Whether you work in a large kitchen or just like to cook at home, nothing beats putting on a well-made apron. It’s like your cooking skills have reached a new level. So we’ve looked at the Brody Bib Apron to give you information about one of the leading aprons on the market and if it’s worth your hard-earned mule.

Cayson develops apron control

Quick Introduction

Companies offer an online apron area. But who can you trust when it comes to high-quality kitchen clothing? So we searched the internet for the best manufacturers of custom aprons in the United States. Three of these companies were pre-selected and agreed to add us to one of their aprons with the logo. A comparative analysis of the different aprons was planned.

Then came the coronavirus, which caused unexpected complications.

Anyway, all we had to do was look at an apron! Legends make it at Cason Design. So instead of ending the investigation, we decided to thoroughly examine the apron we received.

Cason Design Brody Apron Review


This review is about Brody Beb’s apron – its features and what we liked. If you want to add an apron without a logo, go to Amazon now and pick it up. Here’s the link – Brody Beb’s apron. (Please note: we charge a small commission if you decide to buy one of these products). If you want your apron made to measure, read on.

When our apron came in the mail, it was a case of slight euphoria. Who doesn’t want to receive it by mail? After the package was torn off, our apron was photographed and used daily for a week to perform a good test. So let’s dive right in and see what she has to offer.

Fast graphics functions


This apron had a breast pocket that was divided into two thin parts (the so-called double pockets for the handles). Use them to store pens, tweezers, thermometers, spoons, bowls, or other bowls that are normally easily lost. These bags are handy at home and indispensable in a large commercial kitchen.

Hand in apron bag

At waist height, two much larger pockets are ideal for storing a mobile phone, laptop, small towel, or other items regularly used in the kitchen. Finally, follow the example of many chefs and put the offset knife in this bag – a multifunctional tool that is not only useful for decorating cakes.

In commercial kitchens, it’s not very good for a cook to have his hands in his pockets. But when you’re home, there are no rules. Belt pockets are the perfect place for your hands while waiting for the cake to finish. Please make sure they’re clean!

Neck strap

The neck strap gives the apron a feeling of quality through the use of tanned ranch leather. It is impressive and will serve many culinary sessions without a break. Sometimes the difference between a good apron and a large apron is in the small things. In this case, the brass clicks are a touch of style.

Leather straps on the apron

The length of the harness is adjustable so that the user can choose a position that offers maximum comfort. In addition, it can be easily removed, which is useful for washing, or if you want to relax while lying on your neck.


Even though we are not experts in the field of embroidery, this job doesn’t seem to be the easiest. Over the years, we have ordered a wide range of embroidered garments that could not always be striped. The embroideries proposed by Cayson Designs appear to be legal. Our logo is not the easiest, but it’s still very beautiful—no unpleasant unwanted elements or color problems.

The logo embroidered on the chest of the apron...

Not everyone wants to add a logo, especially if you buy an apron as a gift for a loved one. Instead, add a name or text of your choice – it just needs to fit in the space provided. Embroider text in different colors or fonts at no extra cost.


back view

The waistbands are made of 100% cotton and can easily be buttoned from the front. Perhaps the most important thing is that they feel comfortable after being tied up, even if they wear an apron all day.

Potential Pitfalls

  • Think about how your custom logo or text will appear on your apron. Does it match the style and color you choose? Our logo would look better on a lighter fabric, wouldn’t it? Make sure there is sufficient contrast between the logo and the fabric.
  • Are you a crooked cook who tends to have the ingredients on top of you at the end of the cooking process? Then, you will find a darker-colored material that hides stains better than white.

Summary Table

If you like numbers, here are some details to give you an idea of sizes, colors, etc. This apron fits in one size, so it fits most people.

Platform research 40 length x 36 width
Hip joints 39 x 1
Collar 29
Fabrics 100% cotton
Choice of color Charcoal, moss, alcohol, rust

Where to Buy

Cayson Designs is based in San Francisco, California, where its products are designed and manufactured. To see the wide range of their creations, visit their website and take a look. You can buy directly from them or buy from Amazon Brody Bib Apron without adding a logo. If you want a custom embroidered apron, you can expect up to 7 working days plus delivery time.

Last Thoughts

The Brody apron from Cayson Designs is an elegant kitchen apron that a home or professional chef would like to wear. If you want naked aprons, go to Walmart and buy something cheaper. However, this product belongs to a different class and pretends to be serious in the kitchen.

Although the apron is impressive, we were just as enthusiastic about the durable materials and seams that last for years.

chest apron with logo

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