Cariuma OCA Low Shoes are a shoe brand that is renowned for its ability to provide consumers with comfortable designs. They come in metallic, neutral shades of grey and black. The shoes have an Adiprene line which provides increased cushioning along the sole and ankle area, which helps relieve pressure points during activities such as running or playing sports.

The Cariuma OCA Low is a perfect example of Cariuma’s commitment to providing comfortable, fashionable shoes made from sustainable materials that are beneficial for the environment.

It’s a comfy, casual shoe designed with the surroundings in mind. Cariuma, in reality, plants two trees in the Brazilian jungle for every pair sold as part of a forestry project. It appeals to us.

We’ve been wearing the women’s version of these shoes for a month now and are ready to share our thoughts, so let’s get started.

Features, Fit, and Fabric

Before we go any farther, we’d want to make a point. At Pack Hacker, we all have our desires and demands in a sneaker, and we understand you do. For example, you could like the sensation of a more athletic shoe that helps you go around—or a more simple, barefoot-style shoe that’s easy to pack away when traveling.

Neither of these are true of the OCA Low. This shoe features a significant drop, is difficult to compress, and is not intended for strenuous activity. It’s more of a pleasant, casual shoe that looks well in informal settings—similar to a low-top Converse or a Vans shoe. They’re great for traveling about campus, to the coworking space, or taking a relaxing stroll around the park.

FWe’vebeen put the Mystic Grey hue to the test. For the last month, Cariuma states that the fog that rises early in the morning over Rio, Brazil (where they’re located) inspired this colorway. We like the muted appearance, but if you want something with a bit more color or a different material, there are plenty of alternatives available at the time of this review.

Cariuma OCA Low Material and LogoThis sneaker has a lot of branding on it, and it seems a little familiar. The arrow emblem on this shoe resembles the Converse star-and-arrow logo. This emblem is also evocative of Vans, with its location on the back of the heel, a little tag on the side, and the tongue. Although the branding isn’t subtle, the other logos are tiny or imprinted into the insole, which we like.

Let’s have a look at the materials now. This shoe’s top and interior are both composed of cotton canvas, which feels smooth on the touch but is a bit thin. We’ve also seen some of the thread fraying in a few places—small it’s and purely cosmetic so far, but it makes us wonder about the fabric’s long-term durability.

This shoe, unlike the Crocs LiteRide Pacer, does not have air openings surrounding it to keep your feet cool. We wouldn’t say our feet are screaming for air, but if you’re going to be wearing them for a long length of time, we prefer a lighter pair of socks. Isn’t it worth it to prevent foot sweat (and odor)?

Cariuma also advises keeping these shoes away from water whenever possible, so don’t go splashing about in puddles with them on, or wear them if the weather prediction calls for rain. Check out the Vessi Everyday Shoes if you’re seeking a waterproof shoe.

Cariuma OCA Low LacesTwo different color laces—cream and grey—come with the colorway we’ve been testing and easily feed through the debossed metal eyelets. During testing, we went with cream laces, however the grey laces fit very perfectly with the surrounding fabric if you want to leave this shoe as simple as possible.

However, the metal aglets on the end of these laces are something we like (which are also debossed with the Cariuma wordmark). When our laces come undone, some of us are hesitant to re-tie them (a risky game, we know), and we often stomp the plastic aglets on other shoes, causing them to break and the thread to fray. However, since they’re made of metal, they’re more durable, so even if we stomp on them once or twice, they’ll be OK. They also have a good appearance.

Cariuma OCA Low Outsole DamageA thick, slip-resistant rubber outsole wraps around the sides and bottom of the shoe to finish off the exterior. We put this rubber to the test by trying to glide dramatically into the room while wearing them (as if it were a scene from one of our favorite 80’s movies). We’re delighted to inform that there was no slipping or sliding, so you can rest confident that these shoes will keep you upright if you operate in a fast-paced setting.

However, after just a month of testing, the rubber on the rear of the outsole has begun to wear out, which is far faster than other shoes we’ve examined. It’s still minimal and hasn’t interfered with the shoe’s function so far, but it raises concerns about the shoe’s longevity.

Cariuma OCA Low InsoleShall we have a peek inside the OCA Low? Cariuma used to utilize leather insoles in their shoes, but they’ve recently switched to more environmentally friendly alternatives. Their insoles are now composed of mamona oil and cork, making this shoe completely vegan. You’ll also notice substantial memory foam cushioning for added comfort and built-in arch support to help disperse strain when walking.

We’ve found them to be surprisingly comfy in general. They fit true to size and don’t seem exceptionally loose or tight. However, we’ve observed that our heel elevates somewhat as we walk. If you’re going about it, it’s not a big issue, but they don’t seem safe enough for a sprint around the block (which they weren’t designed for). Check out our evaluations of the Allbirds Wool Runners and the Vans UltraRange EXO if you’re searching for a more active shoe.

Cariuma OCA Low in DetroitHowever, all of this comfort and design come at roughly $80 each pair. So they are a bit more expensive (by approximately $30) than a pair of Converse or Vans, but if you value more excellent support without compromising style—and value sustainable materials and ethical production—you may think they’re worth it. Or maybe not. In any case, it’s worth noting.

The OCA Low is also a strong candidate for individuals who want a shoe made more ethically and ecologically. Cariuma, as previously said, employs environmentally safe materials and attempts to make current fashions as ethically as possible. All the more power to you if their purpose coincides with yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cariuma worth it?

A: If you have a Windows PC, they are worth it. They offer an excellent quality sound for your money and there is nothing that beats the price of what you get with these headphones.

Are Cariuma shoes supportive?

A: Cariuma shoes are not supportive.

Do you wear socks with Cariuma shoes?

A: Yes, I wear socks with Cariuma shoes.

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