The FinalStraw is a reusable straw that collapses into an easy-to-carry, triangular prism when not in use. The unique design makes it ideal for travel and outdoor activities like hiking or camping, where space might be limited. However, even though we found FinalStraw’s collapsible feature to be somewhat innovative, its durability left much to be desired.

Do you know how specific eco-friendly options wind up being better for the environment while also being more convenient for you? (Think Lush’s Shampoo Bars, both good for the environment and your hair.) That is not the case with the FinalStraw Reusable Collapsible Straw. At least, not while you’re initially learning how to use it.

You’ll probably despise the FinalStraw at first (if you’re anything like us). It took approximately two weeks of pushing ourselves to use it before something clicked, and we began to appreciate it.

We’ve determined we can’t live without it after three months. Yes, it’s cliche. Perhaps hyperbolic. We, on the other hand, adore it. So let’s look at all this foldable, stainless steel reusable straw has to offer (we promise no “suck” jokes).

Our Knowledge and Experience

Plastic straws have recently earned a bad name. While they aren’t the only kind of single-use plastic that pollutes our seas (single-use plastic bags, for example), their notoriety is well-deserved. (If you need some persuading and an excellent existential crisis, Google plastic + seas.)

Reusable straws won’t rescue the world, but they are a start in the right way (at least in terms of plastic pollution). While the actual quantity is unknown, it is estimated that 500 million drinking straws are used every day in the United States. Consider what an enormous gain for the earth if even a quarter of Americans quit contributing to this amount.

We had to keep reminding ourselves of this during the “tough phase” of testing. We didn’t like FinalStraw at first for two reasons: cleanliness and convenience.

FinalStraw Collapsible Straw 2.0 Washing OutsideLet’s start with the most common complaint about reusable straws: washing them. Everyone on the internet seemed to be complaining about how difficult it is to clean reusable straws. We could have been one of them if we’d written this review a month and a half ago. But don’t get me wrong: it’s not all horrible. Seriously.

Yes, it is inconvenient compared to just tossing things away. It irritated us at first as well. But, after a few weeks, you’ll get acclimated to the notion, and the 45 seconds it takes to clean will seem insignificant. (And the guys at FinalStraw have a cute video describing how to clean your straw with a mermaid in a bubble bath.) So make sure to look into it).

FinalStraw Collapsible Straw 2.0 BrushThe FinalStraw 2.0, which comes with an extensible micro brush, has been put to the test. Add a dab of soap to the meeting and begin washing the inside of your straw.

We suggest cleaning it as soon as possible whenever the possibility is available. You’ll be able to put it back in its case without it becoming filthy (you’ll still need to wash it out now and then). You also don’t have to worry about anything drying out and sticking to the inside of the straw: smoothies and other sweet beverages, in particular.

Of course, while you’re traveling, cleaning it immediately away is often more complex. We’ve used restrooms at coffee shops, airports, restaurants, and rest stop. If you don’t have access to running water, we’ve found that sucking out as much of the drink as possible and wiping off the outside with a tissue will suffice (with a plan to wash it later thoroughly).

You’ll want to clean your straw more thoroughly now and again. Place it in the dishwasher or, if sterilization is desired, in a pot of boiling water. The straw began to smell like coffee after approximately three months of testing. We bathed it in distilled white vinegar to remove the stink, but it’s still there. We think it’ll go away after a few more soaks.

To avoid any buildup, we suggest allowing the FinalStraw to dry completely before storing it in its case. Set it aside and let it air dry.

FinalStraw Collapsible Straw 2.0 In CaseWe didn’t understand how frequently we’d find ourselves in unplanned straw scenarios before testing—random coffee excursions, impromptu lunches, an inability to stroll past smoothie vendors without purchasing anything strawberry-mango (just us?). It would be best if you had the FinalStraw with you at all times for it to be effective. Otherwise, it’ll sit in a drawer someplace, and you’ll think to yourself, “Hmm, maybe I should’ve grabbed that before drinking my pia colada using a plastic straw.”

Unfortunately, we can’t stress how often the situation occurred to us in the first two weeks (without the pia colada).

It will take some time to get accustomed to carrying your straw with you. Even though the FinalStraw is more portable than many stainless steel straws, you’ll probably forget it more frequently than you recall. It folds neatly into its little carrying bag and is foldable. (As a side note, the straw unfolds on its own when you take it out of the case, which is a lot of fun and reminds me of magic wands.)

FinalStraw Collapsible Straw 2.0 On KeysWhile the manufacturer claims that this straw is tiny enough to attach to a keychain, it isn’t. The FinalStraw 2.0 casing is 1 cm shorter,2 cm thinner, and 1 oz lighter than the 1.0 version, making it more keychain-friendly. Even yet, this case is relatively large. You won’t mind the bulk if you’re the kind that keeps a flashlight, pillbox, and other items on your keys. The FinalStraw, on the other hand, will not be a welcome addition if you, like us, want to keep your keys as simple as possible.

It does, however, take up nearly no space in your backpack. Yes, bringing it with you will be more difficult if you don’t often carry a handbag, sling bag, or daypack—but it will fit in your pockets. Again, you can rely on us. This straw is relatively small, even if we believe it’s too big for keychains.

FinalStraw Collapsible Straw 2.0 In BagWe recommend treating it as though it were an “essential” item. Do you know that mental checklist you go through every morning before leaving home and/or Airbnb: wallet, keys, phone? Make a list that includes your wallet, keys, phone, and FinalStraw.

Of course, you’re not going to be flawless. Occasionally, you’ll have a straw moment and forget your FinalStraw. It occurs all the time. However, as you get more used to using it, it will happen less often. Especially when it’s so much fun to use the straw.

FinalStraw Collapsible Straw 2.0 EndThe inside, which extends beyond the stainless steel shell, is constructed of medical and food-grade silicone. You place your tongue on the silicone, unlike with some other reusable straws. You don’t have to eat bamboo or stainless steel, which is never a pleasant experience.

Putting silicone in your mouth is also more enjoyable than putting fragile plastic in your mouth. Something we’re reminded of any time we have to use a plastic straw by mistake (while better for the environment, a paper straw is even worse).

FinalStraw Collapsible Straw 2.0 DiameterOther reviews have complained about its width and ability to suck up thick liquids, but we haven’t had any issues (and our team lives off of smoothies in the summertime). It doesn’t clog as quickly as a plastic straw, stirs just as well, and is tall enough to suit most beverages.

The FinalStraw also serves as a discussion starter. People constantly have something to say about it, and it’s typically good. For example, since we started trying this, we’ve had many talks about plastic trash, but none of them have been initiated.

Finally, you’ll feel good about reducing your contribution to the plastic pollution issue. Probably not, given that the corporation is a member of 1% of the Planet. They contribute 1% of revenues to “environmental NGOs that strive to preserve the environment, advocate for animals, educate kids, and empower women” every year.

Last Thoughts

While it took a few weeks, we’ve become major fans of the FinalStraw (if you couldn’t tell). It’s become one of those goods that we like using, not just because it’s eco-friendly.

There are a couple of arguments out there about eco-grooviness that we’d want to answer swiftly. First, some claim that the environmental costs of creating the straw exceed the advantages of its reusability, but we believe this isn’t the case. Of course, manufacturing influences our environment, but we’re explicitly discussing plastic pollution and its impact on marine ecosystems.

FinalStraw Collapsible Straw 2.0 SoloPlus, by utilizing the FinalStraw, you’ll be more conscious of how frequently you use straws—blow it’s us away. We didn’t know how often we were contributing to the plastic straw issue before testing, but the 500 million figure from previously looks more plausible today. And being more aware of your purchasing patterns is always a win for the environment.

Furthermore, others say that people should stop using straws. That’s great if you’re the person who can do it. However, for various good reasons, this will not work for everyone.

Last but not least, there’s the issue of durability. Because it folds into quarters, this straw does not seem to be exceptionally sturdy. After being folded and unfolded numerous times a day and resting in its container all stretched out, we were concerned that the silicon inside might break or tear. But we haven’t experienced any problems thus yet. FinalStraw claims that it will survive 12,000 cycles, or “about two usages every day for 16 years.” Hopefully, this is correct. We’ve become used to having this creature in our midst.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for a reusable straw?

A: The best material for a reusable straw would be any food-grade type of plastic.

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