Raya and the Last Dragon is a solid fantasy offering, with a film full of beautiful scenery, exciting action, and an original story that carries many traditional Disney tropes.

If you’re done with broadcasting and are looking for alternatives, don’t worry! We’ve combed through the archives with a fine-tooth comb and saved you all the hassle by offering you our best selections for alternative viewing.

So, without further ado, we present to you 10 movies you must see if you have seen Raya and the Last Dragon.

1. Kung Fu Panda

In 2008, DreamWorks launched an unlikely animated franchise with a role that Jack Black was destined to play. With a combination of great humor, fast-paced action, and memorable characters, Panda Kung Fu is a great movie from start to finish. She’s still standing there after all these years.

The Chinese landscape is brilliantly portrayed, and the interplay of voices is also impressive. Jack Black stands out, though, bringing Poe to life in the best way possible. It’s hard to imagine any other actor portraying a panda as charismatic and enigmatic as he is. This easily makes the Kung Fu Panda movie one of the best panda movies.

2. Kubo and The Two Strings

Kubo & The Two Strings is simply a beautiful work of art. The Japanese-inspired story combines stop-motion and CGI animation on beautifully rendered backgrounds, setting it apart from other animated films in this genre.

The story revolves around a young narrator named Kubo, who breaks from his quiet life when he accidentally summons a mythical spirit from his past. On the run, Kubo joins forces with the unequal duo of Singe and Ladybird to save his family from impending evil.

From the creative design of the monsters to the background music with authentic strings and chimes from feudal Japan, Kubo is a visual and narrative delight. You must be vigilant.

3. Moana

Moana is set in the heart of ancient Polynesia with a special atmosphere of the Pacific islands that sets it apart from other Disney films in the genre. The colorful and vibrant environment is perfect for great water effects and the use of color throughout the region.

The story here revolves around a sea lover named Moana. The family, known for their sea voyages to distant lands, was surprised by a terrible curse. Thanks to the demigod Maui, who stole the heart of the goddess Te Fiti, Moana goes in search of this demigod and gets the heart back before it’s too late.

Armed with incredibly catchy and poignant songs and a tight plot, Moana is definitely one of Disney’s best modern animated works.

4. Tangled

With its many colorful characters, smooth humor, and a few memorable titles, Tangled doesn’t reinvent the wheel. Still, it polishes it enough to give the traditional Disney princess formula some luster.

The focus is on the beautiful Rapunzel with long hair. Having spent her entire life in the tower, her life changes forever when she meets a fugitive thief named Flint. Likewise, Rapunzel’s life changes forever when he encourages her to leave the tower and explore the world.

There are great moments in the film, and the visuals are absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, the film that followed (Frozen) suffered greatly from the downscaling of CGI effects.

5. Frozen

Speaking of the devil, Frozen came out in 2013 with apparently only one message: reproduce everything that makes Disney movies great. The result is a film full of catchy songs (Let It Go became an overnight sensation and took the music world by storm).

This movie doesn’t limit itself to music, and with two Disney princesses, two comedic acolytes, and two antagonists, Frozen really does it all.

The result is a film that is undoubtedly a hit with kids but maybe more polarizing for adults. But the adventures of Elsa and Anna in Arundel turned Froese into a cultural phenomenon that never let him go.

6. How To Train Your Dragon

Like Raya and the Last Dragon, How to Train Your Dragon is a film steeped in the mythology and legend of the dragon. But instead of Asia, HTTYD focuses on the era of the Vikings, and an unfortunate young Viking named Harold.

His father is the village chief and teaches Harold to hunt and kill dragons. However, it is only when he meets and befriends a young dragon that Harold realizes there is more to these creatures than meets the eye.

How to Train Your Dragon is well written, full of good jokes, and has a wonderful theme about friendship and acceptance at heart. It is one of the best-animated films from Dreamworks in a long time and one that will appeal to both children and adults.

7. Big Hero 6

Set in the futuristic city of San Fransokyo, Big Hero 6 is a beautifully made animated film with a healthy dose of drama, action, and comedy.

The main character is 14-year-old Hiro Hamada, who spends his time making money by illegally fighting robots. When his older brother Tadashi saves Hiro from a dangerous gang, tragedy strikes the family. Around the same time, Hiro discovers an inflatable medical robot named Baymax, created in the past by his brother.

After this horrific, life-changing accident, Hiro and Baymax join forces with four other nerds (Go Go Tomago, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and Fred) to save their hometown from an evil supervillain who wants to use Hiro’s own inventions against him.

It’s basically a classic superhero story, but Big Hero 6’s execution makes it one of the best-animated films in the field.

8. Pocahontas

Pocahontas is a magical film with strong themes about Native American culture and nature. The latter, of course, is similar to what we see in Paradise and the Last Dragon.

The film focuses on a young Native American girl, Pocahontas, who becomes involved with Captain John Smith. Together they travel with other colonists to the New World to start a new life. However, Pocahontas’ powerful father, Chief Pocahontas, is not very happy with their relationship and wants his daughter to marry a native warrior.

Amid this smoldering family conflict, Smith’s comrades discover that they plan to take the gold from the Indians. When the relationship is pushed to the limit, Pocahontas is forced to take sides.

Pocahontas is definitely one of Disney’s most underrated offerings, with beautiful songs and a great message.

9. Brave

Like Raya and the unique setting of The Last Dragon, Brave abandons the mythical landscapes and obvious settings of old Disney films for a quintessentially Scottish film set in the heart of Scotland.

The film revolves around aspiring archer Princess Merida, daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor. When her parents decided to marry, Merida defied her parents and unintentionally caused chaos in the kingdom.

Determined to the right her wrongs, Merida enlists the help of an eccentric witch who grants her an unfortunate wish. Unfortunately, this wish has a world of consequences, leaving Merida to fight to save the kingdom before it’s too late.

While the film is quite polarizing and not as good as some of the other films on this list, Brave manages to weather the storm and make for an entertaining animated film.

10. Mulan

The original Mulan, not to be confused with the remake, was a bold and daring film that made a piece of Asian culture accessible to the Western animation market.

Mulan is the story of an ancient Chinese folktale. It tells the story of a young Chinese girl named Mulan, who disguises herself as a boy and takes her father’s place in the army.

But what she doesn’t know: Mulan’s mission is known to her ancestors, who have sent a small dragon named Mushu to force her to abandon her plan. But when he met Mulan, Mushu quickly changed his mind. So together, they set out to stop the enemy Hun army, led by the monstrous and imposing Shan Yu.

Mulan, beautifully written and armed with strong themes of belonging and identity, is a true classic and yet another animated film you must have seen.

So here we are, our 10 movies that will keep you busy after watching Raya and the Last Dragon.

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