Keyboards aren’t as crucial as other peripherals in a player’s closet, but there’s still a lot to consider to make sure you start with the suitable model. Whether a whiteboard keyboard or a high-end mechanical panel, they come in different sizes, with different functions and a wide range of switches.


The choice of keyboard size is critical but is not always taken into account what to do if you have a small office or if you need certain features, for example. Like a notebook? Well, it can all be affected by the size of the keyboard.

The 100% full-size keyboard is exactly what you expect: a standard keyboard with all the function keys, a numeric keypad, and plenty of room for fancy extras like special media keys, macros, and volume bars.

Keyboards come in different sizes, usually 40-100%. These small cards are often called TKL (Tenkeyless) and offer a lot of functionality in a smaller environment. The most common TKL size is 85% and can be identified by the lack of an identifier. As we get smaller, say to 60% of the keyboard size, the keys get compressed, and manufacturers use the spaces you see between characters and function keys.

Diaphragm or mechanical switches

Whether your new keyboard is for gaming or general use, you can buy white gaming keyboards with both membrane and mechanical switches.

Membrane keyboards and mechanical keyboards differ significantly, but only under the surface. Players prefer mechanical keyboards because of their durability. In addition, mechanical keyboards are easy to install and are considered very responsive.

Mechanical switches tend to be louder, but there are so many different switches available that you can lower the noise level while still taking advantage of the low operating force required to push the button.

It should be noted that membrane keyboards tend to break down more quickly because the membrane layer becomes flattered over time, making the keyboard-less responsive. On the other hand, white mechanical keyboards are easy to disassemble and clean, and their delicate switches make them a must-have for players.

Why Buy a White Gaming Keyboard?

The main reason for choosing a white gaming keyboard is simply aesthetic. Will a white keyboard complete your installation flawlessly? The white contrasts with the fairly dark mouse pads, which get a little shaky, especially when the white RGB keyboard is enabled, but there is a much smaller selection of white mechanical keyboards than standard black keyboards.

We have already found the best white game mouse and the best white game chair. So if you’re a fan of the bright white of the periphery, this will suit you perfectly.

With anything white, especially a white gaming keyboard, you have to deal with dirt and durability. It has nothing to do with quality, and white mechanical keyboards last a very long time, but white keyboards get dirty, and because of their color, they inevitably get stained and need to be replaced.

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