Phantom is a computer cases and accessories manufacturer that was founded in early 2012. Based in Southern California, the company’s first flagship product was a PC case called the Eclipse P400. Since then, Phanteks has continued to release a variety of PC cases including the P400s, the P400s Snow Edition, the P500s, and the P400 series. The case we will be reviewing today is a recent addition to the company’s P-series of cases, called the P600.

The Phanteks Eclipse P600S is a step above the average mid-tower chassis. It’s a premium enclosure that is built for both silent operation and performance. Whether you want to play games in 4K or just want a PC that can do everything you throw at it with no sweat, the Eclipse P600S definitely has what it takes.

The P600s is a discreet case with panache. The corners and vents are well placed and make the vehicle very futuristic. At first glance, the front panel appears to be one piece, with a slanted grill on top and vents on the sides. The design is impeccable, but the most impressive thing about the Phanteks P600s is its modularity and ability to switch from one configuration to another.

The main feature of the P600s is the interchangeability of the modes, from acoustic bliss to powerful airflow. The default setting is silent, and to change this you need to remove the magnetic center plate on the front. If you have small fingers, it comes off without a problem, but I had to remove the I/O cover, more on that later. Once removed, the next major feature of Phanteks’ repertoire is revealed – their fabric grid. This nylon fabric has high air permeability and offers even higher airflow than conventional cloth filters. There seems to be a double layer of nylon fabric, which is then supported by a magnetic dust filter at the back, which works in tandem to limit the amount of dirt entering the system.

Of course, if airflow is important to you, you might consider the P500a instead of spending the extra money for this feature, but I like it, and I have to say I tip my hat to Phanteks for including so many options. The removable front centre panel, like the rest of the panels, features high quality sound absorbing materials that do a serious job for those who prefer acoustic performance.

As mentioned earlier, the front panel has inputs/outputs that are hidden by a hinged panel to maintain the overall aesthetic. In reality, you’ll probably flip it over and leave it forever, but it looks really cool.

The input/output consists of :

  • Reset button
  • 2 x USB 3.0 Gen1 Type-A
  • 1 x USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C
  • 1 x Audio connection
  • 1 x microphone jack

You will notice that there is no power button on the front, as it is located on the top of the case.

Hind section

The back is not as simple as other cases in this price range, mainly because of the dual system functionality. On top you’ll see a removable plate that makes room for the ITX bracket that Phanteks offers separately.

There is room for a 120mm or 140mm fan under the ITX slot, of which you get a 140mm fan pre-installed with high airflow. You also get 7+3 PCIe slots, and while vertical mounts are common in this price range, the three slots are another nice touch in this spacious enclosure. Phanteks provides the necessary support to mount the GPU on top of the shroud. However, if you plan to make a vertical mount, you will need to purchase a riser cable separately.

The hinges for both side panels are on the back, and I prefer this design because I think it is the easiest way to remove the piece. Thanks to the open hinges, the doors can be opened more than 180 degrees and each panel can be removed.


The component side of the case has a full-length tempered glass panel, to which Phanteks has added an opaque bezel, which always adds extra aesthetic points in my opinion. The glass has a light tint that enhances the visual aspect of the finished unit and allows for small details, such as custom cables.

Two Side Panel

The two side panels require no tools and are attached to the housing with four strong magnets. A nice gimmick related to the magnets is the use of a thin layer of rubber on top of each magnet, so the panels don’t close with a thud, but with a nice thud. These side panels make everything from installation to upgrades very easy, and as previously stated, this is my top choice for side panel design.

Rear Panel

The rear panel is solid and made from the same sound-absorbing materials as the top and front of the speaker. Just by their weight, you can tell they do a good job at eliminating noise in your system. Another nice touch is the use of rubber strips on the edges of the side panels, which not only help improve acoustic performance, but also form a dominant seal that allows for better air circulation.


Like the front panel, the top of the enclosure has a removable center panel and also features sound absorbing material. The removable top is part of a dual mode design, which means if it gets too hot or you install a radiator, you can provide the airflow you need.

The top of the P600 can accommodate three 120mm fans or two 140mm fans, with support for 360mm and 280mm radiators. The top section can be easily removed with the thumbscrews on the back of the enclosure, and there is a removable bracket under the enclosure for easy installation. You can also use a dual-system case, with room for an ITX motherboard in the top back corner of the P600s, and a magnetic cover to fill an unused slot if you use smaller heat sinks.

There’s also an on/off button on top, which shows the attention Phanteks puts into its high-end cases: The P600 is equipped from head to toe with convenient mounting functions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the P600S a good case?

A: Phanteks is a company that most enthusiasts haven’t heard of, but they’re about to change that. The company is known for their extremely high-quality, but affordable cases, and now they have a new one out: the P600S. This case is a great option for the person looking to build a powerful, but stylish build, and it’s an even better option for those looking for a new case, because it’s on sale! The Phanteks Eclipse P600S is a well-crafted mid-tower case that is so flexible that it can accommodate everything from a high-end gaming PC to a workstation. It is one of the best cases on the market at the moment.  It is a mid-tower case and it is also equipped with a removable top, which means that it is easy to install the fans, radiators and the hard drives. Moreover, it has RGB lighting and you can easily control it with the help of the RGB switches.

Does the Phanteks eclipse P600S come with fans?

A: The Phanteks Eclipse P600S is a budget tempered glass case that comes with 3 RGB LED fans and some RGB LED strips. It’s small and sleek, and it only costs $89.99. It’s a good choice if you’re on a budget and don’t want to give up RGB. If you are looking to purchase a Phanteks Eclipse P600S, you have probably wondered if it comes with fans or not. The good news is that it does. Unfortunately, you are only getting one fan, which is going to be a disappointment to people who hoped to have some extra fans for their newly-purchased enclosure.

Does the Phanteks P600S have RGB?

A: Phanteks’ P600S is a sleek case with a tempered glass side panel, and enough RGB to satisfy any gamer. Despite its understated appearance, it has a lot to offer: a spacious interior, great cable management, excellent airflow, and a sturdy metal frame. The P600S is also available in a variety of colors, including black, white, orange, and blue. Blog Write-Up In this section, you’ll write a blog post based on the content you researched and outlined in the previous sections. The goal is to produce a well-written blog post with the following characteristics:

  • It satisfies the assignment requirements – the topic, audience, format, tone, etc.
  • RGB is all the rage these days, and it’s something that’s becoming available on most devices. While it’s a great way to liven up the look of your PC, the question is whether or not it’s worth the extra money.

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