The Fjallraven Passport Wallet is a valuable and innovative product from the outdoor brand. Its many features make it one of the best wallets today, but with some flaws that could have been avoided with better planning.

All contemporary travelers must go on a journey to find the ideal travel wallet. Do you plan to use RFID-blocking software? Stick to something that will fit into even the tiniest of jean pockets? Which is better: leather or synthetic? Metal?

One route is available with the Fjallraven Passport Wallet. While it’s larger than many other travel wallets on the market, it’s specifically intended to store several passports and other wallet-like things.

So, no, it will not fit in your tiniest sling’s quick-grab pocket. However, you will be able to store all of your travel papers, credit cards, cash, coins, and passport(s) in one place.

Aesthetics & Materials

Fjallraven Passport Wallet Material And LogoIn the Fjallraven world, the Fjallraven Passport Wallet fits right in. We don’t mind that it has the same basic, elegant design as many of the company’s other items.

On the lower corner, there’s a little leather Fjallraven logo tag and some additional leather embellishments. When you combine it with the rounded edges, we believe it gives a refined feel to it. We’ve been testing it in navy, but the Fjallraven wallet is also available in nine additional colors at this review. (Nine, to be exact!)

The Wallet comprises Fjallraven’s proprietary G-1000 Heavy Duty fabric on the outside and G-1000 Regular on the inside. The G-1000 fabric, which is a polyester and cotton combination, is long-lasting and weather-resistant, and it can be revived with Fjallraven Greenland wax if it begins to appear dingy. If you want a refresher, check out our review of the Fjallraven Travel Pack, where we go over the G-1000 fabric in detail.

Fjallraven Passport Wallet Reverse CoilYKK #5 Reverse Coil is the primary zipper. The teeth of a reverse coil zipper are essentially concealed, giving the zipper a pleasant, sleek appearance while also aiding in weather resistance. The inner zipper is likewise by YKK, but it’s a smaller—much cuter—size suitable for an internal pocket. And both zippers are silky smooth right out of the box.

As previously indicated, leather embellishments may be seen on the zipper pull, the branding tag, and a few other locations around the wallet. If you strive to stay away from animal products, this Fjallraven wallet is not for you.

Fjallraven Passport Wallet ZipperFjallraven Zipper Passport Wallet. Fjallraven, on the other hand, is devoted to getting its leather from ethical sources and tanning it under the careful eye of the Leather Working Group, both of which we applaud.

The Wallet’s Interior

The Fjallraven wallet’s inside is well-thought-out and designed, and we like how the compartments are organized.

Fjallraven Passport Wallet OpenLet’s start with the passport compartments, which are the wallet’s namesake. One is on either side of the fold, enabling you to carry several passports if necessary (Jason Bourne would love this thing). You may put your actual ticket in there or just the back, as long as the pages are above the fold. You won’t have to pull your complete key out if you need to look at a few pages.

There are tiered card compartments on the left side for credit cards and other small items and an ID pocket. A zippered coin compartment is located on the right-hand side. We’ve found it helpful since we tend to collect a lot of pennies when traveling.

Last but not least, there’s the enormous rear pocket. It’s large and weirdly shaped, so we call it a “black hole” for your belongings.

Fjallraven Passport Wallet Back Passport PocketBack Passport Pocket Fjallraven Passport Wallet. Another passport might be stored here (it would fit), but with two existing passport compartments, we’re not sure when the ordinary person would require it (although Jason Bourne would, again, be psyched about this). Although, if you’re traveling as a couple or family, it may be helpful, and you could also store your travel papers or receipts in this pocket. We haven’t put it to much use, but everyone is different. It may be your favorite pocket. In any case, if you choose not to utilize it, it will not obstruct your progress.

Testing & Durability

We’ve been using the Fjallraven Passport Wallet for two weeks and haven’t found anything to complain about. (If you’ve been reading us for a while, you know this doesn’t happen very frequently.) The outside fabric gathers dust somewhat more than comparable synthetic textiles, but not significantly.

Fjallraven Passport Wallet DustWe’ve hit it off with the internal organization, as we indicated before. Except for the black hole pocket, the Fjallraven crew took their time to construct the wallet’s arrangement deliberately, and the quality is top-notch in the usual Fjallraven flair. We’re interested to see how the Fjallraven wallet holds up over time since we want to use it for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a passport wallet worth it?

A: It depends on what you are looking for. Passports can vary in size, so the wallet will be more or less bulky depending on the type of passport holder you want to use it with.

What is the point of a passport wallet?

A: A passport wallet is a small bag attached to any standard-sized binder or backpack. It can hold up to 6-8 credit cards, two passports, and other travel documents like your airline boarding pass.

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