This 32-pack of Black Diamond Creek Transit water bottles is essential for any outdoor adventure. It comes in various colors, with sturdy plastic and strong caps that won’t leak. This pack is also perfect for school lunches or your supply at home.

If you’re a rock climber, you’ve heard of Black Diamond, which is recognized for producing high-quality equipment inspired by “life at the crag.” It’s no different with the 32 Pack Black Diamond Creek Transit.

You’ll appear like a rock climber if you’re wearing the Creek Transit pack (whether or not you spend your time climbing up the slopes of mountains). This might be a good or terrible thing, depending on how you choose to show yourself to the world.

Black Diamond Creek Transit 32 Pack In Detroit, MichiganThe quality of this set is undeniable. It’s prone to picking up cosmetic flaws much too quickly—we’ll get to that later—but its components are all sturdy. Whatever exploits you throw at it, it should be able to keep up.

Aesthetics & Materials

The Black Diamond Creek Transit is now available in Ash, Black, and Sargent hues (the latter is a dark green, virtually black). We’ve been putting the Ash—or gray, as it’s known in the industry—to the test, which helps to sharpen that outdoorsy appeal. However, no matter which color you pick, the rock climbing motif is unavoidable. Whether for better or worse (we tend to think for better).

When you’ve got this pack on, though, you won’t be able to blend in with the mob (especially in the city). While we’re generally all for being unique, we’re not so keen on the notion while traveling. When it comes to avoiding pickpockets, screaming at tourists isn’t always the most excellent strategy. However, this won’t be an issue if you prefer rural to urban exploration (although bears pose their own set of dangers, they aren’t known to be pickpockets).

Black Diamond Creek Transit 32 Pack MaterialThe materials are chosen for this pack—800D nylon and 1200D ballistic nylon with a waterproof shell—contribute to the outdoorsy adventure vibe. This fabric has a love-hate relationship with us.

Let’s start with the positives: the fabric is waterproof, so you can rest confident that your belongings will be safe from the weather. Even if you walk through a thunderstorm or underneath a waterfall, your stuff will stay protected.

Important note: Black Diamond claims that the materials are waterproof (which we trust), but the bag is not. Even the greatest zippers may leak, so it’s very water-resistant.

Black Diamond Creek Transit 32 Pack Water ResistanceWe don’t usually need this amount of weather protection for our travels, but if you like spending time in the great outdoors, you may find it helpful.

It’s also exceptionally long-lasting. It should keep up with you whether you’re ascending granite cliffs or trudging along cobblestone alleys. Or you could do both.

Black Diamond Creek Transit 32 Pack CreasesThe cloth, on the other hand, wrinkles much too quickly. That are three ways to look at it. And the wrinkles aren’t going away. They’re known as perma-creases (for obvious reasons) because they really destroy the look of this bag. We’ve just had this bag for a month, but it already seems like we’ve been traveling with it for a year. Some individuals may like the worn-in appearance, while others will find it unappealing.

Components from Outside

Black Diamond Creek Transit 32 Pack Shoulder StrapFortunately, we can now turn our attention to a more pleasant topic: the harness system. One of the most significant parts of any backpack is the harness system, which comprises the shoulder straps, load lifters, sternum strap, and hip belt. A faulty harness system equates a poor performance. This is a fantastic piece of work.

Black Diamond Creek Transit 32 Pack Sternum StrapThe shoulder straps are well-padded, particularly at the top, where you’ll be carrying most of the pack’s weight. The sternum strap is particularly well-designed, with a little elasticated piece that bends as you walk for a more comfortable fit.

Black Diamond Creek Transit 32 Pack Hip BeltA hip belt is also included, which is as basic as it gets—a plain webbed strap. You don’t need anything too large at 32L, but this one is nearly useless. We disconnect it early in the testing process and haven’t needed to reconnect it since.

Black Diamond Creek Transit 32 Pack Back PanelThe rear panel contributes to the ease of carrying. It includes thick, plush cushioning with a small cutout in the center to allow for more ventilation. You won’t be able to prevent sweating in your back, but it won’t be as awful as it might have been. (We’re still looking for a backpack that doesn’t make your back sweat.)

Only when you place too much weight against your back does the carry become painful. Because of the weight, the bottom rim of the shoe compartment flips up and digs into your back. You may avoid this by putting extra weight in the bottom pocket or distributing the weight more equally.

Black Diamond Creek Transit 32 Pack Haul LoopHaul-loop handles can be found all around this object. We assumed we’d find all these handles unpleasant and unneeded when we initially got our hands on the Creek Transit Pack. However, they’ve become one of our favorite aspects of the bag. You may get it in a variety of places, like the trunk of an Uber or the overhead bin on an aircraft.

Black Diamond Creek Transit 32 Pack Front WebbingThe loops that go down each side of the front of the pack are the last exterior component worth mentioning. This may be found on a variety of outdoor backpacks, allowing you to carry some goods outside. They come in useful all the time, whether you’re fastening a sling bag or drying your packable towel after a plunge in a chilly mountain stream.

We particularly enjoy the way these loops appear, which remind us of racing stripes. Is there anything more we can say?

Inside the Bundle

We love how this bag has so many compartments that make it easy to manage your belongings. Everything has its proper place, which we appreciate.

Black Diamond Creek Transit 32 Pack Security PocketLet’s begin with the tiniest of pockets. When you wear the bag, this security pocket lies against your back and holds a passport, some cash, and maybe your wallet. Of course, you won’t want to put anything large here since it will dig into your back, but it is reasonably pickpocket-proof, which is always a plus.

Black Diamond Creek Transit 32 Pack Laptop CompartmentThe cushioned laptop compartment is in front of it, and it has its volume distinct from the main room. It can accommodate a 15-inch laptop and certain flat things, such as papers or a tablet. It also includes substantial cushioning on both sides of the pocket to protect your computer.

Black Diamond Creek Transit 32 Pack Quick-Grab PocketThe quick-grab pocket is a great place to keep miniature goods that you use regularly organized. Two tiny zipped pockets, a more oversized zippered pocket, and a key clip give it a touch of organization. We’ve discovered that this compartment is ideal for the tech—cables, chargers, computer mice (mice? ), and other little items.

Black Diamond Creek Transit 32 Pack Shoe CompartmentA shoe pocket may be found on the other end. It isn’t only for shoes, however. Put everything you don’t want touching your other belongings here: dirty shoes, stinky clothing, smelly shoes, dirty clothes. Whatever. Black Diamond recommends storing your chalk bag here to avoid getting chalk on anything else you possess if you’re a climber.

This compartment has amanytiny air holes to keep your stinking items from marinating in their stench. Two straps are used to hide the spots on the outside. However, we’re not sure why. Is it for practical purposes? Looks? Who knows what will happen. (At least, that’s what the guys at Black Diamond hope.)

In any case, this pocket lacks its volume. As a result, it will eat into the main compartment’s space.

Black Diamond Creek Transit 32 Pack Front PocketFront Pocket 32 Pack Black Diamond Creek Transit

We have one more pocket to look at before digging into the main compartment: the front, vertical pocket. There isn’t much going on since there isn’t much internal structure, but it’s lovely and spacious—a safe place to store big, flat things. Consider notebooks or papers that have been folded in half. However, the more items you stuff into this compartment, the more wrinkles develop on the front of the bag. We all know how the Black Diamond Creek Transit 32 Pack handles wrinkles, right? (not well, not healthy at all).

All of the exterior pockets are fantastic. You may store your daily essentials in these pockets while keeping the main one for clothing and other travel-related stuff. Alternatively, use your favorite climbing gear.

Black Diamond Creek Transit 32 Pack Top PocketIt’s now time to have a peek inside the main compartment. This bag is a top-loader, as is characteristic of outdoor backpacks. In terms of organizing, there’s a document sleeve for documents. (Did you notice how many places there are for paperwork on this bag? We have no idea why either.) There’s also a pocket on the inside of the top flap that’s perfect for storing essentials.

Black Diamond Creek Transit 32 Pack Main CompartmentThen you’re left with nothing but a massive, hollow bucket to smash your belongings. You can fit many items in here since it’s a top-loader. However, getting to the bottom may be difficult and time-consuming. It’s always a shame to discover that the sweater you need is buried behind layers of other clothing layers. Put another way, just because you can fit a lot of goods into this pocket doesn’t mean you should.

However, we like having this open area. This is a fantastic area for ropes and other climbing gear if you’re using this bag as a gear carrier. However, too much structure would obstruct your progress.

Testing & Durability

Black Diamond Creek Transit 32 PackWe’ve been using the Black Diamond Creek Transit 32 Pack as a daily driver in Detroit, Michigan, for the last three weeks. We’ve had a lot of fun with it so far. It’s easy to carry, the organization is good, and we like the sleek outdoorsy atmosphere, even if it doesn’t fit in. This backpack is for you if you’ve always wanted to look like a rock climber but can’t be bothered climbing rocks. On the other hand, if you genuinely climb stones and need a bag to carry on your trips, this is also your backpack.

Black Diamond Creek Transit 32 In Detroit, MichiganWe don’t like the perma-creases all over this item, however. It’s a shame it’s already worn out after just a few weeks of usage. Otherwise, everything seems to be in decent shape. There hasn’t been any pilling, loose threads, or rips that we’ve observed.

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