers the entire floor of the Define S2, makes the inside of this case seem exceptionally clean and elegant. There’s no need to be concerned about cable management since the shroud conceals any poorly handled connections with ease.
  • Vertical 2.5 slot GPU support with pre-drilled holes – Even though the PCI-E riser isn’t included with the case, it’s always nice to know that it’s possible f you want to place your GPU vertically. This capability is made possible by pre-drilled holes in the shroud.


As much as people like hearing about a case’s advantages, disadvantages, features, and benefits, one of the most critical considerations to consider when selecting an issue is how simple and practical it is to construct in. Consumers will be turned off by a design that is out of this planet in terms of beauty but is a pain to construct in. Let’s discuss about the construction.

Fractal Design build 7

After having everything, the first thing the crew said after having everything s was how much room they had to work with. This is a considerable mid-tow case for mid-tower instances, perfect for folks who wish to experiment with build styles and cooling solutions.

When it came to fitting the motherboard into position, the pre-installed standoff screws made things a lot easier. It’s fantastic to see since it prevents the potential of self-threading the screw. Also, after tightening the motherboard into place, you could see how much room was left for other add-ons like water cooling.

Fractal Design build 3

If you want to water cool this rig, you should know that the inside has been redesigned to accept a variety of reservoir bracket mounting positions.

The rubber-grommeted holes make cable management a breeze, particularly when combined with the motherboard plate’s trademark velcro straps.

Fractal Design build 4

Furthermore, the tinted glass on the back panel is an excellent deterrent to anybody who wants to peep at your cable management.

The expansion slot brackets are kept in place with simple thumbscrews, making component swapping a breeze.

Fractal Design build 2


So down to Conclusion. Well, it’s safe to say that everyone in the team enjoyed both the build process and the final look of this build, how can you not?

Whether you should purchase it or not is a function of your budget and the PC components you choose. I mean that if you buy this case and put low-quality pieces inside, the case’s looks will suffer. There is, however, no better case to choose if you want to build a setup that is saturated with RGB from top to bottom and has the newest hardware components. The Fractal Design Define S2 Vision RGB is, without a doubt, one of the most extraordinary cases I’ve used in recent years.

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